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The Shakari Connection is the result of great Site Build It resources plus a lot of hard work. We used to privately publish a small hard-copy book about African hunting safaris but that soon became out-of-date with the rapid changes in the industry. A website seemed the way to go and a website where we retained control and could make quick alterations ourselves. That meant building our own site but we had no idea how - neither of us knew an iota about html or css codes - not a thing!

I started playing around with free 'website builder' programs but was increasingly frustrated with their lack of support for first timers and unreliability - sometimes even their weird passwords didn't work.

Then by chance we found a site recommending Site Build sounded very good, not that we, in our ignorance of all things to do with website building, were in a position to judge. Anyhow we bought it and have not looked back since.

Site Build It is simply superb value and delivers all it promises.

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What Does SBI Offer You?

  • From the start, SBI! Action Guide completely deluges you with vast quantities of information and training in the art of website building and marketing, both as video training or reading matter, set out in achievable daily blocks.
  • A word of caution here...I urge you to do your preliminary work thoroughly and not move on too quickly to the actual building work. In my state of excitement to see my new creation, I rather skimmed the early reading and to my cost because I had to make lots of improvements later.
  • Another point is, don't bother registering a domain name before starting your SBI program. Site Build It will train you in methods of selecting the best domain name and register it for you. The right domain name is vitally important to your site's success and Shakari Connection does not really comply because as usual, running before we could walk, we had already chosen and registered it before starting with SBI.
  • Endless training in website marketing so your site is given the very best chances of making great money for you.....if you follow the recommendations.
  • It is not a get-rich-quick online scheme but if you want to succeed you have to work and learn. A huge number of SBI built sites are extremely successful financially with high visitor numbers, affiliate and Google advertising, making their owners a great living.
  • Your site will be fully and reliably hosted by SBI. There are much cheaper hosting options out there but SBI gives you a whole lot more for your money
  • A fool-proof website building program. For those starting out without a clue about an html tag, there is the Site Build It block-builder method. You enter in your sparkling and riveting content and SBI automatically builds your webpages that please both human visitors and the Search Engines.
  • There are dozens of free top-quality templates to choose from for your website look-and-feel' but you don't need to use them if you prefer to design your own.
  • Once you have gained confidence with the block-building technique and learnt enough about html coding, you can painlessly take your training wheels off and upload your own html pages. Again you are fully guided through the transition.
  • A great-looking site will go nowhere without the right keywording techniques. To be successful and increase profit potential must receive targeted traffic from the Search Engines. Site Build It excels with it's Brainstorming tool. Right from the outset, if you don't know what your site is going to be about, Brainstormer will help you choose a profitable niche topic. This amazing tool out-performs all other keyword checking programs.
  • SBI has so many cool tools all at your disposal included in the basic subscription fee - link-tracking, analyzing your webpage for SEO before it goes live - the list goes on.
  • If and when you get stuck, SBI hosts a tremendous forum. It is very friendly and always active and fresh. It's a great place to bounce ideas off other SBI users and get suggestions and help for your site.
  • An optional extra is the one-on-one coaching SBI offers. If you really get stuck in uploading your own html or in any area of website building, these experts are great for sorting out any problems and getting you on track again. Indeed, if you don't want to build your site yourself SBI offers a service to build it for you at extra cost.
  • You also get a mailing list manager and autoresponder included in the package.
  • See how SBI! is actually a "process" with a massive set of tools that leads to a successful online business.

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