African Hunting Hearing Protectors

Page Updated: Feb 2024

Nerve deafness from loud noise is a significant problem and gunfire is a major cause.

Most hunters will almost always use hearing protection on a shooting range or hunting in their home country but may neglect using them when hunting in Africa. This is probably because in a completely new hunting environment, they need to clearly hear any whispered instructions from their PH and would feel uncomfortable being 'muffled' when on finals, particularly with dangerous game.

Also an African hunter may think because he is only going to shoot once or twice a day, that hearing protection is unnecessary and may feel a bit silly wearing it when no-one else is.

Functions Of Good African Hunting Hearing Protectors

  • The only hearing protectors suitable for African hunting are active electronic or non-electronic acoustic filtering types which sit in your ears comfortably during the whole period you are actively hunting. When getting close to the shot on your animal the very last thing you need to be doing is fiddling around putting in your hearing protection.
  • It is vital when hunting in Africa that you clearly hear everything your PH says, especially when hunting dangerous game or if dangerous game is present in a plains game hunting area. He will often speak very quietly when near animals so your hearing protectors need to be sensitive enough to allow low sounds through.
  • The many brands of regular foam or plastic earplugs will do the job of hearing protection from gunfire but will often not allow you to hear other sounds clearly.
  • Ear plugs on cords hanging around your neck are not to be recommended - they can get caught up with your other hanging equipment like binos and with branches if hunting in heavy bush. Also catching hold of them to put in your ears when you are trying to contain your excitement for an unexpected shot at close range will be impossible.
  • Headset ear protectors even with electronic acoustic filtering are good for protecting your hearing but cumbersome and hot to wear during an African hunt. You can buy neat belt holders that the headset snap in and out of but it is another extraneous action to do when you are concentrating on your shot.
  • If you get new hearing protectors for hunting Africa, it is recommended you wear and get used to them beforehand, not only to check the best settings for low sound but also to see if they affect your own voice level when talking with them in place. You don't want to be heard as speaking loudly when you are actually trying to speak quietly.

African Hunting Hearing Protectors

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Buy Now: SureFire EP4 Sonic Plus Defenders
  • Protect your hearing without interfering with your ability to hear routine sounds or conversations
  • Triple-flanged stem design fits larger ear canals and provides a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 24dB
  • Sounds, at safe levels, are allowed to pass through into the ear canal, while potentially harmful noises (above 85dB) are reduced by a special noise-reducing filter
  • EP4s include attached filter caps, which can be inserted for additional protection and blocking out lower-level noise, like that heard on a plane Right/left colour-coded Sonic Defenders Plus are made from a soft but durable, hypoallergenic polymer that provides all-day comfort
  • Patented retention rings lock the earplugs in place, while soft, adjustable triple-flanged stems provide secure seals in the ear canals
  • Low-profile design means EP4s can be worn while wearing using a phone or headset.
  • EP4s are available in small (S), medium (M), and large (L) - size is based on the dimensions of your ear's concha bowl
SureFire EP4 Sonic Defenders Plus filtered Earplugs, triple flanged design, reusable, Black, Medium
Surfire ear protectors come in various levels of sound sensitivity:
SureFire EP7 Sonic Defenders Ultra Filtered
SureFire EP5 Sonic Defenders Max Full-Block
SureFire EP10 Sonic Defenders Ultra Max Full-Block

Buy Now: Walker's Wireless NRR25dB Silencer
  • Left & right ear buds (pair) with independent volume control deliver digital hearing enhancement and protection
  • Any sounds over 85 DB do not get amplified but get reduced by 25 DB
  • Sound Activated Compression (SAC)
  • Estimated 80 hours battery life
  • Powered by #10 batteries
Walker's Silencer Wireless NRR25dB Electronic Sound Suppression Hearing Protection Earbuds for Shooting, Hunting, Range, Black

Buy Now: Walker's Game Ear HD Power Elite WGE-XGE4B
  • 20 percent smaller than the original Game Ear
  • 4 digital sound processing channels
  • 20 bit audio processing for crisp clear sound
  • 8 band equalizer with automatic feedback control
  • Low battery tone indicator
  • Four Program Settings - General, Crowds, Nature, Power Boost
Walker's Game Ear Elite Digital HD Power 4 Beige Assisted Listening Device
Walker's Game Ears also come in additional versions... Game Ear HD Pro Elite WGE-XGE2B which has all the features of HD Power Elite except the addition of Power-Boost.
Game Ear HD Elite WGE-XGE1B

Buy Now: Axil XP Reactor Series Filtered Earplugs
  • Dynamic Mesh Filtering System with interactive hearing protection.
  • Hear normal sounds naturally while experiencing 33 dB noise reduction against loud impact sounds
  • 5 dB of noise reduction across general loud and ambient noise.
  • Made from medical grade and hypoallergenic materials
AXIL XP Reactor Ear Plugs, Pink, Medium & Large Included, XPR-PM/L
The AXIL XP Defender Series Filtered Earplugs have a Dual Mode option where you can switch easily between Open and Closed Position to hear & protect at the same time or just shut out all sounds for total hearing protection.

Buy Now: Orvis Digital Hearing Protection
  • Blocks out shooting noise while still being able to hear normal noises such as speech.
  • Ear protection that fits securely inside your ear.
  • Non-bulky comfort and advanced technology that combines hearing enhancement with automatic and simultaneous hearing protection.

Buy Now: Orvis Digital Internal Hearing Protection icon
  • Offer the same advanced, 100% digital technology and quality found in medical hearing aids
  • Protects your ears from gunfire noise
  • Ergonomic ear-canal design leaves them virtually invisible.
  • Various models give identical protection and instantly cut off sounds above 93 dB
  • Premium model gives you even greater feedback cancellation and background noise cutoff, better overall volume and better directional and clarity capability. It's the model of choice if you suffer from a hearing loss.

Buy Now: Rooth Protective Earpieces
  • The dark coloured end provides constant passive NRR of 22 db
  • The yellow end features a filter that allows normal conversation while simultaneously blocking harmful noise levels
  • Triple-flange design provides a custom fit
  • Made of soft, non-toxic, high quality silicone
Rooth C&P High-Fidelity Protective Earplug for Firearm Users

Buy Now: Walker's Foam Ear Plugs
  • Noise reduction rating NRR 32dB
  • Conforms to shape of ear
  • Foam tips are ideal for louder environments
  • Jar contains 100 (50 pairs) disposable plugs
Walker's Foam Ear Plug Jar (100 Count), Orange

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