African Hunting Cartridge Belts

Page Updated: June 2021

African hunting cartridge belts are one choice for carrying your ammo in the field. They are worn around your waist over your regular pants belt. Whether you choose a leather or canvas webbing cartridge belt for an African hunt, make sure you 'break' it in and practise reloading from it so it becomes second nature in any situation.

Choosing A Good African Hunting Cartridge Belt

  • Getting the right waist size is important as you don't want a cartridge belt to slip and slide round your waist too much, fall down over your hips or be uncomfortably too tight. Follow the sizing instructions for individual belt makers or brands before ordering one - some size their cartridge belts based on your waist measurement on a trouser belt that fits you. You should measure the trouser belt from the edge of the buckle to your most used hole. Other makers recommend adding extra inches to your actual waist measurement to get the right size for their particular belt.
  • Make sure you are choosing a cartridge belt that is designed for wearing on your waist and not round your hips. Some fancy leather belts are designed specifically for wearing on your hips in a Western style.
  • Whether to choose a leather or canvas webbing cartridge belt is a matter of personal taste. Both do the job and look good. The canvas web belts are often trimmed with leather. Some hunters prefer canvas web belts because leather becomes stiff and discoloured over time, especially if it needs washing. Also if the cartridges are left in a leather belt for a long time, you can get a build up of verdigris on the cases. This is caused by the chemicals such as chrome used in leather tanning. Some leather goods makers only use leather which has been tanned using vegetable dyes which is said to prevent verdigris formation. Others disagree, saying this makes no difference.
  • Getting the right size loops for your calibre is, of course, most important. You don't want them to be too tight so it's difficult to get a grip on the cartridges and get them out out in a hurry. The loops must also not be too loose causing the cartridge to completely fall out or lodge too low in the loop. If you are choosing an leather or canvas webbing belt with loops or pockets made of the same material, the loop size must pretty much exactly match your cartridge case size and shape. If the loops are fully or partially elasticated then most manufacturers carry a range belts for various calibre ranges. In any loop, the cartridge rim should stand above the edge of the belt for easy removal.
  • How many cartridge loops will you need? Unless you are having a custom cartridge belt made when you can choose how many you want, most come with 15 to 20 loops, depending on the calibre and waist size. Many hunters new to hunting in Africa, will come out on their first day with all their belt loops filled with ammo. After a day of struggling with the weight, they soon reduce their load by half. You really don't need to carry more than 10 rounds for hunting. Proper, genuine 'culling' cartridge belts which have dozens of loops all the way round are, as the name implies, only for culling - not hunting. Several manufacturers are now selling regular cartridge belts with about 12 loops, as a 'culling' belt. May be the term is judged to be more appealing to their customers.
  • Additional cartridge belt design features to look for include a built-in 'ridge' to stop cartridges moving downwards in the loop, a buckle that is well out of the way when you place the looped section in your preferred position for shooting and divided sections of loops so you can separate softs and solids. Other optional features may include small built-in storage pockets or space on the narrow section of the belt, to thread on an extra cartridge pouch or knife sheath.
  • If you go for an 'exotic' leather cartridge belt made from elephant hide, make sure you get the relevant CITES paperwork and carry it with you if you travel overseas with the belt.

African Hunting Cartridge Belts

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