Firearm Permit Downloads

Page Updated: Mar 2024

Click on the appropriate links below to download your firearm permit and Dutch Firearm Consent form for transit through the Netherlands, if necessary.

These firearm permit forms are for countries which allow application on arrival and completing them beforehand may save you time getting through the airport.

NOTE: The Dutch Consent Form application must be completed and approved well before departure.

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Please go to Firearm Import Regulations for full details on accurately completing these forms - particularly the South African SAPS520..

South Africa Firearm Permit

South African SAPS520 temporary firearm import form

South African SAPS520 Instruction Sheet

Zimbabwe Firearm Permit

Zimbabwe Firearm Import Form Page 1

Zimbabwe Firearm Import Form Page 2

Botswana Firearm Permit

Botswana Firearm Permit Form

Namibia Firearm Permit

Namibia Firearm Permit Form

Dutch Firearm Consent Application Form

Dutch Firearm Consent Form (New)

US Customs 4457 Form

US Customs 4457 Form

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