RID Insect Repellent

Shakari Connection is delighted to partner with The Safari Store, based in the UK, to bring you a unique insect repellent.

RID Insect Repellent is an Australian product which has been protecting people from biting bugs since 1956. These bugs include mosquitoes, sand flies, midges, ticks, fleas, ants, leeches and...TSETSE FLIES...for 1 hour!

RID also has two additional advantages...

  • An extra fly repellent, that other insect repellents do not include in their formulae.
  • An antiseptic agent to reduce inflammation and prevent infection spreading from insect bites. So if you forgot to use it and get bitten, it can be used for soothing relief along with the camomile and vitamin E ingredients to assist wound healing.

RID comes in several formulas and sizes - sprays, roll-ons, lotions, suitable for children and adults with extra sensitive skin. Depending on your requirements and where you are travelling, there will be a suitable RID product for you.

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If you are travelling or hunting in Africa, you are likely to need the Tropical Strength RID Insect Repellent

Tropical RID Insect Repellent

Tropical Strength RID Insect Repellent contains 19.5% DEET which lasts for at least 6 hours..

Comes in a pump-spray or roll-on.

If you apply RID regularly, you will need 1 bottle per week of safari. You may need more if you use it particularly against tsetse flies - see below.

Please note...

RID Insect Repellent is only available from outlets in Australia, Asia and the UK. However, The Safari Store offers worldwide delivery on all their products

RID Versus Tsetse Flies

RID Tropical Strength Roll-on repellent has been extensively tested in Africa (Tanzania, Mana Pools, Zimbabwe and Botswana) against tsetse flies with interesting results. It was found to provide 100% protection against the tsetse flies in those areas for one hour after application.

So if you are hunting or travelling in tsetse fly areas, in order to obtain 1 hours relief, you will need to...

  • Apply RID Tropical Strength Roll-on in copious amounts.
  • Then re-apply further large amounts of RID Tropical Strength Roll-on at hourly intervals to maintain the protection, if required.
  • Ensure the RID coverage has not been removed by sweat or wiping your skin.

As tsetse flies seem to attack sporadically as you walk or drive through certain terrains and vegetation, you can usually play it by ear as to when you need to apply the extra copious amounts of RID. Of course, the normal applications of RID will needed for mosquitoes, particularly at dawn and dusk.

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