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Page Updated: Dec 2021

Keeping your valuables secure and out of sight is always a concern when travelling. Using a travel money belt is one option. They come in many designs from actual belts with hidden pockets, slim zip pouches or wallets that strap around your waist under your clothes.

In Africa, as in most parts of the world, it is asking for trouble if you flash a lot of wallet cash when shopping, especially in tourist markets. It is better to think ahead and put small amounts of money in strategic pockets on your person or in a securely closed day bag.

How To Choose The Right Travel Money Belt

  • Concealed money belts, with a slim zip pouch, worn under clothes, are designed to keep a few items like a passport, credit cards and extra cash secure. They are not a substitute wallet or handbag where all your other things can be stashed.
  • If you need to retrieve anything from a concealed money belt it is preferable you do it very discreetly out of the public eye, like in a rest room. Do not advertise the fact you are wearing one of these belts.
  • These concealed travel money belts may be worn with the pouch at the front or back - whichever is more comfortable. They are not so good, in that they become bulky and obvious if you wear tight clothes or overload them.
  • Real belts with a concealed pocket are only any good for folded cash. Few have room for a credit card, let alone a passport.
  • Many would-be thieves are aware many tourists use these belts and may adapt their strategies. You may prefer other concealed travel money accessories like leg or arm pouches.
  • Consider your style of dress when choosing a travel money belt.
  • The belts worn next to the skin may become uncomfortable in the heat and begin to smell - look for one made of a fabric that wicks moisture away, is anti-microbial and washable.

Some Travel Money Belts

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This Eagle Creek Undercover Money Belt has two zippered compartments so you can keep your passport separate from your currency and credit cards. The moisture-wicking fabric keeps it comfortable against your skin. Buy Now

A simple, worn-on-the-waist money belt from Eagle Creek. The washable undercover is natural silk fabric and comes with zippered pockets for secure organization. Buy Now

The All Terrain Money Belt is designed for ultimate security when traveling, now made thinner for less detection. It has nylon lining and hidden zippered security pocket. Adjustable, quick release, slim cam-style buckle. Buy Now

This hidden travel belt wallet is made From light durable material with a soft backing. Simply strap it to your belt loop and tuckit in between your pants and underwear. There are 3 separate zipper pouches lined with RFID anti-theft material to protect your credit cards and passport. Buy Now

This hidden travel wallet is made of 100% nylon and RFID blocking material which protects against any unwanted electronic scanning of your personal details. It has zip pocket and compartments and belt loops. Buy Now

Neck Travel Money Pouches

  • Neck pouches are worn on a cord or string around the neck and the pouch itself hangs inside your clothes.
  • They are designed to hold a passport, cards and cash
  • Unless you are wearing very loose-fitting shirts, the outline of the pouch will be visible.

(Click on images for full details & colour options)
This neck pouch is made of ripstop nylon along with RFID shielding material. the wallet is moisture-resistant and size-adjustable, with mesh separators between each section to keep your cards and valuables free from scratches and damage. Buy Now

This neck pouch blocks RFID readers and comes with 2 zippered pockets, mesh back panel and adjustable neck strap. it can be worn under or over clothing. Buy Now

This Undercover Neck Wallet has all the organizational features you want. A zip pocket for currency, passport and credit cards. This round-the-neck pouch can hold travel documents for 1 or 2 travelers. On the fold-over flap, a zippered pocket stores credit cards or coins. Buy Now

Arm/Wrist Travel Money Pouches

Arm travel money pouches are designed to be worn under sleeves on your upper arm or forearm and can hold most small items. Wrist money pouches are often similar to sport sweat bands and will only hold cash, cards or room keys.

(Click on images for full details & colour options)

These wrist sweatbands are a convenient and safe way to stash a few bills, credit cards, ID cards and keys. The pockets are water resistant to keep the contents dry at all times. Of course the bands also work as a regular wrist sweatband. Buy Now

This zippered RFID-blocking arm wallet provides convenient storage for credit cards, currency, ID, keys & more. It is made of soft and comfortable washable fabric. Buy Now

Bra Travel Money Pouches

These small pouches are designed to conceal cash or credit cards in your bra or attached to it. Anything bigger like a passport will not fit. Overloading them is likely to give you a weird shape. Also they could be worn in underpants. They are generally made of soft material and are not itchy to the skin.

(Click on images for full details & colour options)

This Eagle Creek Silk Undercover Bra Stash offers close-to-body security for your money and credit cards. It is made of soft silk. Buy Now

This travel money pouch attaches to your bra, swimwear and other under garments and hides small items like hide money and credit cards. It has an elastic strap that closes with velcro. Buy Now

Leg/Ankle Travel Money Pouches

Leg or ankle travel money pouches come in various sizes to fit different items and are designed to wear under pants or long skirts. Some are even built into socks. As with all the pouches worn next to the skin, look for ones with comfortable and breathable backing fabric.

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These are cotton blend socks with a hidden zip pocket to store money, credit cards or keys. Buy Now

This ankle wallet pouch keeps your wallet hidden and safe. It fits comfortably to the lower leg with heavy elastic straps and hook/loop closures. Buy Now

Shoulder Holster Travel Money Wallets

These shoulder holster style travel money wallets come in a variety of sizes and numbers of pocket. The strap is worn over the shoulder and the pouch is worn against your side under your arm. Some are designed to go next to your skin, others go over a shirt but under a jacket. Some neck travel pouches also convert to shoulder use.

(Click on images for full details & colour options)

This shoulder travel wallet is made of soft genuine full grain leather and will keep your passport, money and credit cards secure. It features a velcro flap on the main compartment with a zip compartment on the front and the back. In addition, a zip compartment on the shoulder strap is perfect for currency. The zippers will not set off metal detectors. Buy Now

This holster-style over the shoulder security wallet has secure zipper compartments and the discreet design holds passport, tickets, cash and credit cards. It is constructed with 'Comtex', an advanced body contact material. Buy Now

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