Renting A Rifle

Renting a rifle rental is a necessity for the hunters who want to hunt in Africa but don't own a suitable rifle or the increasing number of hunters who don't want the hassle of travelling with a firearm.

  • If you need to rent a firearm, check with your outfitter that he has a suitable rifle available before you book the hunt. The rifle must comply with the country's firearm and hunting regulations. Make sure you get the full details of the rifle and scope - you don't want to find yourself using a spare large calibre dangerous game rifle if you intend to hunt plains game or vice versa.
  • Note, only the outfitter or hunt operator can rent a rifle to you. You cannot rent a rifle from a third party like a booking agent or anyone else.
  • Check the cost - it could be a daily rate or all-inclusive rate for the duration of the hunt. Obviously there is some variation in cost between different outfitters.
  • You will usually be charged per box of amunition or per round used. Do not be surprised if the ammunition is more expensive than in your home country - in general, ammunition costs are higher in Africa.
  • Look after the rented rifle and scope as if it was your own. An few hunters treat rented rifles quite carelessly sometimes. Offer to pay for any damage you may inflict on the rifle.
  • There really is no substitute for using the rifle you own and know best and this is to be strongly recommended, especially for dangerous game hunting.

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Page Updated: Mar 2024

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