African Hunt Payments

The first thing to remember about African hunt payments is that, the hunt is not booked until the first deposit payment is made. The outfitter is at liberty to sell the hunt dates that you want to anyone else who comes up with the deposit first.

"Alas! how deeply painful is all payment!" Lord Byron

  • So when you have made your decision and told the outfitter you definitely want to hunt with him, act quickly and decisively. Complete and return your hunt agreement and any other documentation and make arrangements to transfer money. Most outfitter would consider the hunt dates taken on receipt of your signed agreement and will not sell the dates to anyone else while your deposit is in transit.
  • Hunt payments typically are divided into a confirming deposit and a final payment. Deposits vary in percentage amounts but are usually 50% of the total hunt cost. The timing of the final African hunt payment can vary but is usually between 60 and 90 days before the hunt starts. If it is a last minute booking within the hunting company's final payment time frame, the hunt costs will need to be paid in full in one transaction .
  • Some outfitters ask clients to pay their final hunt payment on arrival at the hunt area but before the hunt starts. Others will even just add the final payment to the trophy fee account, to be paid at the conclusion of the hunt, before departure from camp.
  • When you make your hunt deposit transfer arrangements, ensure that the correct and agreed amount is sent and that means you take care of all the associated bank charges. It is often the case with funds coming from the USA that an extra small charge is deducted from the amount unbeknown to the hunter. This is probably because money sent overseas from the US, goes through a central clearing bank who charge their own fee. No outfitter is going to worry if the hunt payment is a few dollars short and will just add it to your final account.
  • A refundable trophy fee deposit is often required by some hunting companies to be paid with the final hunt payment, or at least before you leave home. Read more

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Page Updated: Feb 2024

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