African Hunter Magazine

African Hunter Magazine

Page Updated: June 2020

Shakari Connection has had a proud association with African Hunter Magazine for many years. However this voice of the African hunting industry has fallen silent and at present new editions of AHM are not being published. There was no better magazine that candidly covers all aspects of African hunting, both the good and the bad, in articles written by some of the best authors and hunters in the industry.

Shakari Connection has African Hunter Magazine's kind permission to reproduce the African Hunter Shot Placement Pocket Field Guide. This is an invaluable tool for any hunter new or returning to Africa. We also have a selection of African Hunter Magazine articles which we are sure will be of great interest to African hunters.

African Hunter Magazine African Hunter Magazine African Hunter Magazine African Hunter Magazine

African Hunter Magazine: Mission Statement

We live and work by the code that guides us. This is " provide a service to the worldwide hunting fraternity. The magazine is dedicated to the conservation of the wildlife resources of Africa through practical management and sustainable utilisation. We are committed to promoting ethical hunting practices based on the concept of fair chase, and the fostering of goodwill among all beneficiaries of these resources."

African Hunter Magazine Articles

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