Hunt Indemnity Agreement

Essentially a hunt indemnity agreement is a document presented to you by your outfitter before the hunt starts, absolving them from liability from various possible conditions and risks to you arising from your hunt.

You should read it carefully and understand all the liability waiver clauses and conditions, then sign it in front of a witness.

Possible inclusions, depending on the type of hunt, are:

  • The hunting company has encouraged you to get insurance cover for accidental death and disability, emergency medical evacuation, major medical insurance, loss of personal effects, trip cancellation
  • You assume all transportation/conveyance risks in civilised or remote areas, arrangement of which were undertaken by the outfitting company.
  • Acknowledgement that medical services/facilities may not be available.
  • Release of liability for all services and facilities provided by the hunting company and their employees from any accident, claims, losses, damages or liabilities, including death, disability, injury, loss or damages to the releasor or the releaser's property, which might occur during the activities of the trip.
  • Agreement to abide by the decision of your Professional Hunter to put in a 'back-up' shot if, in his opinion, that animal may represent a threat to human safety or needs to be put out of its suffering. This includes agreement to pay all costs in full that maybe incurred from the Professional Hunters 'back-up shots' before the conclusion of the hunt.
  • Release of liability of the hunting company for natural phenomena that may affect the hunt, eg. the weather, vegetation conditions etc.

Sample Hunt Indemnity Agreement

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Page Updated: Feb 2024

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