Women's Safari Socks

Page Updated: Dec 2021

As with most of your safari wardrobe, the choice of what type of socks to take on safari depends on what activities you intend to do.

The sock advice below really only pertains to women who intend to hunt or go on long walks in the African bush. If you are game-viewing from a vehicle most of the time, your socks may not have to be so hi-tech. However you will probably need to wear socks in the evenings to prevent mosquito bites and the insect repellent socks will help.

Choosing Good Women's Safari Socks

  • If you are buying new hunting boots or shoes to hunt in Africa, take into account the type of socks you will be wearing.
  • Light to middle-weight hiking-style socks should offer the right thickness (not too warm in the heat) and good support for most types of African hunting.
  • Comfortable for many hours of wear - get the right foot size and calf size - remembering your feet and/or ankles might swell in the heat or during your long-haul flight.
  • A good toe and heel fit is essential. Too long it will slip down your ankle and bunch-up on the top of your foot and round your toes. Too short, the sock will slip down into your shoe under your heel.
  • Provide your feet with stability with good boot/shoe contact.
  • Keep your feet dry by wicking moisture away.
  • Constructed with strategically placed support panels which prevent blisters and injuries by absorbing friction and reducing strain.
  • Lightweight and cushioning.
  • Merino wool is a good choice of fabric because it keeps your feet from becoming over-heated and it absorbs a lot of moisture.
  • Built-in synthetic support panels may give a good, comfortable fit but may make your feet too hot.
  • Pure cotton socks are not recommended as they absorb a lot of sweat and remain wet, so increasing the risk of blisters.
  • Consider wearing thin liner socks under your main socks. This will further wick moisture away into the over sock where it will evaporate.
  • Colour and the height of sock don't really matter, though if you are wearing high boots, the sock should extend past the boot top.

It is advisable to bring a selection of socks of different thickness. It is not unknown for feet to swell in the heat, making your footwear tighter than normal and a thick sock will compound the problem, which can lead to blisters. You may want to try wearing 2 pairs of thin socks over each other to reduce friction.

A worn-out sock with thin areas and holes are very likely to produce blisters.

Do not wear untested or brand new, unwashed socks.

When walking long distances, it is always a good idea to carry a spare pair. Change them regularly if your feet become sweaty or wet. A good tip is to dust your feet with talcum powder before you put on a clean, dry pair.

Recommended Women's Safari Socks

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***NEW*** These soft merino wool-blend socks breathe to prevent overheating, wick moisture away so feet stay dry, and is naturally antimicrobial, helping to prevent foot odour. They are sized specifically to fit women’s feet properly, they feature a virtually seamless toe to reduce irritation and anti-wear technology for added durability. Buy Now

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These adventure socks wick moisture for dry comfort and are made from soft, itch-free merino wool blended with nylon for durability and spandex for shape retention. They are antimicrobial, prevent foot odour and designed with a seamless toe to avoid bunching and blisters, reinforced heel, ball of foot, and toe with arch support. Buy Now

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These women's socks are made from soft merino wool blended with nylon for durability and spandex for shape retention. They wick away moisture, dry quickly, and prevent foot odour. They feature a seamless toe to avoid bunching and blisters, a reinforced heel, ball of foot and toe and knit-in arch support. Buy Now

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The 1000 Mile mid-height all-terrain socks feature a fully padded Achilles tendon protection working towards preventing injuries for the wearer and giving the sock a real cushioned feel. Support is also given from the arched bracing on the sock. Tactel inner layer wicks away perspiration as it aims to keep the foot dry and cool. Meanwhile a double layered construction eliminates friction between the sock and the shoe, therefore reducing the overall wear of the inner shoe and sock, preventing blisters. Buy Now

***NEW*** These Smartwool hiking socks are made of soft merino wool which is breathable to prevent overheating, wicks moisture away and is naturally antimicrobial, helping to prevent foot odour. Body-mapped mesh zones add ventilation where needed and the virtually seamless toe and comfort welt keep the socks from shifting. They are sized specifically to fit a woman’s feet properly and lightly cushioned for all-day comfort. Buy Now

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***NEW*** These women's ankle socks wick moisture and are made from itch-free merino wool with nylon added for durability and spandex for shape retention. They are breathable for cool comfort in warm weather and are naturally antimicrobial, preventing foot odour. They feature rib-knit cuffs to prevent bunching and bagging; a reinforced heel, ball of foot, and toe for durability; an instep band to support the arches; plus, the seamless toe prevents irritation and bunching for all-day comfort. Buy Now

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These Darn Tough Vermont women's socks have a lifetime guarantee. They are made of merino wool, high density knit with a performance fit - no slipping, no bunching and no blisters. Buy Now

Cool Fusion technology for a multisport sock that is light, breathable and close fitting. Light mesh permits air circulation and cushioning under the heel, ball and toes provides protection. Buy Now

The Bridgedale cool fusion speed trail socks for women feature natural and technical fibers knitted together to deliver a highly ventilated sock ensuring it is light and comfortable in the warmest conditions. Buy Now

The Thorlo women's moderate-cushion light hiking crew sock is specifically designed for day hikes in moderate to hot climates on flat to varied terrain. The Coolmax fibers help to move moisture away from your skin to keep you cool and dry, while the exclusive THOR-LON fabric ensures long-lasting durability. Buy Now

These Darn Tough merino wool crew socks are composed of ultra-soft fine gauge merino wool, with True Seamless construction for a perfect fit. Buy Now

These Darn Tough women's socks come with a lifetime guarantee. They are made of high density knitted merino wool with a performance fit. Buy Now

These Merrell cushioned women's mid-crew hiker socks have arch band support to give you maximum comfort and protect your feet from fatigue all day long. They have a reinforced heel and toe which ensures better and longer durability. Buy Now

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