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Zambia Travel - Zambia is a landlocked country with land borders with Tanzania in the north-east, Malawi in the east, Mozambique and Zimbabwe in the south-east, Botswana and Namibia in the south, Angola in the west and Zaire in the north-west. The Victoria Falls and Zambezi river contribute to Zambia's scenic splendour.

Zambia Flag

Zambia Travel Facts

  • Formerly: Northern Rhodesia
  • Capital: Lusaka
  • Area: 752,614 km2
  • Population: 9,959,037
  • Language: English and many local languages

Zambia Money

Electricity In Zambia

There are 2 plug configurations in Zambia.

Zambia Electricity Plug
Zambia Electricity Plug

Voltage: 220 V | Frequency: 50 Hz | Power sockets: Type B & D

Zambia Map

Getting To Zambia

South African Airways

South African Airways

  • Non-Stop from Johannesburg to Lusaka, Zambia


  • Non-Stop from Dubai, UAE to Lusaka, Zambia
Precision Air

Precision Air

  • Non-Stop from Dar Es Salaam to Lusaka, Zambia
Air Namibia

Air Namibia

  • Non-Stop from Windhoek to Lusaka, Zambia

Zambia Travel Health

Vaccinations/boosters are strongly recommended for:

As of 4 February 2015, you will no longer have to produce proof of yellow fever vaccination on arrival in South Africa from a 'low risk' country, as defined by the WHO. Low risk yellow fever countries include Zambia, Tanzania, Eritrea, Somalia, Sao Tome and Principe. This is good news for hunters return transiting from Zambia or Tanzania via South Africa. Read full SA Government Yellow Fever Policy

Malaria In Zambia

Zambia Malaria Map Malaria Map Of Zambia

Prophylaxis is recommended for all travellers at all times of year.

Other Health Hazards In Zambia

Getting A Visa For Zambia

US & UK citizens require a visa for Zambia.

Visa application must be made at the nearest Zambian Embassy. Visa application form with instructions and required documents.

Zambia EmbassyWebsites

Zambia Travel Recommended Reading

Zambia Travel Guide

The Bradt Travel Guide to Zambia covers all the prime attractions, including all national parks from the Zambezi and Kafe to the famous Luangwa park, host to several unique species and the best place for leopard-spotting. Advice for the independent traveler encompasses everything from choosing the best bushcamps, lodges and hotels to organizing memorable safaris.

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