Visas And Passports

It's very important to get your visas and passports correct for entry into African hunting countries - you can be turned away for seemingly trivial matters like your passport expiring in 5 months, not 6 months beyond your stay or not having the correct number of blank pages.

Here is the detailed information about visas and passports for African hunting countries for primarily US and UK citizens. Unfortunately not every nationality can be included - check the travel page for the African hunting country of interest for contact details of the Embassy or High Commission.

Visas For Africa

  • Most African hunting countries will require tourist visas for most nationalities of hunters.
  • It is strongly recommended to get your visa before departure for your African hunting country. At present, purchasing a Ugandan visa on arrival is quite a painless and easy procedure.
  • In most countries, for most nationalities, a visa can be purchased on arrival at an international airport but you could be in for a very long wait in line, especially if several international flights arrive at the same time.
  • For some nationalities going to certain African countries, purchasing a visa on arrival is not permitted. The issuing of a visa in these cases, requires special documentation like letters of invitation.

USA Flag Visas For US Hunters To Africa...

  • US hunters only need a valid passport for entry into Botswana, South Africa and Namibia.
  • US hunters need visas for Tanzania, Mozambique, Uganda and Zimbabwe - which can be purchased on arrival.
  • US hunters need visas for Burkina Faso, Benin, Cameroon, CAR, Ethiopia and Zambia which must be obtained before departure.

Passports For Africa

  • Across the board, you will need a passport that is valid until at least 6 months after your departure date from the country.
  • It is important you have the stipulated number of empty visa pages in your passport. Some embassies require at least 3 empty pages and will not put their visa near any other passport stamp.
  • South Africa recently announced passports must have at least 5 empty pages before entering the visitors permit on arrival.

Individual African Countries Visa And Passport Requirements

Select the correct visa application form to download.

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