African Hunter Magazine

African Hunter Magazine

Shakari Connection has had a proud association with African Hunter Magazine for many years now, during which this great magazine has gone from strength to strength. There is no better magazine that candidly covers all aspects of African hunting, both the good and the bad, in articles written by some of the best authors and hunters in the industry.

In addition Shakari Connection is privileged to have African Hunter Magazine's kind permission to reproduce the African Hunter Shot Placement Pocket Field Guide. This is an invaluable tool for any hunter new or returning to Africa. We will also be publishing selected articles which we are sure will be of great interest to African hunters.

African Hunter Magazine African Hunter Magazine African Hunter Magazine African Hunter Magazine

About African Hunter Magazine

  • The African Hunter magazine has become the voice of the African hunting industry, providing a forum for discussion and promotion of hunting and related activities. The publication works closely with prominent hunting and conservation organisations and is well supported by such organizations on and off the African continent.
  • Published six times a year, the magazine is printed and mailed from South Africa, with many free copies supplied to selected hunting and safari lodges in Africa. Main distribution is via subscription to more than 50 countries worldwide. This readership is growing constantly through aggressive marketing in the USA, Europe and Africa via shows and conventions and through our internet websites, In addition, a cross counter distribution by targeted outlets in South Africa (more than 200 outlets nationwide), Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe insures the magazine is highly visible on the sub-continent.
  • Information - The magazine is published six times per annum, and consists of between 52 - 80 pages per issue. At present between 6000 and 8000 Magazines are printed per issue with copies direct mailed to readers on subscription. International interest continues to grow, and with it our subscriber base which is expanding all the time.
  • History of the Hunter - The magazine was launched in December 1994 as a specialised publication servicing the hunting and outdoor community worldwide. The African Hunter is the first specific periodical on African hunting to be produced in Africa. From the outset, it was intended that the magazine should provide a shop window to the thousands of hunters worldwide interested in hunting in Africa. By its very nature, the African Hunter has been very well received by hunters in Europe, the United States, Southern and Central Africa, and is read in more than 50 countries across the globe.
  • Content - Editorial content is structured to suit both the suppliers and consumers of the many resources affiliated to hunting, and is compiled entirely in Africa (from content to final lay-out). Many excellent authors, both local and international, contribute in-depth articles on Hunting Techniques, Shot Placement, Ballistics, Safari Camp Reviews, Species Fact Files and Conservation along with features on Wildlife Artists, Humorous Tales and Hunting Reports. Readers are invited to contribute through our Hunter’s Gallery section, providing accounts of their hunting experiences and trophies, topics most enjoyed by our readers. Many of our readers are non-hunters, and we provide general information about wildlife, safaris and other outdoor activities, giving a balanced content which appeals to a wide cross-section of enthusiasts.

We live and work by the code that guides us. This is " provide a service to the worldwide hunting fraternity. The magazine is dedicated to the conservation of the wildlife resources of Africa through practical management and sustainable utilisation. We are committed to promoting ethical hunting practices based on the concept of fair chase, and the fostering of goodwill among all beneficiaries of these resources." African Hunter Magazine, Mission Statement

Contact African Hunter Magazine

For any queries or changes to existing subscriptions, please use the contact details below.

In Zimbabwe: Mag-Set Publications (Pvt) Ltd

Tel: (+263-4) 572786/7

In South Africa: African Sporting Publications

Fax/Phone:(011) 396 2729
Mobile: (084) 655 5044

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