Weather In Africa

Keep an eye on the weather in the Africa, particularly in the country you will be hunting. Generally in most countries there is not a lot of change in the weather because Africa has such a uniform climate.

Weather conditions can make or break a hunt particularly if you are hunting in East Africa where there are usually set rainy seasons during the year which will dictate the amount of vegetation growth, water availability and the dispersal of certain game animals. You might be well-advised not to pick hunt dates that are close to either ends of the rainy seasons. If you do catch the rains on safari, mobility in some areas will be difficult, particularly on black cotton soil. Locating animals in high vegetation and with numerous temporary water sources can also be very challenging.

African Climate Zones

Generally the climate of Africa is quite uniform due to the position of the continent in the tropical zone, the effects of cool ocean currents and the absence of major mountain chains which act as climatic barriers.

  • The central part of the continent has a tropical rain forest climate. Here the average annual temperature is about 26.7° C (about 80° F) and the average annual rainfall is about 1780 mm (about 70").
  • To the north and south the rain forest climate is a tropical savanna climate zone that encompasses about one-fifth of Africa. Here the climate is characterized by a wet season during the summer months and a dry season during the winter months. Total annual rainfall varies from 550 mm (20") to more than 1550 mm (more than 60").
  • Further away from the equator, to the north and south, the savanna climate zone gradually merges into the drier 'steppe' climate zone where the average annual rainfall varies between 250mm and 500 mm (10" and 20") and is concentrated in one season.
  • Africa has large areas of arid, or desert, climate zones. Each of these areas - the Sahara in the north, the Horn in the east and the Kalahari and Namib deserts in the southwest, has less than 250 mm (less than 10") of rainfall annually. In the Sahara, daily and seasonal extremes of temperatures are great. The average July temperature is more than 32.2° C (90° F). During the cold season the night temperature often drops below 0° C (32° F).
  • Mediterranean climate zones are found in the extreme northwest of Africa and in the extreme southwest. These regions are characterized by mild, wet winters and warm, dry summers.
  • In the highlands of eastern Africa, particularly in Kenya and Uganda, rainfall is well distributed throughout the year and temperatures are equable. The climate on the high plateau of southern Africa is temperate.

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