Steinbok Hunting

Steinbok are usually taken when a good one is spotted while hunting something else.

These small antelope are similar to the grysbok and the name 'steinbok' may also be found spelt as 'steenbok' or 'steinbuck'.

Steinbok Trophy Minimums

Both Rowland Ward and SCI use the name 'steenbok' in their record books and lump the southern and east African steinbok in one category.

Raphiceros campestris (Steinbok)
RW Minimum RW Record RW Measurement Method SCI Minimum SCI Record SCI Measurement Method
41/2" 75/8" 7 8" 1714/16" 1

Where To Hunt A Steinbok

There are 2 separated steinbok ranges in Africa and technically 2 subspecies - Raphiceros campestris campestris in southern Africa and Raphiceros campestris neumanni in east Africa.

  • So you can hunt a steinbok in Botswana, southern Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe in the southern African range.
  • You can also hunt a steinbok in Tanzania in the east African range, on a 16 and 21 day licence.

Steinbok Hunting Prices

  • In Botswana the steinbok trophy fee is between US$300 and US$450.
  • The steinbok of Mozambique only occurs in the far south of the country and is not on any trophy lists.
  • In Namibia the trophy fee for a steinbok ranges from US$250 to US$450.
  • In South Africa the steinbok appears in many all-inclusive plains game package hunts. The trophy fee ranges from US$200 to US$325.
  • In Zimbabwe there is quite a wide range of steinbok trophy prices - from US$250 up to US$850.
  • In Tanzania the Government trophy fee for a steinbok is US$250. With additional Community Development/anti-poaching fees, the trophy fee will be between US$290 ans US$550.

Steinbok Hunting Methods

  • Usually you will be out hunting something else when you come across a fine looking steinbok. Walking and stalking in the regular bushveldt habitat in early mornings or at dusk may lead to steinbok hunting success.
  • If you have a choice of calibre and bullet, use a small calibre with a solid to minimise trophy damage.

A Good Steinbok Trophy

  • Look for thick bases and good horn length - if the horns extend past the ears it will be a good trophy.

Steinbok Hunting Shot Placement

Steinbok Vital Statistics

  • Shoulder Height: 16-24" / 45-60cm
  • Weight: 24lbs / 11kg

Steinbok Habitat And Requirements

  • Steinbok prefer dry savannah woodland for cover and forage.
  • They are browsers and grazers and are water-independent.

Steinbok Social Structure

  • Steinbok live mostly in pairs. If you see one, the other one won't be far away. If a pair is disturbed they will flee in opposite directions.
  • The male steinbok will mark out an exclusive territory of which he will be protective.

Steinbok Gestation Period

  • After a gestation period of 6-7 months, one offspring is usually born.

Steinbok Gender Identification

  • Only males possess a pair of very upright horns - these are never found in females.
  • The horns are simple spikes which are entirely smooth, lacking ridges over their entire length
  • The female is usually larger in the body than the male.
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Steinbok Trophy Permits (2015)

All Steinbok

Steinbok Trophy Taxidermy

  • As with all the tiny African antelopes, a full mount makes the best taxidermy display. If a full mount is not possible, they make a great wall pedestal or shoulder mount.
  • Don't forget to tell your taxidermist not to blacken and polish the horns, if you want the horns to look natural.
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Steinbok Full Mount Steinbok Wall Pedestal Mount Steinbok Shoulder Mount
Taxidermy photos courtesy of Life-Form Taxidermy

So What About The Steinbok/Steenbok Name?

  • Steinbok or steenbok comes from the Afrikaans for 'stone buck' pertaining to its colour rather than preferred habitat.
  • Raphiceros campestris comes from the Greek for 'needle horn' and the latin for 'plain'.
  • The east African steinbok, Raphicerus campestris neumanni, was named after Oscar Rudolph Neumann (1867 - 1946) who was a German ornithologist and zoological collector. He described many new (at the time) African species and is no relation to Arthur Neumann, the famous elephant hunter.

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