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Page Updated: May 2023

The choice of women's safari shoes or boots depends on the type of activities you want to do in Africa. If you intend to hunt or do any serious bush walking you will need comfortable and durable boots that are up to the job. If you are going to be mostly sitting in a vehicle, game viewing or staying around a camp or bush lodge, your choice of footwear is not that critical. However, if you are staying in a vehicle, a sensible pair of shoes is to be recommended, rather than flip-flops or sandals, just in case you need to get out to go behind a bush or if the vehicle breaks down.

Sandals or other casual shoes for relaxing in camp or game lodge still need to fairly robust. Often the walkways between your tent or chalet to the dining area, for example, are not paved but are sand or gravel. So strappy white sling-backs with high heels are not ideal.

In the evenings when the mosquitoes are most active, you may want to put on shoes that cover your feet unless you slather your feet in insect repellent while wearing sandals. Remembering, of course, that DEET-based repellents tend to destroy synthetic materials.

It is important to not go around barefoot outside in the African bush during the day or night - thorns, scorpions, jiggers and stinging ants are just a few hazards besides just stubbing your toe. So slip-on sandals or clogs are the most convenient footwear for camp life.

Essential Women's Safari Shoes Guidelines

Women's Safari Shoes Size And Fit

If you are going hunting or walking in the bush your footwear is extremely important and the points below are specifically for these activities. Buy the best quality possible rather than a cheaper option.

Getting the right size and fit of your safari boot or shoe is essential. As with all footwear, size and fit may vary with different boots or shoes plus you will have accommodate any foot irregularities you may have like bunions, hammer-toes etc.

  • Check that you can easily move all your toes.
  • Check your foot does not slide around in the boot.
  • Check that no part of your foot is being squashed within the boot.
  • Check the whole of your whole foot is comfortably contained in the boot.
  • Make sure the boots are well-fitting and well worn-in. Don't arrive with brand new unworn boots. This is particularly important if your boots are made completely or partially of full-grain leather or Nubuck. Boot or shoe uppers made of synthetic material do need wearing-in but not as much.

Women's Safari Shoes Terrain And Tread

  • Check the terrain you'll be hunting before the purchase of new boots. This will help with the decision on boot height and tread pattern.
  • If the terrain is primarily hilly, uneven and rocky, you may prefer a medium-high boot which will protect your ankle if you go over on it. You can also tuck your trousers in a higher boot, if you need to, which will also help to keep out tsetse flies and other debris.
  • A low-cut hunting shoe will be fine in a mostly flat level terrain. If necessary add gaiters to keep out grass seeds and debris.
  • For African hunting opt for the softest sole you can get away with on the terrain you are hunting. Hard soles, though more durable, make more noise when walking.
  • Your choice of tread pattern also depends on the terrain you will be hunting. A deep, thick tread will improve traction in the wet or on sloping surfaces.

Other Useful Women's Safari Shoes Features

  • Check whether the upper boot or shoe is stitched or glued to the sole. Stitched soles tend to be more durable than most adhesives in hot conditions.
  • Some water-resistance may be useful especially when hunting in the early morning when there is a heavy dew. Fully water-proof boots are probably unnecessary for most African hunts and they may make your feet very hot and sweaty.
  • Have a spare pair of equally comfortable shoes in case your main pair get wet. There is nothing worse than walking in soaking boots.
  • Use whatever boot height is comfortable for you. It is often useful to be able to tuck your trousers in, so tsetse flies and grass-seeds etc cannot gain access.
  • Don't forget to take spare laces.

Recommended Safari Shoes For Women

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These safari shoes or boots are ideal for hunting and walking in the African bush.

(Click on images for full details & colour options)

This women's hiking boot features an impermeable membrane to seal out water and let moisture escape. It has a waterproof suede and mesh upper with a metal D-ring lacing system and a bellows tongue to keep out debris. The removable contoured insole gives flexible support and the air cushion in the heel absorbs shock and adds stability. Buy Now

These hiking boots are designed specifically to fit a woman's foot. These breathable and waterproof leather boots offer greater stability and traction on tough terrain. There is an impermeable membrane to seal out rain yet lets moisture escape and the bellows tongue prevents small rocks or sticks from getting into your shoe. A removable and contoured cushioned insole combines with a moulded nylon shank to support the arches, while a foam midsole with air cushion in the heels absorbs shock and helps keep your foot in proper alignment. The rubber lug soles offer safe footing on both wet and dry ground. Buy Now

Merrell women's All Out Blaze hiking shoe has a waterproof upper, cushioning midsole, odour prevention and sticky Vibram sole. Buy Now

These cool and breathable hikers by Merrell are engineered to fit a woman's foot, offering better support, alignment and stability. The dual-density foam midsole combines with the air cushion heel to absorb shock and lend stability on the trail, while the rubber soles offer sure-footed traction on both wet and dry terrain. Bellows tongue keeps pebbles, twigs and debris out. Buy Now

The Merrell Women's Moab hiking shoe is made of leather and fabric with a Vibram sole, breathable mesh panels and plush cushioning at tongue and collar and Ortholite footbed. Buy Now

These Danner women's hunting boots have an oiled nubuck leather upper with lightweight, foam-backed 900 denier nylon and rubber soles. They are designed for women with a narrower heel and more streamlined forefoot for a comfortable, secure fit. Buy Now

***NEW*** These Teva shoes are waterproof with breathable mesh uppers to prevent overheating, cushioned EVA foam footbed and rubber soles for good traction on both wet and dry terrain. Buy Now

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Safari Camp Shoes For Women

These light and comfy sandals and shoes are ideal for relaxing in around a hunting camp or easily slipping on if you need to get up in the night. They are not suitable for serious bush walking.

(Click on images for full details & colour options)

***NEW*** These slip-on camp shoes are made with recycled polyester microfiber lining. They have foam cushioning and durable indoor/outdoor rubber soles. The heel folds in for wearing as a slide. Buy Now

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These water-resistant leather clogs are handcrafted in Denmark. The vegetable-tanned leather will mould to the unique shape of your foot. Initially, this shoe may feel snug across the top of the foot, but with time, the leather will relax and soften. The Italian crepe rubber sole is shock absorbent. Buy Now

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These super-light, comfortable Merrell Hut Mocs have a lightweight EVA outsole and a quilted upper. Buy Now

These comfortable flat leather shoes are water-resistant with a removable cork footbed and non-slip rubber soles. Buy Now

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Safari Travel Shoes For Women

These comfortable slip-on Gridway Mocs by Merrell are knit from 100% recycled yarn, the EVA-cushioned midsole is recycled EVA and polyurethane and the Vibram rubber outsole is made with 30% recycled plastic bottles. Buy Now

***NEW*** These women's hiking shoes have cushioning insoles, provide excellent traction on wet, dry, hard or loose surfaces and the synthetic uppers have a soft, breathable lining for comfort. Buy Now

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These Encore Breeze mocs are breathable and offer excellent walking comfort. They have a removable footbed for comfort, decorative stitched canvas uppers and cushioned soles. Buy Now

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