Honey Badger Hunting

The honey badger or ratel Mellivora capensis is mostly hunted as an animal of opportunity while out hunting something else.

Honey badgers are from the weasel family and there are 12 subspecies ranging from Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Where To Hunt A Honey Badger

You can hunt a honey badger on a 21 day licence in Tanzania and on hunts in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Ethiopia.

Honey Badger Hunting Prices

In all honey badger hunting countries it is important to tell your outfitter that you want to hunt a honey badger. Some countries require a special permit for hunting this animal and also may have a limited quota.

  • In Tanzania, the Government trophy fee for the honey badger or ratel is US$300 but after the anti-poaching/Community Development fees are added, you'll be paying a trophy fee of around US$400.
  • For honey badger hunting in Zimbabwe the trophy fee can range from US$200 up to US$1000.
  • If you are really keen to successfully hunt a honey badger and not leave it to chance while hunting other animals, you may prefer to do a special nocturnal species hunt in South Africa, where the outfitter is geared up for honey badger hunting, possibly keeping an area regularly baited where the nocturnal anmals are used to coming. As you are not allowed to hunt at night or use a spotlight unless hunting leopard and hyena in South Africa, the outfitter will need to apply for a special permit to hunt a honey badger at night. This permit cost may be added to your hunt price. In South Africa, honey badger trophy fees go from US$500 to US$1200.
  • In addition the honey badger is a specially protected TOPS species in South Africa which means the hunter must have a permit in his hand before hunting this animal. It is completely illegal to hunt a honey badger in South Africa without a TOPS permit so do not be talked into shooting a honey badger with the promise of getting a permit later.
  • The trophy fee for honey badgers in Namibia ranges from US$425 to US$800. A special permit is required to hunt a ratel in Namibia which must be obtained before the hunt starts. So if you are keen to hunt a honey badger you must tell your outfitter in good time for the permit application and be prepared that it may be refused.

Honey Badger Hunting Methods

  • Honey badgers are mostly nocturnal animal but they do come out during the day when there is not too much human disturbance.
  • As mentioned before, if a honey badger is a priority animal for you, it is best to find a hunting outfitter who specialises in small nocturnal animal hunting and may have a bait area which honey badgers visit occasionally.

A Good Honey Badger Trophy

  • Any mature honey badger will be a good trophy.

Honey Badger Hunting Shot Placement

  • Aim for the chest with a solid round.

Male Honey Badger Vital Statistics

  • Shoulder Height: 15.3" / 39cm
  • Weight: 20-35lbs / 9-16kg

Honey Badger Habitat And Requirements

  • Honey badgers can be found in a wide range of habitats from the dense rain forests to the outskirts of deserts. They feed on a wide range of prey items from small insect larvae to young antelopes. Although they mostly hunt their own food, they also scavenge from the kills of larger animals.

Honey Badger Social Structure

  • Honey badgers are solitary except during periods of courtship or when a female is accompanied by her young.

Honey Badger Gestation Period

  • Little is known about honey badger reproduction. It is thought that they have a gestation period of 6 - 8 weeks, producing between 1 - 2 offspring.

Honey Badger Gender Identification

  • Female honey badgers are smaller than males.
  • Both sexes have the same markings with the sides of the heads and lower body being black with a large white band covering their upper bodies, from the top of their heads down to the base of their tails.
Honey Badger
Honey Badger / Ratel

Honey Badger Trophy Permits (2015)

Only honey badgers from Botswana have a CITES restriction but they are not huntable there anyway.

Honey Badger
CITES III Botswana only N/A Annex C Botswana only N/A

Honey Badger Trophy Taxidermy

Honey badgers are popularly set up as full mounts with a habitat base. They also make quite striking full skin rugs.

Click images to enlarge
Honey Badger Full Mount Honey Badger Full Mount Honey Badger Full Mount
Taxidermy photos courtesy of Life-Form Taxidermy

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