Hunting Client Information

A Hunting Client Information form should be provided by the outfitter and is essentially where you can tell your hunt outfitter how you like your coffee...

It serves as a useful record of your details for the hunting company in an emergency, to know about the firearms you are bringing, medical details that may be relevant etc.

This document will vary with different outfitters but will usually require the following details:

  • Full contact details.
  • Contact details of person to contact in an emergency.
  • Passport details.
  • Travel arrangements - airport of arrival, flight numbers, arrival times.
  • Safari details - dates, duration etc.
  • Firearm and ammunition details.
  • Trophy priorities/preferences.
  • Taxidermy shipping contact details.
  • Medical information including allergies, which anti-malarial drugs you'll be using. These questions are not meant to be intrusive - they are just a safety precaution so you can be assisted in an emergency. Height and weight may be required for the air charter - it could be a bit of a disaster if a 300lb client pitches up for a C206 without warning.
  • Dietary information - food and drink likes and dislikes. This is especially important for wilderness hunts where you can't just pop to the supermarket. Many clients often do not complete this section fully, so be precise so a good outfitter can keep you happy. If you want percolated coffee every morning, rather than instant - tell him.
  • You may also be asked to confirm that you have complied with obtaining appropriate insurance and are in possession of correct documentation for CITES, inoculations etc.

Any accompanying non-hunters should also complete a client information form.

Sample Hunting Client Information Form

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Page Updated: Feb 2024

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