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Hunting Seasons

Here are the official hunting seasons for most African hunting countries. The hunting seasons are usually based on the rainy seasons which generally occur at specific times of year and make hunting more or less impossible. It is recommended to try to book your hunt in the middle of the season when there is less liklihood of catching early or late rains.

  • South Africa - No fixed hunting season. Most pleasant, weatherwise, is from March to November
  • Botswana - 6th April until 14th September. In privately owned hunting areas, hunting may be conducted all year round.
  • Tanzania - 1st July until 31st March (New Oct 2010). The hunting season may end earlier (approximately mid November) in some areas like the Selous Reserve because the rains may start towards the end of November making the hunting impossible.
  • Namibia - 1st February until 30th November
  • Mozambique - 1st April until 30th November. May to August are the optimal times to hunt, weatherwise.
  • Zimbabwe - There is no fixed hunting season. June to November is the optimal hunting time.
  • Zambia - No fixed hunting season. May to October is optimal, based on the weather.
  • Cameroon - Savannah hunting is from 1st January until 30th April. Forest hunting is from 1st March until 30th June.
  • Central African Republic - 1st January until 31st May
  • Ethiopia - No fixed hunting season. Optimal time is October until June.
  • Burkina Faso - 1st December until 31st May
  • Benin - December 15th to May 15th
  • Uganda - No fixed hunting season for wilderness hunts. It may be best to avoid the peak of the rainy seasons.

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