Hunting Benin

Hunting Benin can be tough but rewarding. You need to be fit, prepared to walk and tolerate some degree of hardship. Benin does not teem with game as in Tanzania or South Africa but there is still enough for a worthwhile hunting experience.

"The western savannah buffalo is a serious contender for the most dangerous of game. Where in Africa can you hunt a brace of Dagga boys all in for under ten grand?" PH Andrew Baldry

Benin Hunting Season

  • From December 15th to May 15th

Benin Climate

The Benin hunting season falls in the hot and dry months of the year.

  • The northern area of Benin stays hot and dry from October to April, with temperatures sometimes topping 40°C.
  • Southern Benin's rainy seasons in April to mid-July and mid-September to late October.
  • Northern Benin gets rain from June to early October.

Benin Current Weather Forecast


Benin Map

Benin Hunting Areas Map

There are 5 hunting zones in the far north of Benin near the borders with Burkins Faso and Niger. These hunting zones are close to the National Parks and buffer zone game reserves.

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Benin Hunting Areas
Benin Hunting Areas

Getting To Your Hunt Area In Benin

The international airport where you will land, is in the capital city, Cotonou, which is way down on the south coast. This is where your outfitter or company representative will meet you and help with your firearm import. If you are using the direct Air France flight from Paris which lands in the evening, you are likely to have to overnight in Cotonou before your marathan 12 hour road trip north the next day. More on international travel to Benin.

Alternatively you want to ask your outfitter about charter flights into your hunt area.

Hunting Accommodation In Benin

Most hunting accommodation is in permanent camps with chalets with all mod-cons and French cuisine. Some even have swimming pools and air conditioning. Some outfitters do offer more rustic tented camps.

Benin Hunting Terrain

The typical savanna terrain is dry with bushes and small woodland areas that can be quite thick. There are usually plenty of watering places which are a great draw for buffalo and other game.

Benin Hunting Laws

  • The Benin wildlife authority allocates a strict species quota to each hunting block.
  • A maximum of two trophies per species may be harvested, per hunting client per hunting permit, excluding western roan antelope.
  • All trophy hunting to take place within the hours of daylight.
  • No hunting is allowed at night or with artificial light.
  • The minimum number of days for a hunting safari is set by the Government, based upon the species being hunted.
  • Shooting from a vehicle is not permitted.
  • Hunting is not allowed within 500 meters of water or salt lick.
  • Hunting permits must be issued prior to the hunt commencing.
  • A separate permit must be issued for each individual hunting client.
  • Hunting lion is done by tracking - baiting is not allowed.
  • There is no minimum calibre requirement for any game.
  • If an animal is wounded and not recovered you will have to pay double the trophy fee for that species.

Benin Hunting Species

Most hunters go to Benin for the special west African savanna animals which are unavailable in east or southern Africa. These include the western savanna buffalo, western roan and western kob.

Benin Hunting Trophy Export/Import Restrictions

A very small quota of CITES II lion has always been available to hunt in Benin. However, since February 2015, the EU Scientific Review Group has delivered a 'negative' opinion on wild lion conservation in Benin. Now most EU member states will require and likely deny an import permit for Benin lion hunting trophies as part of EU 'stricter domestic measures'. Australia has banned all lion trophy imports since March 2015.

Western Savanna Buffalo
Benin Western Savanna Buffalo - Black
(Photo courtesy of Andrew Baldry)

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Hunting Benin

Hunting Western Savanna Buffalo In Benin

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