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When choosing your safari pants or trousers for African hunting, go for comfort above all and you might like the advice meted out by Henry Astbury Leveson when dressing your lower half for African hunting...

"In Equatorial Africa, during the intense heat of the day, I generally wore a kilt and flannel shirt, boots and gaiters, which dress I found cooler and less liable to gall than trousers. Many good sportsmen prefer the kilt to any other dress, on account of the freedom and play it allows the limbs". From the book 'Wrinkles: Or Hints To Sportsmen And Travellers On Dress, Equipment And Camp Life' by Henry Astbury Leveson or 'The Old Shekarry' (1874)

Choosing Good Safari Pants

  • More than anything, your safari pants need to be comfortable for hunting Africa. You will lots of time walking and sitting in a bumpy hunting truck so loose-fitting pants are a must, especially in the crotch area.
  • Preferably lightweight cotton or hi-tech synthetic material that is wicks moisture away and is quiet when walking. Safari pants fabric needs to be light for the heat but needs to be tough enough not to rip when leopard crawling or hunting through dense thorn bush.
  • Pants made with insect repellent impregnated synthetic fabric might be useful especially in the evenings when mosquitoes are at their worse. If you want cotton pants that are insect repellent, you will need to spray them yourself with permethrin.
  • Extra cooling features include zip-off legs which create shorts. Zip-off legs sound quite a good idea until you try to zip them on again while still wearing them!
  • Long trousers or shorts? Most hunters prefer to hunt in long trousers which offer better protection against thorns, insects and the sun. Shorts are obviously cooler and quieter to walk in.
  • Pockets - better to have a button closure rather than velcro which can be noisy to use.
  • Try to minimise other optional features like cargo-pants loops or flares as you will just get caught up on branches and thorns.
  • Really wide-legged, baggy pants are not really unsuitable for hunting in Africa - go for more narrow-legs but not too tight.
  • Khaki, green, brown colours rather than white or any bright colour

Recommended Safari Pants For Men

Here is a selection of pants which are ideal for different African safari conditions - some very rugged for thick and thorny conditions, some light weight, insect repellent pants and some convertible pants. Any pants that are made of synthetic material are liable to melt under a hot iron so tell the camp ironing person before leaving them in the dirty laundry pile. Read more on clothes ironing on safari.

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These 14-Pocket cargo pants are made of midweight, cotton-blend fabric which is soft, strong, breathable and constructed to wear comfortably. They have adjustable elastic at the side-seams of the waist and the 14-pocket design includes a hidden-zip pocket on the side-seam, allows you to carry many essentials. Buy Now

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These cotton twill pants offer allover stretch and an soft inner waistband. They are quick-drying, breathable and water-repellent. If you out in the bush at night you can roll up the hems to reveal reflective interior side seams for added visibility. There is a hidden secure zip pocket inside the right back pocket. Buy Now

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***NEW*** These waterproof and windproof pants are lightweight and noiseless effective stalking. They come with adjustable hook-and-loop bands and waterstop barriers at the leg openings provide a comfortable, secure fit while locking out moisture. Buy Now

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These lightweight yet durable pants are perfect for hot weather hunting. They are made of stretch-woven fabric with advanced hydrophobic fibers woven in for better moisture control. The treated fabric is water resistant and always feels dry to the touch. The double-weave fabric hangs away from your skin to help with wicking, venting, temperature control and is resistant to punctures and abrasion. Mesh pockets allow additional breathability. Buy Now

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Billed as briar pants for hunters, these pants are equally at home in Africa. They are durable and comfortable with an athletic fit and technical stretch base fabric that is a blend of 98% cotton and 2% spandex. The front is reinforced with an extra layer of very tightly woven cotton canvas that will protect you from thorns. Buy Now

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These cotton twill khaki pants are more substantial than ordinary khakis, so they hold up longer. They are prewashed for the soft, broken-in fit and come with plain front styling, interior button tab, locker loop to hang them and prevent wrinkling and a cotton waistband. Buy Now

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These men's joggers are ideal for relaxing round the campfire. They are made of an easy stretch cotton blend with elastic cuffs and elastic waist with an exterior decorative drawcord. There are deep pockets on the front and welt pockets on the back with a hidden zipper under the back right pocket.

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Wrangler RIGGS Men's Ranger pants are made of 100% cotton ripstop fabric. They have button closure, reinforced knees, roomy side cargo pockets with flaps and a zip fly with button. Buy Now

These 5.11 men's Stryke pants with Flex-Tac are made from two-way mechanical stretch fabric, with a fully gusseted crotch, self-adjusting tunnel waistband and articulated knees. Built to last, these pants feature 12 pockets, including double-deep reinforced cargo pockets and front pockets. Buy Now

The 5.11 Tactical men's Covert Cargo pants combine superior tactical performance with a comfortable, low-profile design. With the look and feel of casual flat front cargo pants, these pants have large storage pockets along the left and right seams, double-deep, reinforced front and rear pockets and a self-adjusting tunnel waistband ensures a stable and secure fit when you are on the move. Made from peached cotton canvas. Buy Now

These durable, quick-wicking convertible pants feature built-in sun protection and plentiful storage making them the perfect choice for active days in warm weather. Buy Now

These Carhartt's pants are made of 100% cotton ripstop fabric. There's rugged, double-front construction plus the added durability of cordura-lined front-ledge and back pockets. Carry what you need in two large cargo pockets with flaps and snap closures, as well as multiple utility pockets. Buy Now

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