Women's Safari Scarves

Page Updated: Sept 2022

A large cotton scarf, bandana or neckerchief is very useful to wear for absorbing sweat around your neck and wiping your face. The insect repellent scarves are great for keeping mosquitoes away but do not repel tsetse flies.

A scarf also makes an emergency bandage or sling. Women's safari scarves may also be tied as a head band to keep your hair under control or as a head covering against dust and wind.

A warmer scarf or neck gaiter may be necessary for cold mornings.

Some Women's Safari Scarves

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This long and lightweight scarf is made of polyester/cotton and acts as a functional shield against bothersome insects. The fabric is impregnated with odourless permethrin which is proven to repel mosquitoes, ants, flies, ticks and other insects. Buy Now

This extra large paisley bandana is made from comfortable, soft and lightweight cotton fabric. Buy Now

This pure cotton square bandana neckerchief is breathable and lightweight. Buy Now

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***NEW*** This bandana is made from pure organic cotton. Buy Now

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***NEW*** This scarf is made of a cotton/modal blend and has a delicate eyelash fringe around the edges. Buy Now

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This cooling towel is big enough to wear as a bandana or head cover. It chills instantly with hyper-evaporative breathable mesh material which is activated by simply soaking, wringing out and snapping it. Re-wet to reactivate it. Buy Now

This handwoven infinity scarf blends organic bamboo rayon fibres with traditional design features. Generously sized for looping several times at the neck. Buy Now

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This Shemagh style scarf is made from soft and breathable 100% cotton and is perfect for protecting your head, face, eyes and neck from the sun, wind and dust. Buy Now

Protect yourself from the sun's rays while minimizing moisture loss with a simple accessory. Made of high-tech Coolmax Extreme fabric, the UV Buff helps regulate your body's temperature, too, keeping you warm on chilly morning outings, and promoting cooling on hot days. Effectively blocks 95% of harmful UV radiation. Odour-resistant 'Polygiene' technology. This neck gaiter can be worn in a variety of configurations, including as a face mask, hood, beanie, neckerchief, headband, or balaclava. Buy Now

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Women's Safari Kikoys

Rather larger than a scarf, these traditional Kenyan garments are a brilliant addition to your safari wardrobe. Like sarongs, they are perfect for wrapping round as a skirt in the evenings, as an oversized scarf or head cover, as a beach wrap, as a picnic tablecloth, as a towel...or whatever you fancy.

These kikoys are all 100% cotton, made in Kenya, measure 60" x 40" with braided ends and come in a multitude of colours. Buy Now

This kikoy is great as a beach wrap, a scarf or a throw. Dyed cotton yarn of different colors are woven to create a complex color pattern, in the traditional manner of kikoy weaving. Buy Now

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