Care Of Mounted African Trophies

A few easy tips from a leading African taxidermist on the care of mounted African trophies once you get them home.

Putting some thought into where your African trophies will be displayed, plus occasional maintainance will keep them looking at their best for years. Once displayed in the ideal environment, care of mounted African trophies is simple.

Nyala Taxidermy Cleaning
Nyala Shoulder Mount - photo Lifeform Taxidermy

Trophy Display Or Storage Conditions

  • Ideally display or store your trophies at a fairly consistent level of temperature and where humidity is not too high.
  • Too much sunlight tends to bleach the colour from the mounts after several years, so artificial light is best.
  • If the humidity is very high, it is best to keep the room well ventilated (windows open often) to allow a breeze or air flow through the room. Ceiling fans can also accomplish this air movement.
  • If the trophies are kept in a sealed room, the damp can be detrimental to the mounts.
  • If the humidity is excessively high, because the skins contain salt and tanning residue, some beads of moisture may occur on the hair. Just pat it off with an absorbent tissue paper as it occurs and if done occasionally the problem will stop as the salts will be removed with the moisture.

African Trophy Maintenance

  • Once a year your trophies should be dusted lightly with a soft brush or preferably the dust blown off with compressed air, which will also 'ruffle up' the hair on the mounts.
  • The horns can be oiled very lightly with any fine furniture oil, every couple of years.
  • The trophies have been insect-proofed in the taxidermy process, but it is suggested that at least once a year when the trophies are cleaned, that the environment around the trophies be sprayed with a normal household aerosol surface insecticide, for fishmoths, ants, cockroaches, etc. This should be done so that some of the vapour settles lightly on the trophies. The aerosol vapour will in no way be harmful to the trophies.
  • Rodents can be a problem because they chew off the hair and skin from the mounts to make nests. It is best to try and eliminate any rodents from your trophy room. There are various types of products available for this purpose.

Thanks go to Cecil and his team at Lifeform Taxidermy for their expert help with care of mounted African trophies .

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Page Updated: April 2024

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