Safari Koa Chui

by Bruce Lee Kennedy
(Colin Castelli - Seoul, Korea)

Vanity Published, 6"x8", 43 pages. I was fortunate and found a copy of this book for USD19 delivered. The book is presented in diary format by the author Mrs. Bruce Lee Kennedy (her name is Bruce). The Kennedys decided to visit Africa to develop an article for the newspaper they worked for, The Sioux Falls Leader. After contacting Ker & Downey, they were on there way is short order due to a last minute cancellation of another party. Their safari lasted from February 10, 1959 until March 11, 1959 and spans Kenya and Tanganyika. Thanks to the authors perspective, we are treated to a much different viewpoint than other books. Mrs. Bruce Lee Kennedy gives us personal insights into the running of the camp and the personalities of the staff. Be forewarned that there is very little mention of actual Leopard hunting in the book. The title comes from Bruce's quest for a Leopard Stole for her wardrobe and her main focus of the safari. All in all, a good and interesting read, worth the USD19, but I wouldn't pay the much higher prices I am seeing on most online book sellers.

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Nov 11, 2012
Thank you!
by: Shakari Connection - Susan

Thank you so much for taking the trouble to review 'Safari Koa Chui'....I was fascinated to know more about this 'leopard skin' bound volume. I had an idea there wouldn't be much leopard hunting detail. Still it's always interesting to learn about the people who went to Africa in the 'golden age of safari'.

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