Booking A Hunting Safari

Booking a hunting safari is the process by which you indicate that you definitely want to hunt at a specific time and paying the hunt deposit confirms the booking.

Don't book a hunt if you are not 100% sure that you can and want to go. It's a pain in the neck for all concerned if a hunter cancels for some spurious reason and deposits have to be returned, if they are indeed refundable.

"Booking a safari isn't all that unlike contracting for a wedding. You supply the money and the main participants and somebody else will be delighted to do most of the work of putting the whole show together." Peter Hathaway Capstick

    So Before Booking A Hunting Safari, Have You...

    • Done your homework thoroughly? Have you diligently sorted through the possible hunting companies and outfitters for your area of hunting interest? Have you contacted the outfitter and asked all the right questions and got prompt and satisfactory answers? Have you sought out further information on your shortlisted hunting companies from online African hunt forums? Have you chatted with other hunters who have been with the company from the outfitter's reference list?
    • If you are aiming to use a hunting agent, have you extensively questioned them and made sure they are experienced in African hunting and are offering a good service?
    • Have you talked to other hunters who have been to Africa, African outfitters and PHs, possibly at a hunting show or hunting association meeting?
    • Have you listened to your gut feelings about your hunting company choices and costs? Remember you get what you pay for and that applies just as much to booking an African hunt as it does to booking a Caribbean cruise. There are bargains to be had but if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.
    • Have you calculated all the extra expenses around the hunt itself?
    • Have you asked the outfitter about every possible individual 'hidden cost'? If you are looking to do a multi-animal package hunt, do you completely understand the price structure and 'rules' regarding refunds on animals not taken?

    If The Answers Are Yes...

    ...then you are ready to relax and book your African hunt with confidence.

  • Some outfitters will hold dates open for a client while they are deciding but don't expect this to be indefinite. If you have dates held open for you, tell the outfitter at the earliest opportunity if you no longer require them.
  • If the hunt or dates are popular, another client may book and pay a deposit before you, so don't hang around or you may lose out.
  • Before you transfer any money to pay for your hunt, make sure you are in possession of a detailed hunt contract or agreement and that you understand and are happy with the company's terms of business regarding hunt payments and cancellation policy.
  • Also before transferring any money, get your trip cancellation insurance organised.

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Page Updated: Feb 2024

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