Rhebok Hunting

The rhebok is a medium-sized antelope exclusively found in the mountains of South Africa. Also it is known as the Vaal rhebok, common rhebok or grey rhebok.

"No other antelope in Africa affords truer sport than the rhebok, for none is so shy and difficult of approach; it is sport for princes, and only by energy, perseverance, and the possession of good health will success be achieved. Frederick Vaughan Kirby

Rhebok Trophy Minimums

Pelea capreolus (Vaal, Grey Rhebok)
RW Minimum RW Record RW Measurement Method SCI Minimum SCI Record SCI Measurement Method
77/8" 117/8" 7 16" 271/8" 1

Where To Hunt A Rhebok

You can only hunt a Vaal rhebok in the mountainous regions or the coastal belt of the Cape in South Africa.

Like many other African animals, they can be hunted on an exotic game ranch in the USA.

Rhebok Hunting Prices

In South Africa, you can hunt a Vaal rhebok for a trophy fee of between US$1000 and US$1940.

Rhebok Hunting Methods

  • Like hunting any animal in high ground, it is often best to settle down at a good vantage point and glass the open slopes around you.
  • Vaal rhebok hunting can be quite a challenge as they have extremely good eyesight, even from a very long distance.
  • Be ready to take a long shot at possibly over 200 yards.
Vaal Rhebok Hunting

A Good Rhebok Trophy

  • Look for good horn length and thick bases.
  • Vaal rhebok horns rise straight up vertically without curving so if they extend well past the ear tips, it is likely to be a good trophy.

Rhebok Hunting Shot Placement

Vaal Rhebok Vital Statistics

  • Shoulder Height: 28-30" / 71-76cm
  • Weight: 40-50lbs / 18-23kg

Rhebok Habitat and Requirements

  • Rhebok prefer a grassy, montainous habitat and carry a woolly grey coat to insulate them from the cold.
  • They are not dependent on water.

Rhebok Social Structure

  • Rhebok are gregarious and form family groups of up to 12 animals which consist of a male, females and young animals. There are no all male herds.

Rhebok Gestation Period

  • After a gestation period of around 9 months, one offspring is usually born. This antelope occasionally produces twins.

Rhebok Gender Identification

  • The stiletto-like horns are found only in males, and rise directly above the eyes.
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Vaal Rhebok
Male Vaal Rhebok

Vaal Rhebok Trophy Permits (2015)

Vaal Rhebok

Rhebok Trophy Taxidermy

  • If your budget can stretch to it, the rhebok makes a beautiful full mount display. If a full mount is not possible, they make a great shoulder mount or skull mount.
  • Don't forget to tell your taxidermist not to blacken and polish the horns, if you want the horns to look natural.
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Rhebok Full Mount Rhebok Shoulder Mount
Taxidermy photos courtesy of Life-Form Taxidermy

So What About The Rhebok Name?

  • The name 'rhebok' comes from Dutch 'reebok' meaning 'roe buck' which is capreolus in Latin.
  • Pelea means a 'fight' or 'struggle' in latin, which may refer to the fact that a male rhebok can be very aggressive.

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