The Half Fast Hunter

by Bill Yung

I read my first African hunting book when I was 11 years old and in the intervening 44 years have read and (mostly) enjoyed an immense number of books on the same subject. I have worked in the African hunting safari business for more than three decades and as a consequence have seen the hunting industry from both sides of the coin.

'The Half Fast Hunter' tells of one man’s experiences in the hunting fields of the world. It takes you from his first faltering steps when hunting in the USA to immense African adventures. The book is especially unusual in that it is written with immense humour and brutal honesty and the author makes it very plain that for him at least, there is far more to hunting than simply killing and he freely admits (with a wry grin) his errors and occasional inexperience along the way.

Every single page of the book saw me either hooting or crying with laughter, sniggering or nodding to myself and saying something like “oh yeah, that’s exactly how it really is”.

Quite simply, 'The Half Fast Hunter' is at least as good as anything I’ve ever read on the subject, including the very best of the writings by such as Ruark, Capstick and Hunter and in fact, might even be better than those books, if only because of the humour and lack of chest beating contained in it.

I honestly think that no hunter’s bookshelf could ever be complete without this wonderful book!

ISBN 978-1-4520-3939-1 (sc) or 978-1-4520-3939-8 (hc)

Also available here:
The Half Fast Hunter by Bill G Yung

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