African Hunt Research

There is no shortage of African hunt research tools. A quick look on the Internet will turn up hundreds of African hunting companies, hunting directories, hunting forums, hunting equipment stores and hunting information sites. There are countless hunting magazines, though fewer dedicated to just African hunting. Don't discount African hunting books which are often a mine of practical information.

"Research is the process of going up alleys to see if they are blind." Marston Bates

You've probably been 'researching' your interest in African hunting for years, reading everything you can lay your hands on and enjoying the Dallas Safari Club conventions but now it is the actual time when you've decided you've go...

Serious African hunt research is required more tyre-kicking. Let's get started...

  • You actually don't need to start serious hunt research until you are about 2 years away from when you plan to go. There is little point in checking out African countries, areas or companies for a safari you hope to do in 5 years time. By the time your hunt date rolls round the country may have been taken over by a mad dictator, the area may have changed hands or the game been poached out and eaten by refugees.
  • The only proviso to the above advice is if you want to hunt a highly sought-after animal like the mountain nyala where there is a very limited annual quota. For this hunt you will need to book about 3-4 years in advance.
  • So if you are not after a mountain nyala this time, start your hunt research within 18 months to 2 years of departure, with a view to booking and paying the deposit about a year in advance.
  • If you are very flexible about your hunt dates you may be interested in looking for a cancellation hunt which may mean hanging on the last minute before booking. The best place to look for cancellations are hunt company websites and African hunting forums.

African Hunt Research | Printed And Internet Magazines

These are excellent sources of knowledge, information and advertisements. These are magazines specialising in African hunting. Other magazines specialising in non-African hunting or sporting firearms may occasionally feature African hunting articles and adverts.

African Hunt Research | Internet Hunting Forums

  • Internet hunting forums can be very useful indeed, but they can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you can ask questions about specific hunting companies, areas or PHs and you'll get a lot of responses very quickly. However, you need to bear in mind that some of these responses will be from people who have an axe to grind and others who are 'instant experts' after one hunt. If you are new to a forum, you might like to lurk around to get to know the 'online personalities' of the members and using the search function to review any comments that may have been previously made about hunt companies/PH before asking any hunt research questions.
  • By far the best and most active African hunting forum is African Big Game Hunting on Accurate Reloading. It also has sections on African hunt reports, taxidermy, African travel and other topics.

Professional Hunters' Associations

There is a lot of useful African hunt information to be had on these websites. All show full membership lists and up-to-date hunting and firearm regulations for the country they cover. They will all provide assistance to a hunter with a complaint about hunting company or individual who is one of their members.

African Hunt Research At Hunting Conventions

Hunting conventions such as the ones held by Safari Club International and the Dallas Safari Club are another popular way for hunters to select a safari company. The conventions are great fun, very informative and a lot of hunters book their hunting safaris there but remember, not all good hunting safari companies attend.

The conventions are a great way for the prospective African hunter to sit down with outfitters and PHs to discuss face-to-face what you want from your hunting safari. You may have an outfitter's hunting info already, or know the company by reputation. Taking a closer look at them and their hunting operation, how they react to guests at their booth and chatting with them, should give you the gut-feeling that you'll get along fine and they are professional and trustworthy.

Hunting Company Websites

These are usually your first contact with a prospective hunting company. Good sites will make it easy for you to make contact via email and should tell you everything you basically need to know.

Most sites will publish the prices for the coming season but if you are looking to hunt several years ahead, these prices will only be a guide and are only useful to make general comparisons between companies. Other companies do not publish hunt prices, preferring you to make contact with your hunt requirements and only then they will they provide full details and prices.

Hunting Company References

These are of limited use as most companies are hardly going to release reference contact details of any unhappy clients. If you do contact a referee or two, you will get some insight into the hunt area, hunt company and staff.

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