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Wearing a good hat is essential on an African safari, whether travelling in the bush or sight-seeing in town. Protection from the sun is important for your health and facial skin. If you are out walking in the bush, hunting or game-viewing, wearing a hat also reduces the chance of an animal spotting you and running away.

In addition, a safari hat will prevent your hair from becoming a dusty, tangled mess when walking in the bush or driving in an open vehicle. A hat will also cover up said tangled mess after going out without a hat.

Essential Women's Safari Hats Guidelines

Women's Safari Hat Size & Fit

  • Get the size and fit right so the hat is comfortable for many hours of wear. Even if you know head measurement, hat sizes may vary in different brands, styles and construction. You should measure around your head just above the top of your ears or where you want the hat to sit. It is too big if you vigorously shake your head or bend forward and the hat falls off. It is too small if it pinches or rubs anywhere and will be liable to give you a headache. If unsure about exact hat size, look for one which is adjustable.

    For hunting in Africa you really don't want to be aware you are wearing a hat at all. Picking it up every few minutes if it falls off is a plain nuisance. It should stay put through most hunting action barring getting seriously caught up in a thorn tree or speeding along in the open hunting truck.

  • For hunting Africa, hat function is the prime concern. However if want to look good in a hat here are a few tips on how to choose a hat to suit you.

Keeping Cool In A Women's Safari Hat

  • Preferably in the heat you want a hat with an interior band to wick sweat moisture away so you stay drier.
  • Additional cooling features such as vents and/or mesh will be useful to allow the heat to escape. Hats made of cotton or canvas material are also 'breathable'.
  • Are you going to be hunting or game-viewing in tsetse fly country? If so, a hat with a very open mesh crown is not such a good idea - the flies will find a way inside your hat which is highly annoying and painful.
  • All round wide-brim is essential to prevent facial, ear and neck sunburn and reduce glare from sun. Some hats offer extra sun screening in the shape of roll-up or clip-on ear and neck nape flaps. Others even have clip-on drapes to cover your neck and top of chest in the front.
  • For additional sun protection you might want to consider a hat made with sun protective fabric which is designed to block a certain percentage of UV rays. For instance, a 50+ UVP rating blocks more than 97.5% of UV rays.

Other Useful Women's Safari Hat Features

  • Insect repellent safari hats may be useful on an African hunt. These are hats constructed out of permethrin impregnated fabric so may repel some insects but are ineffective against tsetse fly. Additional insect hat barriers may be necessary if the tsetses are thick in your hunt area, such as hats that come with roll-down mesh on the brim which ties around your neck with a drawcord.
  • As mentioned before, an African safari hat needs to be well-fitting. However, hardly any hat will stay on when travelling at speed high up on the back of a hunting truck, such as if you are travelling on a regular road between hunting areas. In this circumstance, you will either have to travel in the cab, take your hat off completely or lash it down tightly on your head with a chin cord.
  • A chin cord is very useful even when travelling at 'hunting' speed in the hunting truck. Hats are always being knocked off if travelling under branches so a cord will stop it flying off completely out of the truck. An adjustable cord with a locking mechanism is ideal.
  • As with all your hunting safari clothes, your hat will need to be in khaki, green or brown colours rather than white or any bright colour.
  • A hat that is crushable is preferable for easy packing rather than a hat that you to have to wear or remember to carry everywhere.
  • In addition to your main safari hat, you may need a warm wool or fleece hat for cold early mornings.
  • A certain level of water-resistance might be useful but full waterproofing should not be necessary.

Some Women's Safari Hats You May Like

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This water-repellent hat is crafted in the USA from virgin Rambouillet wool with a soft, velvety feel. You can crush and pack it - it springs right back into shape to shield your face and eyes from the sun. Buy Now

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**NEW** This lightweight, poly-straw Wallaroo hat has a wide 4.5" brim to provide the utmost in sun protection. It is durable. washable and packable. Buy Now

This Wallaroo Naples safari hat is practical and stylish. It is made of 100% paper braid with a leather band and offers UPF 50+ su protection with a 3" brim. There is an internal drawstring to adjust the fit. It is not recommended to squash or fold this hat - pack gently by filling the crown with clothing items. Buy Now

**NEW** This light and airy raffia straw hat is rated UPF 40 and has a sun-shielding braided brim. A crocheted crown and raffia hat band add unique style while an adjustable internal sweat band offers a perfect fit. Buy Now

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This sunhat is perfectly packable - just roll it up, stash it in your bag, and give it a shake when you pull it out. It offers 50+ UPF and has a rounded 4"-high dome with wide brim and adjustable faux-leather lariat. It is made of tightly woven, lightweight yet durable paper braid. Includes adjustable chin strap. Buy Now

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Constructed of all-natural hemp, the women's hat from Tilley Endurables is both elegant and hard-working, with 50+ UPF sun protection. The hat features a down-sloping brim for a fashionable and protective silhouette. Easy to dress up or down, the hat offers a linen-like feel that belies its 'tough as nails' durability. The 100 percent hemp hat is breathable and naturally resistant to UV light, mould, mildew and salt water. Buy Now

This Barmah canvas drover hat is made of durable, lightweight Australian polycotton. It has a wide brim with chin cord and mesh sides to let air flow through. Buy Now

The Tilley Endurables Sun Protection Hat is extremely durable but in soft material that is resistant to mould, mildew and salt water. This hat has a UPF 50+ rating for the highest level of sun protection and has a sloped brim for extra sun and rain protection. It is water resistant and machine washable and is guaranteed by Tilley to never shrink. There are ties on the inside to keep the hat secure in windy conditions and a high crown with cooling ventilation. Buy Now

This women's Barmah canvas drover hat is made of durable Australian poly-cotton canvas with mesh sides for air-flow, printed scarf and chin cord. Buy Now

The Barmah foldaway suede leather hat is made of US pig suede leather and has 3M scotch guard waterproofing. A storage bag is provided. Buy Now

**NEW** This hat is made of soft polyester material and offers UPF50+ sun protection. It is vented and has an adjustable drawstring. Buy Now

**NEW** This crushable hat is lightweight, durable and breathable in 100% wool. It has a shaped crown and stitched, leather hatband and a moisture-wicking headband inside. Buy Now

**NEW** This lightweight Wallaroo fedora style hat has a 3" brim that dips front and back. It has a UPF 50+ rating, is breathable with a cool cotton lining. An internal, adjustable drawstring provides great fit. Buy Now

This soft, packable Tilley hat is made of raffia straw with a comfortable interior band. It is water resistant and has UPF 50+ sun protection rating. The brim can be worn up or down. Buy Now

This packable wool felt hat protects you from both sun and rain. It is water-repellent and stain-resistant with an adjustable fit and leather band. Buy Now

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