How To Hunt Water Warthog

'How To Hunt Water Warthog' by Bob Mitcham

Mastering The Art Of Water Warthog hunting with Bob and Steve

A Likely Waterhole
Find a likely watering hole. Water depth at least 2-3ft, deeper is preferred.
Notice weapons at hand on the left.

Get In Water
Get into water with the tracker. Spend at least 30 minutes stirring water with any stick or branch. Remember the Water Warthog is a dangerous beast. Keep alert at all times!

Stir Water
After this time if you still have not caught your Warthog, think and get bigger branch and start stirring again. It is best to ignore comments like 'Are you sure this is the way to hunt Warthog Steve?'

Stir Water More
Stir all areas of the water hole.

Large Weapon
If this fails, think again, you might be barking up the wrong tree or water hole. Notice another member of the team on lookout duties . Note too, Steve with his preferred weapon - a mighty 12ft long x 4 inch diameter monster, a real man's weapon.

Get Help
When this fails get an even bigger branch and employ more help - if you can find anyone who wants to paddle in muddy water, with Water Warthogs! The sticks being used by the tracker are below the minimum calibre for most African countries.

Get Water Warthog
After and hour or so (or even years) if you are very very lucky you will get your specimen of the fabled Water Warthog.

Examine Trophy
Time to look and examine this very rare beast. Note the entry wound from the 8ft long 3inch diameter branch, great branch placement!

More Advice On Hunting The Water Warthog

  • The theory behind stirring the water is to lift food out of the mud on the bottom of the water hole. This in turn will entice, you hope, the hogs out of their under water burrows, as they just can't pass up a free meal. It should be noted that more people in the water is better but the chances of serious injury to one of the party are greatly increased.
  • There are several problems with hunting this species. It is next to impossible to identify if a water hole is inhabited by Water Warthogs - in fact this is a major problem as one can spend weeks if not years and still not obtain a specimen. This is due in part to this species of pig being able to fly. The problem of serious injury due to hunting it in zero visibility with a stick is very high, because of this it has been suggested they should be added to the Big Five to become the sixth.
  • Weaponry is a difficult question. Rifles, hand guns and bow are a no no (they don't work very well in water). It is best to ask your PH about this if you're after hunting this species. Weapons have been known to range from hand grenades, not very sporting but fun (a direct hit will mean very little of your hog left for a trophy), then to Steve's preferred weapon, the branch. The Water Warthog is not a very big animal but a minimum calibre branch of 7-10ft long and at least 3 inches in diameter is Steve's recommendation. If using this weapon, practice is a must, a muddy pond or stream with a minimum depth of 3ft will do. Once you can impale a fish (no bigger than 3inches in length) with each and every thrust you're about as ready as you're ever going to be to hunt the Water Warthog.
  • One last point, you don't have to be mad to hunt this species but it sure as hell helps.

Bob Mitcham

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