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Travel Cameroon - Cameroon is situated in West Africa. It borders Chad in the north and northeast, Central African Republic in the east, Congo, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea in the south, the Gulf of Guinea in the south-west, and Nigeria in the west and north-west. Cameroon has everything you would expect from the African continent - tropical rainforests, beaches, deserts, lakes, savannah and volcanic mountains.


Cameroon Basics:

  • Formerly: French Cameroon
  • Capital: Yaounde
  • Area: 475,440 sq km
  • Population: 17,340,702
  • Language: French & English (official), African languages
  • Currency: CFA Franc
  • Electricity: 220V/50Hz (Plugs two round pins )
cameroon map


Air France Air France operates from Paris to Douala, Cameroon

Brussels Airlines Brussels Airlines operates from Brussels to Douala, Cameroon

Swiss Swiss operates from Zurich to Douala, Cameroon

KLM KLM operates from Amsterdam to Douala, Cameroon

Kenya Airways Kenya Airways operates from Nairobi to Douala and Yaounde, Cameroon

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