Warthog Hunting

Warthogs are always a favourite game animal for most African hunters, often providing an exciting hunt.

As far as most African hunters, SCI and Rowland Ward are concerned, there is only one type of warthog which occurs across most of Africa.

But no...recently it was found that there are 2 separate warthog species:

The common warthog, Phacochaerus africanus found in most savanna regions of sub-Saharan Africa and the desert warthog Phacochaerus aethiopicus now only found in Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia. It gets worse...each warthog species have a bunch of subspecies...

The common warthog has 4 subspecies:
  • The Northern warthog Phacochaerus africanus africanus which occurs in a coast to coast swathe from Mauritania in the west to Ethiopia in the east.
  • The Eritrean warthog Phacochaerus africanus aeliani comes from Eritrea, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Somalia.
  • The Central African warthog Phacochaerus africanus massaicus found in Kenya and Tanzania.
  • The Southern warthog Phacochaerus africanus sundevallii which occurs in southern Africa.
The desert warthog had 2 subspecies:
  • The Cape warthog Phacochaerus aethiopicus aethiopicus which was from the Cape province of South Africa but is now extinct.
  • The Somali warthog Phacochaerus aethiopicus delamerei from northern and southern Somalia, and north-eastern Kenya.

Warthog Trophy Minimums

Rowland Ward and SCI still continue to include all warthogs in one record category.

Phacochaerus aethiopicus (Warthog)
RW Minimum RW Record RW Measurement Method SCI Minimum SCI Record SCI Measurement Method
13" 24" 6 29" 4910/16" 12

Where To Hunt Warthog

You can hunt a warthog in all the African hunting countries covered on this website.

Warthog Hunting Prices

For purist warthog hunters, the warthogs in the savannas of west Africa through to central Africa, will likely be the northern common warthog.

  • In Benin, the standard warthog trophy fee is 400 Euros, though you may find a few at 200 Euros.
  • In Burkina Faso most warthog trophy fees are in the range of 130 Euros. However there are some companies offering warthogs from 350 Euros to 575 Euros.
  • In Cameroon, the warthog may be hunted on the Group B savanna list. The warthog trophy fee is 400 Euros.
  • In Central African Republic the warthog trophy fee can range between 300 Euros and 600 Euros.

The warthog species you hunt in Ethiopia depends on the location of your hunt. In the north-east your warthog could be a desert warthog, elsewhere it could be a common warthog of the Eritrean variety.

  • In Ethiopia the standard trophy fee for either type of warthog is US$400.

Moving further south, the warthogs hunted in Tanzania and Uganda will be the common warthog of the Central African variety.

  • In Tanzania a male warthog is available to hunt on a 10, 16 and 21 day licence. The Government trophy fee for a warthog is US$450, so with the additional Community Development/anti-poaching fees, the total trophy fee will be between US$520 and US$850.
  • In Uganda the warthog trophy fee is between US$300 and US$750.

In southern Africa, the warthogs are the common southern warthog variety.

  • In Botswana you can hunt a warthog on private game ranches for a trophy fee of between US$160 and US$500. Female warthogs can occasionally be hunted for about US$250.
  • In Mozambique the non-refundable warthog licence fee is between US$120 and US$300. The trophy fee can be between US$300 and US$750.
  • In Namibia the warthog trophy fee goes from US$120 to US$500.
  • In Zambia the warthog trophy fee is between US$450 and US$900.
  • In Zimbabwe the warthog trophy fee starts at US$350 and ranges up to US$700. In a few places you can hunt a female warthog for about US$400.
  • In South Africa the usual warthog trophy fee is in the range of US$300 to US$400 but some can go for US$500+. Some operators offer non-trophy warthogs at about US$200.

If you are hoping to hunt several warthogs on the same safari, check with your outfitter first. It can be feast or famine with warthog populations as they are very sensitive to drought in some regions and the numbers can drop significantly.

Which Warthog Is Which?

The main differences between the 2 warthog species are that the desert warthog has a broader skull, flipped back ears and hook-shaped facial warts.

Click images to enlarge
Common Warthog
Common Warthog

Desert Warthog
Desert Warthog

Warthog Hunting Methods

  • Warthogs are most often hunted while out hunting other game - you may just spot a great boar feeding out in the open.
  • Otherwise it is a case of walking and stalking in their favoured habitats such as light woodland, fairly close to water where they love to wallow in mud.

A Good Warthog Trophy

  • Upper tusk length is the usual criteria for a good warthog which are easily seen. If you see at least 5" sticking out, go for it.
  • Remember about 1/3 of the tusk length is embedded in the jaw.
  • Check that both tusks are present and that one is not broken, if this is important to you.

Warthog Hunting Shot Placement

Male Warthog Vital Statistics

  • Shoulder Height: 25-33" / 64-84cm
  • Weight: 110-250lbs / 50-115kg

Warthog Habitat And Requirements

  • Warthogs have a wide habitat tolerance but prefer open woodland savanna.
  • They need to be near water for drinking and wallowing in mud.

Warthog Social Structure

  • They are normally found in family groups.
  • Warthogs have the habit of kneeling on the front knees while feeding and foraging.
  • They shelter in burrows at night, which they enter tail first.
  • Socially, three main groups are encountered, namely solitary boars, bachelor groups and matriarchal groups.

Warthog Gestation Period

  • After a gestation period of 5-6 months, 3 or 4 piglets are usually born.

Warthog Gender Identification

  • Males are bigger than females in body and tusk.
  • Females only have 1 set of facial warts, closer to the nostrils.
  • Males have another pair of warts near the eyes which serve as protection during fights.

Warthog Trophy Permits (2015)

All Warthogs

Warthog Trophy Taxidermy

  • Though not the most beautiful African animal, the warthog still makes an impressive taxidermy display.
  • As a good proportion of the tusk length is embedded in to the skull, it is up to you whether you want your taxidermist to 'pull' the tusks so there is more sticking out than there should be naturally. This might make a more impressive trophy but you can see the difference where the natural staining mark stops.
  • Raw warthog trophy products must be crated separately from other trophies for import into the US.
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Warthog Full Mount Warthog Shoulder Mount Warthog Skull Mount Warthog Tusk Mount
Taxidermy photos courtesy of Life-Form Taxidermy

Warthog Recommended Reading

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What About The Name?

  • The desert warthog, Phacochoerus aethiopicus comes from the Greek for 'lens pig' and latin for 'Ethiopian'
  • The Somali desert warthog, Phacochoerus aethiopicus delamerei is named after the early British settler in Kenya, Hugh Cholmondeley, 3rd Baron Delamere (1870 - 1931).
  • The common warthog Phacochoerus africanus is named as from being from Africa.
  • The common Eritrean warthog, Phacochoerus africanus aeliani was possibly named after Claudius Aelianus who was a Roman author, who wrote the book 'On the Nature of Animals'.
  • The common Central African warthog Phacochoerus africanus massaicus refers to the Masailand areas and people.
  • The common southern warthog, Phacochoerus africanus sundevallii was named after the Swedish zoologist, Carl Jakob Sundevall (1801 - 1875).

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