African Hunt Packing List

Here is the definitive African hunt packing list - all the clothing, toiletries, hunting gear, medical items, documentation and the actual luggage itself, that you may possibly need on an African. Please let us know if we've forgotten anything.

"When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money" Susan Heller

African Hunt Packing List

If you click on the links in the hunt packing list you will get more information and recommendations on what to look for if you buy the item.

Safari Clothes

Another set of clothes, if you prefer to travel in non-hunting clothes

  • Travelling Shirt x 1
  • Travelling Trousers x 1
  • Travelling Jacket x 1

There are just a very few hunting companies that have a dress code for dinner - so you may need a dinner jacket and tie.

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  • A Hanging Toiletry Bag with plenty of compartments is ideal for a safari tent bathroom.
  • Insect Repellent cream - Avon Skin-So-Soft Bug Guard Spray" is recommended by some hunters for repelling tsetse flies
  • Microfiber Travel Towel - useful for drying hands in hunting truck
  • Sanitizing Hand Wipes - useful in hunting truck
  • Toothbrush x 1
  • Tooth paste x 1
  • Dental Floss/Tape x 1 - good to remove buffalo meat from teeth!
  • Anti-Mosquito Soap x 1 - (regular soap is provided usually)
  • Shower Gel x 1
  • Moisturizing Skin Cream - good for dry skin & sunburn
  • Sun Block SPF 100 x 1 bottle - Very important if you burn easily
  • Sunscreen x 1 bottle/tube - lower sun protection factor once your skin is used to the sun
  • Shampoo/Conditioner x 1 bottle each or x1 if using 2-in-1 type
  • Lip Balm, SPF 15 x 2 - put in pocket and a spare
  • Cotton Buds x 1 small pack - getting dust out of ears etc
  • Cotton Wool x 1 pack - beauty applications for ladies & medical swabbing of small wounds
  • Razor x 1 - Wet razor easier if you opt to shave face or legs (ladies) during or after hunt. If use an electric razor, don't forget spare batteries or charger.
  • Shaving cream/gel x 1
  • Talcum Powder x 1 small container - good for preventing skin chafing
  • Foot blister prevention tapes - Rock Tape H2O or StrengthTape
  • Athletic skin lubricant or diaper rash cream - to apply to chafed body areas
  • Sanitary equipment (ladies)
  • Other beauty products (ladies)

Hunting Equipment (Plus Other Odds And Ends)

  • Firearm(s) - (Rifles For Africa)
  • Telescopic Sight(s)
  • Ammunition
  • Eye glasses/spectacles x 2 - general use/reading. Bring a spare pair in case of breakage
  • Contact Lenses - spares, cleaning kit
  • Sunglasses or Sunglass Readers x 2 pairs.
  • Knife x 1
  • Multi-tool x 1 - eg. Gerber or Leatherman
  • Scissors x 1 pair - (if not using Swiss Army knife type)
  • Nail file x 1
  • Hearing Protectors x 1 pair - Specialised shooting ear-defenders are good if their application is not going to affect the speed of getting a shot off.
  • Writing equipment - pens, notebook etc.
  • Travellers Mosquito Net - check if this is provided or tent is insect proof. Also check bed size & which hanging method will be usable in your accommodation.
  • Tweezers x 1 pair - tick & thorn removal tool, as well as eyebrow plucking (ladies)
  • Small hand mirror x 1 - always useful if the light is not right for you in tent/accommodation
  • Plastic bin bags - useful for many things like dirty laundry, muddy boots etc
  • Compass/GPS x 1 - optional, your PH will have one
  • Books - for pleasure and/or wildlife reference
  • Binoculars x 1 pair
  • Camera x 1 - spare batteries, data card, lens cleaner, charger etc
  • Flashlight x 1 - reading and moving around tent at night. Don't forget spare batteries/charger.
  • Headlamps x 1 - reading and moving around tent at night. Don't forget spare batteries.
  • Travel Pillow x 1 - inflatable
  • Calculator x 1 - currency conversion, adding trophy bill etc
  • Travel Money belt x 1 - safe option for carrying money & passport etc
  • Converter/Adapter Plug Kit x 1 - check the plug type for the country to which you are going.
  • Travel Laundry Soap Sheets x 1 - if you want to wash the odd item
  • Lighter/matches - always useful, for smokers and non-smokers
  • Travel Alarm Clock x 1
  • Travel Sewing Kit x 1 - emergency repairs and blister treatment (needles)
  • Spare Padlocks/keys - if you lose some, for instance on your gun case. Also for locking ammo box when airline check-in spontaneously changes the published ammo carriage rules.
  • Personal water bottle x 1
  • Spare batteries for all requirements
  • Small rifle cleaning kit x 1 - excluding any flammable liquids.
  • Ammunition pouch(es)
  • Cellphone/Smart phone - you may be out of signal range in camp but it will be usable in towns. It will be cheaper to buy a pay-as-you-go card on arrival.
  • Satellite phone - optional, there will usually be one in camp. You will usually be charged to use this.

Medical And First Aid Items

For full details on what to pack in your safari first aid kit

Regarding medicines to take on safari...Try to take medications that you have used before without any side-effects, rather than ones that are brand new to you.

  • Prescription medicines - in enough quantity for trip duration and some
  • Contraceptives - in enough quantity for trip duration
  • Band Aids/plasters - variety of sizes, fabric ones stick better if wet
  • Bandages/safety pins - small selection of sizes/types
  • Dressings - small selection of sizes/types
  • Blister Dressings - especially if you are prone to blisters
  • Vitamins - to keep you going! Multi-vit more space-saving than individual pots
  • Analgesics - like ibuprofen, paracetamol for minor headaches & pains
  • Antiseptic cream/spray - small injuries etc to prevent/treat infection
  • Motion sickness tablets - just in case....especially in charter aircraft
  • Antacids - indigestion due to diet change
  • Anti-diarrhoea tablets - just in case you get it
  • Rehydration sachets/tablets - always useful in the heat
  • Energy drink tablets to reconstitute in water - optional, if you feel you may benefit
  • Antihistamine tablets - for insect bite reactions. Get ones that do not make you drowsy
  • Antihistamine cream - for insect bite reactions, topical application to bite
  • Insect Bite Cream/Lotion - specifically for insect bites. Generally takes away the itch/sting effect
  • Epinephrine Autoinjector 'Epi-Pen' - only if you know you have an allergy to bee-stings
  • Cold/Flu tablets - it's not uncommon to catch a cold after long-haul flight
  • Cough lozenges - to prevent coughs while hunting and sitting in leopard blind
  • Eye wash/drops - great for sore, dry eyes due to dust
  • Antibiotics - eg. ciprofloxacin. A broad spectrum antibiotic is always useful for a bad bout of diarrhoea or other infection
  • Anti-malaria tablets - vital when going to a malarial area. Check type is correct for the area to which you are going.
  • Malaria treatment tablets - eg. Coartem. If you are going far away from civilisation, it is a good idea to carry a treatment course of tablets
  • Small sterile medical kit - needles, syringes etc. If you feel that the local equipment may not be trusted for sterility
  • Dental Emergency Kit

Safari Luggage

  • Soft-sided main baggage - better for squashing into vehicles and charter aircraft
  • Day bag - for use in hunting vehicle
  • Hard-sided lockable gun case
  • Soft rifle case - for use in charter aircraft and on hunt
  • Ammunition box - as per your airline regulations (Travel With Firearms)

Hunt Documentation

  • Passport with correct visa and number of empty pages
  • Emergency phone numbers - easily accessible
  • Phone numbers for safari outfitter, PH etc
  • Insurance card - with contact details & membership numbers etc. Ensure other members of group or PH know where to find it in case you are incapacitated
  • Medevac Insurance - with contact details & membership numbers etc. Ensure other members of group or PH know where to find it in case you are incapacitated
  • Vaccination certificates - especially yellow fever certificate which may needed at airport
  • Phone card & international phone codes - useful for phoning home
  • Extra passport photographs - just in case
  • Firearm Permit from home country - just in case this needs to be checked by anyone as proof of your ownership
  • US Customs Form 4457 (US hunters only) - just in case this needs to be checked by anyone as proof of your ownership
  • Copies of passport & other documents - in case they are lost
  • Copies of medical prescriptions - as proof of your ownership of prescription drugs often demanded as an airline security measure. Also useful if you lose some pills and need some more.
  • CITES Import Permit(s) & copies (if applicable) - if you are aiming to collect a CITES Appendix I trophy, like leopard
  • Cash - most transactions and settlement of trophy bill will be done in US$ cash or credit card
  • Credit/ATM/Debit Cards - useful local currency exchange, hotel bills etc.
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