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The importance of good quality, well-fitting hunting socks cannot be over-emphasized for an Africa safari. Your feet will take a lot of punishment on a hunt so choose your socks carefully. There are many types of 'performance' socks for different activities available which can be confusing. In addition you may have a foot condition, such as bunions, high arches or athlete's foot, to take into consideration which may affect your choice on sock fabric and support.

Choosing Good Hunting Socks

  • If you are buying new hunting boots or shoes to hunt in Africa, take into account the type of socks you will be wearing.
  • Light to middle-weight hiking-style socks should offer the right thickness (not too warm in the heat) and good support for most types of African hunting.
  • Comfortable for many hours of wear - get the right foot size and calf size - remembering your feet and/or ankles might swell in the heat or during your long-haul flight.
  • A good toe and heel fit is essential. Too long it will slip down your ankle and bunch-up on the top of your foot and round your toes. Too short, the sock will slip down into your shoe under your heel.
  • Provide your feet with stability with good boot/shoe contact.
  • Keep your feet dry by wicking moisture away.
  • Constructed with strategically placed support panels which prevent blisters and injuries by absorbing friction and reducing strain.
  • Lightweight and cushioning.
  • Merino wool is a good choice of fabric because it keeps your feet from becoming over-heated and it absorbs a lot of moisture.
  • Built-in synthetic support panels may give a good, comfortable fit but may make your feet too hot.
  • Pure cotton socks are not recommended as they absorb a lot of sweat and remain wet, so increasing the risk of blisters.
  • Consider wearing thin liner socks under your main socks. This will further wick moisture away into the over sock where it will evaporate.
  • Colour and the height of sock don't really matter, though if you are wearing high boots, the sock should extend past the boot top.

It is advisable to bring a selection of socks of different thickness. It is not unknown for feet to swell in the heat, making your footwear tighter than normal and a thick sock will compound the problem, which can lead to blisters. You may want to try wearing 2 pairs of thin socks over each other to reduce friction.

A worn-out sock with thin areas and holes are very likely to produce blisters.

Do not wear untested or brand new, unwashed socks.

When walking long distances, it is always a good idea to carry a spare pair. Change them regularly if your feet become sweaty or wet. A good tip is to dust your feet with talcum powder before you put on a clean, dry pair.

Hunting Socks For Men

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These 1000 Mile Blister-Free walking socks are essentially a sock within a sock. They feature a fully padded Achilles tendon protection working towards preventing injuries for the wearer and giving the sock a real cushioned feel. Support is also given from the arched bracing on the sock. Tactel inner layer wicks away perspiration as it aims to keep the foot dry and cool. Meanwhile a double-layered construction eliminates friction between the sock and the wearers shoe, therefore reducing the overall wear of the inner shoe and sock, preventing blisters.

These Darn Tough Vermont men's Merino wool cushioned hiking socks have unsurpassed durability and come with an unconditional lifetime guarantee. Buy Now

***NEW*** These socks have targeted cushioning and reinforcement zones for superior comfort and durability, making it the perfect performance sock to navigate through any of your toughest trails. Buy Now

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***NEW*** These merino-wool knit, lightweight socks have low-profile cushioning, durability and moisture-wicking function. Buy Now

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***NEW*** Keep your feet and ankles protected from biting insects like mosquitoes and ticks. These hiking socks are made with Insect Shield technology which keeps bugs away naturally and won't wash out for the life of the garment. Buy Now

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This is the 'best men's boot sock you can buy'. It is specifically designed to be worn with boots. and is made of a merino wool blend that keeps feet warm and dry with superior wicking action. The specific knit design avoids bunching and supplies support. Buy Now

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A cooler-wearing sock built from supple, durable cotton with reinforced heel and toe. 1x1 rib knit eliminates bunching and ensures long life. Buy Now

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Theses trekking socks are arguably the most comfortable hiking socks in the world. The cushioning system is engineered to meet the demands of those who put a lot of mileage on their boots. They are made with a soft terry pile of merino wool which absorbs moisture and provides cushion. The upper sock is made to breathe freely with a less dense knit. Buy Now

A lightweight breathable sock, with heel and toe cushioning, with ventilation at the top of the foot and up the ankle to allow for maximum breathability. Non-slipping, non-bunching. Antimicrobial to prevent odour. Fast drying and moisture wicking. Buy Now

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Bridgedale Men's 'Cool Fusion' socks maximise the benefits of fast wicking fibres such as Coolmax and polypropylene and combines them with merino wool or cotton to produce a sock that is light and comfortable - perfect for outdoor pursuits in warmer conditions. The targeted padding ensures additional comfort and cushioning where you need it most. With targeted cooling ventilation exactly where it is needed, anti-compression cushioning at the heel and metatarsal provides all round comfort. Buy Now

These Darn Tough merino wool with Coolmax are engineered to move moisture away from your skin, to be fast drying and to enhance comfort. The construction and performance fit insures that the socks stay put and in place all day. No slipping. No bunching. No blisters. No hot spots. Cushioning on the foot base provides comfort and fit with the perfect bounce. Buy Now

These ExOfficio Travel Compression Socks make long flights and travel days more comfortable with the spandex blend with arch support that hugs your feet and calves for ultimate comfort. Buy Now

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