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Modern Hunting Client Books

The modern hunting client books are written by some old-time hunting clients whose careers spanned from the 'Golden Era' well into modern times, as well as those who started hunting Africa fairly recently.

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Ernest Abernathy

Ernest Abernathy was an American physician, hunter and conservationist. After much hunting in North America, Jack O'Connor, the shooting editor of Outdoor Life magazine influenced Ernest Abernathy's decision to go to Africa. After his safari he retired from hunting and for many years was active in various wildlife conservation groups and associations, including his favourite, Ducks Unlimited, where he has raised many tens of thousands of dollars.

Safari-Safari: Chasing The Big Five In Botswana And Tanzania, Africa

Safari-Safari: Chasing The Big Five In Botswana And Tanzania, Africa by Ernest Abernathy MD (2005) is the story of author's ventures into Africa, where a realization came while dealing with a rhino that effectively led to his evolution from being a dedicated hunter into a life concentrating on the conservation of wildlife and retiring from hunting altogether at the ripe old age of forty. This book contains the tales of a hunting safari in Botswana in the days before it became so well-known and popular and a safari in Tanzania.

Memoirs Of A Medicine Man

Memoirs Of A Medicine Man by Ernest Abernathy MD (2005) are the true stories about the people the author encountered in his forty year career in the practice of medicine. Kindle Version

Tough Bears Don't Dance

Tough Bears Don't Dance by Ernest Abernathy MD (2011) continues the author's hunting experiences in Alaska, Cuba, Colombia, Honduras, Canada's Lac Seul Wilderness, the Eastern Shore of Maryland's Chesapeake Bay for Canada Geese and a revisit to Africa. His adventures include encounters with emerald smugglers, the Colombian Medelin Cartel bosses, prostitution, confrontation with Russian 'freedom fighters' from Nicaragua's revolution, murder and witch doctors, being attacked by a bear and a Cuban dog and being lost in a frozen wilderness tundra.

Donald R Adams

East Africa 1960's: By Camera And Diary

East Africa 1960's: By Camera And Diary by Donald R Adams (2019) describes events and adventures which occurred during 2 years (1961-1963), when the author went to East Africa with his US graduate colleagues as teachers. It includes tales of their 5 road trips, events during two years of teaching and living in the remote village in Tanganyika and their numerous hunting trips.

Russell Barnett Aitken

Russell Barnett Aitken (1910 - 2002) was an American artist, expert marksman, big-game hunter and adventure writer. He took a seven month long safari to Africa in 1947.

Great Game Animals Of The World

Great Game Animals Of The World by Russell Barnett Aitken (1968). The late hunter and sportsman Russell Barnett Aitken was also an accomplished photographer. This book contains photographs of almost all big game animals he killed during his lifetime - from Marco Polo sheep to African elephant, from rhino to leopard, lion, buffalo, the Bengal tiger and hunting jaguar with Sasha Siemel in the Brazilian Jungles and much more.

Sauro Albertini

Dall'Africa A Katmandu

Dall'Africa A Katmandu: Racconti Di Un Cacciatore Ticinese by S Albertini (1995) (In Italian). Hunting in Nepal, CAR, Ethiopia, Zaire, Iran and Mongolia. Albertini only shot the glamour game and not the tiny ten. One of the few books with contemporary accounts on the Zaire, a country in which the author tried to establish a safari industry.

Arnold Alward

Arnold Alward was a Canadian businessman who sold his businesses and spent the next eighteen years hunting, taking nearly all the world's important big-game species, which eventually won him the Weatherby Award. In Ethiopia, he took a 115 lb tusker on the tenth day of the hunt then he continued to take a mountain nyala.

To Heck with It, I'm Going Hunting

To Heck With It,I'm Going Hunting: My First Eighteen Years As An International Big Game Hunter by Arnold Alward with Bill Quimby (2003) is the story of Alward's hunts around the world.

Jack Atcheson

Hunting Adventures Worldwide

Hunting Adventures Worldwide by Jack Atcheson (1995). From his first hunting experiences in southwestern Montana at the age of 12, Atcheson chronicles the richest adventures of a lifetime spent in quest of big game across the world - including Africa, North America and Asia.

Jim Bailey

Jimbo Jambo And The Tsetse Fly: A Hunting Safari Adventure In Tanzania, East Africa 1987 by Jim Bailey (2014)

Peter Barrett

Treasury Of African Hunting

Treasury Of African Hunting edited by Peter Barrett (1970). The twenty-six articles in this book are a permanent record of how it was to hunt and to live in the African bush in the halcyon days of the sixties. Articles are by writers and outdoorsmen such as Russell B Aitkin, Elgin Gates, Jack O'Connor, Warren Page, Jim Rikhoff, Kermit Roosevelt, Erwin Bauer, Pete Brown, Frank E Delano, William A Fisher and others.

Great True Hunts

Great True Hunts edited by Peter Barrett (1967). From Mozambique to Mexico, from the great Hindu Kush to the Middle East, the Sahara, Alaska - wherever the world's big game is sought come these adventures with hunters and famous men, including the Shah of Iran, Tito of Yugoslavia, King Paul of Greece, Roy Rogers, Prince Bernhard, Kirk Douglas, Joe Foss. Includes hunting for polar bear, red sheep, tuskers, big cats, Marco Polo sheep and more.

In Search Of Trout

In Search Of Trout by Peter Barrett (1967). You'll learn a revolutionary fly-casting method that will allow you to make accurate casts of ninety feet and more. There is information and advice that will enable you to read a trout stream, find fish hiding spots, check currents and decide when to use live bait and when to use flies.

David Bartlett

Zimbabwe Elephant Hunt 2008

Zimbabwe Elephant Hunt 2008 by David Bartlett (2009) is a first-person account of the beauty, danger and corruption he encountered on his travels in Zimbabwe. A thrilling and touching account of one hunter's friendships and close calls. The book outlines not only the hurdles international hunting travelers face when in a heavily sanctioned country oppressed by human rights violations, but also the ways in which the people of these countries rise above it all to welcome visitors.

Hunting Namibia: A Brief Hunting Survey Of Namibia

Hunting Namibia: A Brief Hunting Survey Of Namibia by David Bartlett (2015) includes stories from almost ten years of safari hunting in Namibia. This book offers helpful tips to those thinking about hunting in Namibia as well as stories that may seem familiar to those that have. Much on tracking kudu and eland near Bushmanland then moves to dangerous game in the Caprivi and the escarpment above.

Keith Winfield Bates

Safaris Revisited: The Best Of Safari Magazine Of The 1970s

Safaris Revisited: The Best Of Safari Magazine Of The 1970s compiled by Keith Winfield Bates (1991) is a collection of some of the most popular stories printed in Safari Magazine in the 1970s, including hunts in Africa, Alaska, India, and others. With an introduction by Warner Parker and a foreword by William Quimby. Some books come as 2 volumes, including 'The Best Of Safari Magazine Of The 1980s'.

Charles Bazzy

Sun Over The Dark Continent

Sun Over The Dark Continent: Fifty-four Years Of Big-Game Hunting In Sudan, Tanganyika, Zambia, Botswana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Cameroon And Elsewhere In Africa by Charles Bazzy (2009) with professional hunters including Clary Palmer-Wilson and John Kingsley-Heath.

Bob Bell

Outdoors Stupid From Around The World

Outdoors Stupid From Around The World by Bob Bell (2018) relates stories told to him by guides, outfitters, professional hunters and their clients. It includes the tradition of questionable judgment and bad luck encountered with pumas, hogs, lions, hippos, buffalo, leopards, elephants, snakes and many more animals.

Barney Berlinger

Bernard E Berlinger (1908 - 2002) was an Olympic sportsman in 1928 and avid trap-shooter. He became a very keen world-wide big-game hunter and became founding president of the African Safari Club of Philadelphia.

Danger Down The Sights

Danger Down The Sights by Barney Berlinger (1964) is a colourful adventure book of hunting dangerous game, mainly in Africa but also in Alaska and Canada. Berlinger hunted with Harry Selby and his book is one of the few older titles about hunting with Selby.

Roy C Boecher

Born Under A Lucky Star

Born Under A Lucky Star: An Account Of Good Fortune As Experienced By A Lifetime Of Hunting Experiences Around The Globe by Roy C Boecher (1979) are tales of hunting North America for bear, sheep, mountain lion and elk; Africa for elephant, lion, eland, Cape buffalo and plains game, plus trout fishing in Canada and turkey hunting near home.

Adar Bray

Two Brothers: Botswana July 1994 by Adar Bray (1994) is a self-published book about the hunting safari the the two Bray Brothers took in 1994 in Botswana. Numerous colour photos of their camps, animals shot etc.

Four Brothers...Namibia: Safari In Eden

Four Brothers...Namibia: Safari In Eden by Adrian 'Adar' Bray (2001) is a privately published account of the brothers hunting kudu, hartebeest, steenbok, zebra, wildebeest, springbok, warthog, gemsbok and other game in Namibia.

Don Bricker

Just Along For The Ride

Just Along For The Ride by Don Bricker (2012) The author is a keen big game hunter whose adventures in Africa make up more than half the book. He also covers his big game hunts in Europe, Asia, North America and Australia.

Botswana Hunt Photo Album 1969

Big Game Hunting In Botswana

Big Game Hunting In Botswana is a photograph album of a 1969 hunt in Botswana in 1969 with Ker Downey & Selby Safaris Ltd. It is attributed to a Mr Yearly, who may be Charles Yearly from Atlanta, Georgia. The album contains 130 colour photographs, the client's trophy list, two stickers of the presidential seal of South Africa and an additional larger photo. Includes trophy photographs, hunting camps, safari views.

Rick Boyer

Mzungu Mjinga: Swahili For Crazy White Man

Mzungu Mjinga: Swahili For Crazy White Man by Rick Boyers (2004) is a memoir of a hunter's first safari to Tanzania seeking a Cape buffalo.

Peter P Buckley

If The Crocodiles Permit by Peter P Buckley (1974) is a privately published memoir of a hunting trip to Zambia. A great big game hunting trip in true safari tradition with much on lion hunting.

David Cabela

Two Hearts, One Passion: Dick And Mary Cabela's Hunting Chronicles

Two Hearts, One Passion: Dick And Mary Cabela's Hunting Chronicles by David and Mary Cabela (2005). Together, Dick and Mary Cabela have discovered a life of adventure - a life of hunting, fishing and the sporting tradition.

Cabela's: World's Foremost Outfitter: A History

Cabela's: World's Foremost Outfitter: A History by David Cabela (2001) is the history of the giant Nebraska sporting goods store.

Two Hearts In Tanzania

Two Hearts in Tanzania: Dick and Mary Cabela's Hunting Chronicles II by David Cabela (2010) are further tales of Dick and Mary Cabela's search for adventure. On the way, they formed friendships, endured heartaches and encountered some amazing people and animals. They met Cotton Gordon, a renowned professional hunter. He stalks a world-class lion, tracks a buffalo and sits in the dark nervously waiting for his leopard. Mary sights her first lion down the barrel and then goes on to take three of the Big 5.

Two Hearts in Tanzania: Dick and Mary Cabela's Hunting Chronicles II

Terrance Cacek

Solo Safari

Solo Safari: Hunting Africa on Your Own Without a Professional Hunter by Terrance Cacek (1994). As the preface makes clear, this does not mean the author hunted alone, but rather he organized the guides and helpers for himself. It is the story of Terry Cacek who hunted elephant, buffalo, leopard and plains game in Zimbabwe and Botswana on his own. In addition there are chapters by Jerry Weaver (Sudan), Charles Craver (Liberia), T N Alexakos (Benin), Charles Puff (Zimbabwe) and well-known Cameroon expert Reinald von Meurers. It includes a lengthy appendix with tips for do-it-yourself safaris.

Professional Hunters For A Changing Africa

Professional Hunters For A Changing Africa by Terry Cacek (2004) recounts the adventures of 16 non-traditional professional hunters as they take on the big game of Africa. The book also explains how two Americans earned their licenses in the past ten years, proving it can still be done.

Michael P Callender

Roaming With A Rifle: Big Game Hunting In Africa And Other Faraway Places

Roaming With A Rifle: Big Game Hunting In Africa And Other Faraway Places by Michael Callender (2000) are his tales of hunting in the Congo, Central African Republic, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Zambia, Botswana and Namibia. He also went to Tajikistan for Marco Polo sheep and to the Arctic for polar bear. Buffalo are one of Callender's favourite game animals and one time he got 'smashed' by a buffalo.

Roger Card

A Hunter's Journey

A Hunter's Journey by Roger Card (1999) recounts this American hunter's experiences around the world - in Africa, North and South America, Europe and the South Pacific. Includes hunting giant eland, polar bear, jaguar, caribou, African big five, bongo and sitatunga.

Edward Cartier

Breakfast By Moonlight

Breakfast By Moonlight by Edward Cartier (2012) True outdoor adventures from the New Jersey hills to the hills of Africa. Kindle Version.

Johnny Chilton

Johnny Chilton first went to Africa in 1975. He met PH Gerard Miller who gave him a job in a safari company so he got to hunt in his spare time.

A Bullet Well Placed: One Hunter's Adventures Around The World

A Bullet Well Placed: One Hunter's Adventures Around The World by Johnny Chilton (2005) are the author's hunting experiences in Africa, Mongolia for sheep, Alaska for caribou and brown bear, Australia for water bffalo and Kamchatka for more bear.

Out Of Bullets! More Tales Of Adventure

Out Of Bullets! More Tales Of Adventure by Johnny Chilton (2011) is Chilton's second book on his African, Asian, and North American hunting adventures.

Steve Christenson

From The Okavango To The Plains Of East Africa: Hunting In Botswana and Tanzania 1977-1996

From The Okavango To The Plains Of East Africa: Hunting In Botswana and Tanzania 1977-1996 by Steve Christenson (2011) is the story of a novice who went to Africa only to have his dreams shaken, yet rose from despair because of exceptional mentoring and guidance from renowned professional hunters Wally Johnson and Willie Engelbrecht. It was Willie Engelbrecht who encouraged Christenson to start hunting in Tanzania with PH George Angelides, so after three dramatic safaris in Botswana, Christenson plied his skills in Tanzania the first year the country reopened to hunting. There, Christenson not only took elephant, buffalo, leopard and lion, but he also went on hunts for rarities such as Abbott's duiker.

From The Congo Basin To The Highlands Of Ethiopia

From The Congo Basin To The Highlands Of Ethiopia by Steve Christenson (2013). If you want to know what it's really like to battle a stifling rainforest for bongo or a blistering savanna for giant eland or a lofty moorland for mountain nyala, this is your book. Christenson also depicts an unprecedented adventure into the Red Sea Hills for Nubian ibex and a self-guided expedition to "hell on earth" for rare West African trophies.

Guy Coheleach

Guy Coheleach (1933) is an American wildlife artist, best known for his paintings of big cats. In part for his artistic reference, he hunted in Africa with John Dugmore, John Lawrence, Mike Barlett and others. He has illustrated many hunting books including those of Terry Wieland and Jim Rikhoff.

The Big Cats: The Paintings Of Guy Coheleach

The Big Cats: The Paintings of Guy Coheleach by Guy Coheleach (1982) is a collection of Coheleach's magnificent full colour paintings and sketches of the world's big cats. Nancy Neff, a leading expert in the area of felines, provided the technical text.

Masters Of The Wild - Guy Coheleach

Masters Of The Wild by Guy Coheleach (1989). In the mid 1960s he discovered the life and death drama on the plains of Africa. With insight gained from harrowing experiences with elephants and Cape buffalo, and with skill derived from a lifetime of dedication to art, Coheleach has become one of the foremost painters of African animals. Text by Terry Wieland.

The African Lion As Man-Eater

The African Lion As Man-Eater by Guy Coheleach (2003)is filled with information about the natural history and life of the African lion with accounts of attacks on humans in East & Southern Africa.

Guy Coheleach's Animal Art

Guy Coheleach's Animal Art by Guy Coheleach (1994) reveals the character of the animals he has observed and that sometimes have charged, chewed, ambushed and stomped him.

Edouard-Pierre Decoster

Edouard-Piere Decoster is the son of a French industrialist, brough up in Northern France, and only introduced to Africa as an adult through national service in the interior of Algeria.

Breath Of Africa

Breath Of Africa by Edouard-Pierre Decoster (2009). The author has hunted in East and West Africa and along the great Zambezi River and he has kept clear of game farms that offer "fast food" types of hunts. The literary results are all the richer for it as the author takes us from sunrises to sunsets as he pursues the giant eland not once, twice, or three times but numerous times simply because they are a challenge to hunt and live in difficult-to-reach places. He's walked countless miles after lion and buffalo to counterbalance the blisters he received from long walks after eland.

Jose Alfredo Martinez De Hoz

A Sporting Life: The Memoirs Of A Big-Game Hunter

A Sporting Life: The Memoirs Of A Big-Game Hunter by Jose A Martinez De Hoz (2007). The author considers himself an average international hunter and writes about the difficulties an amateur faces when going on safari. He justifies his writings on the grounds that his adventures could prove useful, entertaining and downright helpful. He also enhances the events he relates by putting them in the broader context of history, geography, nature, wildlife and human characteristics. Many events are both humorous and enlightening, such as his tale on how to be deserving to hunt a lion or how to deal with a Mongolian interpreter who gets drunk on the eve of taking a High Altai argali.

Jorge Del Rosal

My Hunting

My Hunting by Jorge Del Rosal (2012) contains stories of 7 elephant hunts, almost as many for lion and leopard and numerous Cape buffalo hunts throughout Africa. Also there is hunting jaguar & puma in South America as well as in Europe, Canada, Australia & the US.

Sacha De Montbel

Count Xavier 'Sacha' Montbel (1926 - 2007) was a French journalist, cigarette manufacturer and big game hunter. He went to Africa at 23 years of age and stayed 20 years. He made more than 40 hunting expeditions worldwide.

Big Game Hunting

Big Game Hunting by Sacha De Montbel (2000) includes the giant tuskers of the CAR, the elusive Marco Polo sheep of the Pamirs, the impossible markhor from the Himalayas, as well as giant buffalo from Tanzania.

Daniel J Donarski Jr

21 Days In Africa: A Hunter's Safari Journal

21 Days In Africa: A Hunter's Safari Journal by Daniel J Donarski Jr (2008) is a personal and chatty account of a three-week safari in contemporary South Africa. Entertaining narrative with much useful advice for hunters keen on following the author's example. It contains suggestions for planning your own African safari, with tips on rifle and bullet selection, travel insurance, clothing and pre-safari preparations, including physical fitness and filling out the numerous required forms. Includes hunting wildebeest, bushbuck, reedbuck, eland, gemsbok, impala, kudu, nyala, hartebeest, springbok, warthogs, genets, jackals, baboons and zebras. The author specifically does not deal with lion, leopard, elephant, rhino or buffalo.

Kevin Duffy

Black Elephant Hunter

Black Elephant Hunter by Kevin Duffy (1960) is an authentic account of elephant hunting in the Luangwa Valley, Northern Rhodesia, where the author, a young Dubliner, went on safari to record on cine film, the tracking and final dispatch of a bull elephant by a black hunter named Yose, armed with an ancient muzzleloader.

East African Hunting Safari Photo Album

East Africa Hunting Safari

East Africa Hunting Safari: Photograph Album (1968) contains 41 photographs of a hunting safari which is attributed to C Cree Gable, due to the name on a loose Kodak envelope in the album. C Cree Gable (1887 - 1974) could have been the owner of a furniture business in Indiana.

Michael A Engster

Adventure Bound: Hunting: What Else?

Adventure Bound: Hunting: What Else? by Michael A Engster (2019) is an account of the author's three decades of hunting - blue wildebeest in Africa, roe deer in Germany and water buffalo in Argentina.

Roger Fawcett

Softies On Safari

Softies On Safari by Roger Fawcett (1958). Six friends seek the big five on a 21-day hunt in Tanganyika, British East Africa. A diary of hunting elephant, rhino, lion, leopard, buffalo, eland and other game, with professional hunters Patrick Hemingway and George Dove.

Thomas K Fawcett

Thomas Knowlton Fawcett was a son of Roger K Fawcett (1909 - 1979), vice president and general manager of Fawcett Publications. His book 'Bonanza In Mozambique' is frequently listed under the name, Roger K Fawcett and vice versa. Both were keen big game hunters.

Bonanza In Mozambique

Bonanza In Mozambique: The Diary Of A 1961 Big Game Hunt Out Of Beria, Mozambique By Members Of The Fawcett Family by Thomas K Fawcett (1961) is as titled the account of a hunt in Mozambique. Roger K Fawcett was in the hunting party as was Joe Foss, a former South Dakota Governor.

Ernest H Fletcher

Africa: The Trip Of A Lifetime by Ernest H Fletcher (1954) An account of an East African safari largely for lion, elephant, rhino and buffalo with white hunter Owen McCallum.

Henry T Folsom

Rendevous In The Bush

Rendevous In The Bush by Henry Folsom (1999). From a father's safari in British East Africa in 1913 to a young man's first safari in Tanzania in 1971 and his safaris continuously into the 1990s, this book shares the joys and thrills of African big game hunting over decades. Just as his father hunted with the legendary George Outram, so Hank Folsom hunted with David Ommanney, who wrote the foreword.

Elgin T Gates

Elgin T Gates (d.1988) was one of the most respected international hunters and a Weatherby Award winner in 1960. Hunting with professional hunter, Jack Blacklaws, he opened many new areas to hunting in Africa.

Trophy Hunter In Africa

Trophy Hunter In Africa by Elgin T Gates (1988) is his only book on African big game hunting. It covers hunting in various African countries including Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, the Sudan, Belgian Congo and South Africa taking trophy animals each time. As the author was looking only for record size trophies, he carried the Rowland Ward book everywhere he went. One of the elephants he bagged carried a pair of tusks weighing 176 lbs and 181 lbs. It was Gate's last book written just before his death.

Trophy Hunter In Asia

Trophy Hunter In Asia by Elgin T Gates (1971) covers a wide range of hunting in many countries in Asia including tiger and leopard hunting in India, buffalo hunting in Australia, various sheep including Marco Polo, Ovis Ammon, Ibex, Markhor and many others in the mountains.

The Gun Digest Book Of Metallic Silhouette Shooting

The Gun Digest Book Of Metallic Silhouette Shooting by Elgin T Gates (1979). "Nothing has ever hit the shooting world with the dramatic impact of the metallic silhouette game. It is the most interesting and exhilarating sport that has appeared on the horizon in many a year."

Stewart Granger

Sparks Fly Upward

Sparks Fly Upward by Stewart Granger (1981). As well discussing his tempestuous private life and movie-making, this autobiography describes his near-fatal accidents in film stunts and narrow escapes from wild animals while filming in Africa and India.

Philip Stephen Gray

A Fenman In Africa: Or A Letter From Rhodesia

A Fenman In Africa: Or A Letter From Rhodesia by Philip Stephen Gray (2006) This is the author's diary of a stay on a Rhodesian farm and a hunting camp in the African bush, with related correspondence. In 1959 Gray bought a copy of Nigel Thornycroft's 'Fowler's Moon' about coastal fowling on the salt marshes of The Wash, and described many places that the young Gray knew. He wrote to Thornycroft, by now farming in Rhodesia, beginning a long correspondence and friendship. Many of their letters are reproduced here, discussing wildfowling and giving vivid first-hand descriptions of the last days of the old Rhodesia and the beginning of Mugabe's regime. Gray describes his 1981 hunting safari on the Zambesi with the Thornycroft family.

Dr Joseph Greenfield

Bwana Babu

Bwana Babu by Dr Joseph Greenfield (2006) is about the hunting adventures of Dr Greenfield. Once his gun misfired four times in a row while buffalo hunting.

A Quail Hunter's Odyssey

A Quail Hunter's Odyssey by Dr Joseph Greenfield (2004). Dr Greenfield writes in his introduction, "My purpose in writing this book is to document my experiences hunting birds, specifically eastern Bobwhite quail (Colinus virginianus), over a span of sixty years. In this quest I have walked and/or ridden tens of thousands of miles and have seen the changes that have occurred in bird hunting - none of them for the best."

Bwana Babu Kwaheri

Bwana Babu Kwaheri by Joseph Greenfield (2011) is is based on Joseph Greenfield's previous book, 'Bwana Babu'. This version of the book contains much new material and some new photographs. Chapters include - the Serengeti, butterflies and buffaloes; Timbavati titan; an ivory tale; buffaloes, lions and snakes in the Rungwa; Selous, lions and buffaloes; Botswana, elephants; Kilombero, long grass and buffaloes; Makanyanga; Return to Rungwa; hunting leopards with hounds in Namibia; white rhinoceros; Cape buffalo finale; last hour leopard; pursuingleopards with hounds, the epitome of hunting dangerous big game; the double rifle - a necessity? This version of the book is Greenfield's valedictory publication - 'kwaheri',meaning 'goodbye' is added to the title.

L Dickson Griffith

In The Hearts Of Famous Hunters

In The Hearts Of Famous Hunters by L Dickson Griffith (1992). Robert Stack, Joe Foss, Roy Rogers, Chuck Yeager and other famous hunters share their tales of close encounters with some of the most exotic and fierce wild animals.

Ed Hale

African Safari: Rifle And Bow And Arrow

African Safari: Rifle And Bow And Arrow by Ed Hale (2011). An exciting father and son African safari book, including the preparation and planning phase to get their trophies back home. Kindle Version only.

Thomas J Hammond

Only In Africa

Only In Africa by Thomas J Hammond (2012) are stories from the author's 40 years hunting in Africa. He has won every major award in the big game hunting fraternity and has taken over 314 different species.

David Hanlin & Bill Quimby

Around The World And Then Some

Around The World And Then Some by David Hanlin & Bill Quimby (2010) There is very little in Hanlin's lifetime he did not hunt and he was fortunate enough to take dozens of trips to Asia and Africa as well as many trips to Canada and the western United States. After you have shot a Grand Slam, a Super Slam, the Big Five, all the spiral-horn antelope of Africa and virtually everything in North America, you have a lot of stories to tell. Hanlin's book contains the highlights of his hunting career, the funny episodes, the mishaps and the unusual.

Lonnie Henriksen

Pursuit: My Life Hunting Big Game

Pursuit: My Life Hunting Big Game by Lonnie Henriksen (2017). The author began his hunting career chasing deer with a bow in South Dakota. He eventually hunted throughout North America, Africa, Russia, Australia, Greenland and beyond.

Christiaan Herbst

I Died A Thousand Times In Africa

I Died A Thousand Times In Africa by Christiaan Herbst (2014) is 'not an autobiography' but a collection of African hunting adventures that are 'exciting and worthy of the title of this book'.

Béla Hidvégi

Beyond The Mountains

Beyond The Mountains by Béla Hidvégi (2014). The author is Hungary's most prominent international hunter and this book is full of interesting personal hunting anecdotes. "This book is the culmination and sum total of the experiences I gathered on nearly fifty safaris and hunts. Reality not dreams, are foremost in this book."

Peter Hirsch

Last Man In Paradise

Last Man In Paradise by Peter Hirsch (1961) are the author's accounts of safaris in Africa, India and Alaska. "If it feels good, do it. I hunt because I enjoy it!" He didn't feel so good at the time when his PH, Jacky Hamman let him sort out a charging buffalo by himself because he was "paying for the thrills".

Mike Honeycutt

Mike Honeycutt's World Of Hunting And Fishing

Mike Honeycutt's World Of Hunting And Fishing by Mike Honeycutt (2017) narrates hunting and fishing stories from all over the world. It includes savanna and forest hunts in Cameroon, Rocky Mountain hunts, a Himalayan tahr hunt in New Zealand, bird hunting in Argentina, turkey hunting in Mexico and looking for the Gobi Argali sheep in Mongolia.

Gary R Ingersoll

Born To Hunt: Forty Years And Six Continents

Born To Hunt: Forty Years And Six Continents by by Gary R Ingersoll (2010). Ingersoll has won just about every big game hunting award possible. He is a hunter who never settled for second best.

Sean Jeffries

Eight Days In Africa: The Story Of An African Safari

Eight Days In Africa: The Story Of An African Safari by Sean Jeffries (2010) is the story of the author's first African safari. It's the culmination of a lifelong dream. But it's more than just the story of the hunt, it's a roadmap showing all of the steps that the author took to plan and execute his trip. Booking his trip with Limcroma Safaris, the author traveled to South Africa to hunt a half-dozen different species of plains game in the eight days that he was in Africa. The book is an expansion of the detailed journals that Mr. Jeffries kept as he designed, booked, and ultimately undertook his great adventure. Not quite a how-to manual, the book tells you the things you need to know about planning a safari to Africa while presenting the information in narrative prose designed to keep you turning pages to see how the hunt ends. Kindle Version

A Life Spent Afield

A Life Spent Afield by Sean Jeffries (2010) is a collection of short essays on hunting and fishing drawn from the author's adventures (or, more often, misadventures) in the outdoors. Kindle only.

Deer Hunter's Devotional

Deer Hunter's Devotional by Sean Jeffries (2011) steps out into new territory for author Sean Jeffries. While his two previous works explored the world of hunting and fishing from a secular perspective, in this newest volume he combines his love of the outdoors with his Christianity. Kindle Version

Always Take Your Rifle

Always Take Your Rifle by Sean Jeffries (2011). Kindle Version

Bess Johnson

Safari Diary: Africa, 1961

Safari Diary: Africa, 1961 by Bess Johnson (1961) is an interesting photographic history of the movie star, James Stewart and his wife Gloria's first safari, accompanied by the author, her husband and Jack Blacklaw as professional hunter. Faux leopard skin book cover.

Clive W Johnson

Clive W Johnson
Clive W Johnson

With Memsaab On Safari

With Memsaab on Safari by Clive W Johnson (1956) is the account of the Johnson's first safari of thirty days, in central and northern Tanganyika during the rainy season, hunting oryx, eland, lion, buffalo, rhino, waterbuck, wildebeest and other plains game. Johnson and his party were terrible shots and had a somewhat chaotic safari.

With Memsaab On The Rungwa

With Memsaab On The Rungwa by Clive W Johnson (1958) is an account of the Johnson's second African safari in 1955, this time a 37 day safari in southwest Tanganyika during the dry season, hunting sable, kudu, leopard, hippo, waterbuck, roan and the usual plains game. The shooting was a bit better on this trip and things ran more smoothly. The author hunted with George Dove as PH.

With Memsaab In The Arctic

With Memsaab In The Arctic by Clive W Johnson (1961) is a rare book about a polar bear hunt out of Tromso, Norway, followed by a tourist trip through Moscow and Warsaw.

Elmer Keith

Elmer Keith (1899 - 1984) was an Idaho rancher, firearms enthusiast, big game hunter and author.


Safari by Elmer Keith (1968) is the story of Keith's forty-day East African safari with PH John Lawrence in 1957.

All Elmer Keith's books on firearms

Bruce Lee Kennedy

Safari Koa Chui by Bruce Lee Kennedy (1959). The authors account of an African safari in 1959 in Kenya with the express interest of obtaining a leopard for its skin to make a coat for his wife. His Professional Hunter was John Kingsley-Heath. The title is Swahili and means 'The Trip for the Leopard' and the book cover is made of faux leopard fur with a metal plate. Read Review

Herb Klein

Herb Klein was a Dallas oil man and world-renowned big game hunter. His vast number of trophies were donated to the Dallas Museum of Nature and Science. He was the first to win the Weatherby Big Game Trophy on his first try and is considered to be the dean of American Safari Hunting.

Lucky Bwana: The Adventures Of A Big Game Hunter In British East Africa

Lucky Bwana: The Adventures Of A Big Game Hunter In British East Africa by Herb Klein (1953) is his account of lavish big game hunting in the company of some legendary professional hunters - Kris Aschan, Myles Turner, Donald Ker and Syd Downey.

Bert Klineburger

International Hunter 1945-1999: Hunting's Greatest Era

International Hunter 1945-1999: Hunting's Greatest Era by Bert Klineburger (1999). Klineburger is one of the world's foremost authority on big game hunting. Of prime interest to sportsmen, he sets forth in crystal-clear detail how to bring home record-book trophies, as well as when, where and how to bag them. Unlike other books which focus on a limited region, this volume is crammed with complete information on big game in every hunting country on each of the five continents.

Big Game Hunting Around The World

Big Game Hunting Around The World by Bert Klineburger (1969) is the author's experiences as a big game hunter around the world, hunting the big game of Africa, India, Alaska, South America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. There is a chapter on selecting the right clothing, footwear and equipment, also a chapter on the skinning and care of trophies.

This Is The Greatest Hunting Era

This Is The Greatest Hunting Era by Bert Klineburger (1989) are stories from around the world about the places hunters have been going, are going and will be going. And each story is illustrated with pictures of trophies taken by Klineburger and other well-known international big game hunters.

Chris R Klineburger

Gamemasters Of The World: A Chronicle Of Sport Hunting And Conservation

Gamemasters Of The World: A Chronicle Of Sport Hunting And Conservation by Chris R Klineburger (2010). Adventures in big game hunting in Africa, Asia and North America by taxidermist and hunter, Chris Klineburger. He tells how he and his brothers, Bert and Gene, started their careers as taxidermists in Seattle and helped bring together the hunting fraternity in the post-World War II days, when sport hunting was in its infancy.

Otto A Koehler


Ku-Winda by Otto A Koehler (1956). Hunting in Kenya and Tanzania arranged through Bunny Allen. PHs were Jack Blackwall and Lord Allen North. A step-by-step, nuts-and-bolts, guide to preparing for and going on a safari.

Ray Kromer

Sixty Sporting Years: Hunting And Fishing From Boyhood To Senior Citizen by Ray Kromer (1981) includes hunting Africa, grizzly and moose hunting in British Columbia, the all-purpose rifle, Alaskan polar bear, fishing in Quebec, red stag hunting in New Zealand and much more.

Jerry Lambert

The Hunting Spirit

The Hunting Spirit: Hunting Stories Filled With Inspiration & Humor by Jerry Lambert (2013) is a collection of short stories about deer hunting and also about hunting in Africa. The author captures the 'hunting spirit' through both fictional tales as well as real life adventure stories.

Dave Lauzen

Lion Safari: Central African Republic 1983

Lion Safari: Central African Republic 1983 by Dave Lauzen (1983) is the privately published story of the author's second African safari with professional hunter, Jean Louis Masson. The hunt bagged 9'5" lion as well as buffalo, eland, duiker, Western roan, hartebeest, kob, oribi, bushbuck and reedbuck.

Elephant Safari: Central African Republic, July 1, 1982 To August 11, 1982

Elephant Safari: Central African Republic, July 1, 1982 To August 11, 1982 by Dave Lauzen (1982) is a diary style account of Lauzen's first African safari, hunting elephant, bongo, hartebeest, forest buffalo, duiker & other game.

Joseph C Lawler & Oscar S Bray

Hunting: A Few Memorable Trips

Hunting: A Few Memorable Trips by Joseph C Lawler & Oscar S Bray (1983). Accounts by two Massachusetts men hunting lion, buffalo, elephant, rhino, kudu, oryx and other big game in Africa, tiger in India, red deer in New Zealand, elk, deer, brown and polar bear, sheep and other game in North America.

M William & Suzanne Lockard

Our Great Hunting Adventure On Six Continents

Our Great Hunting Adventure On Six Continents by M William & Suzanne Lockard (2017) is an account of the authors' 48 years of hunting during which they collected 163 animals and 142 species.

Ben D Mahaffey

50 Years of Hunting And Fishing: Part III An African Adventure

50 Years of Hunting And Fishing: Part III An African Adventure by Ben D Mahaffey (2012) is the African one of a series of books. He 'harvests eleven animals in fifteen shots, including the difficult and dangerous Cape Buffalo'. Kindle Version

Phil Massaro

The Perfect Shot For Dinosaurs

The Perfect Shot For Dinosaurs by Phil Massaro (2018) Bored with the Big Five? Finding grizzly bears ho-hum? Let Massaro help you prepare for hunting the quintessential big-game quarry, dinosaurs. The author and international big-game hunter Phil Massaro covers twenty dinosaur species, their habits and physiology, hunting methods and the proper choice of firerearm for each hunting scenario, and, of course, there's a ghost view that exposes the vitals for each. Massaro draws upon his experiences as a ballistician and dinosaur hunter to recommend cartridge and bullet choices, as well as covering the gamut of dinosaurworthy firearms.

H A Mayor

Harold A Mayor, Sr (1904 - 1977) was president of Southwest Grease And Oil Company, in Wichita, Kansas.

Harold A Mayor
Harold A Mayor

The other hunters on this safari were Jacob A Mull, Jr (1914 -1982) who founded the Mull Drilling Company, his son Lewis Mull (b.1942) and Charles Wesley 'Todd' Aikins (1925 - 1991), all oilmen from Kansas.

J A Mull with lion
J A Mull with lion

Our Safari

Our Safari by H A Mayor (1967) is the very scarce private publication of the daily record of the hunting of four midwest men on safari in East Africa with Stan Lawrence-Brown in the Maswa and Loliondo areas of Tanzania. Their PHs were Mohamed 'Bali' Iqbal and Ray Palfrey with Mike Hissey who helped with the arrangements. The third assistant on this trip was a very young Robin Hurt. This rare book may be currently unavailable.

C J McElroy

Casper J McElroy (1913 - 2002) was a prolific big game hunter and founder of Safari Club International.

McElroy Hunts Africa

McElroy Hunts Africa by C J McElroy with Bill Quimby (1976) covers over twenty years of hunting in Africa. This is a collection of anecdotes, both numerous and exciting, derived from a wealth of hunting experience. Twenty-six African safaris, with special emphasis on all of his most important trips. His accomplishments are featured in the photographs of his magnificent trophy room.

McElroy Hunts Dangerous Game: Campfire Tales About Big Game Hunting On Six Continents

McElroy Hunts Dangerous Game: Campfire Tales About Big Game Hunting On Six Continents by C J McElroy with Bill Quimby (2000). As a veteran of 56 African safaris in 20 countries, 41 safaris in Europe, Asia and the South Pacific and 62 safaris in North and South America, McElroy's experience hunting dangerous game probably equals that of any other sport hunter today.

McElroy Hunts Mountain Game: Campfire Tales About Big Game Hunting On Six Continents

McElroy Hunts Mountain Game: Campfire Tales About Big Game Hunting On Six Continents by C J McElroy with Bill Quimby (2001) is filled with the variety of trophy hunting stories of which classics are made. Having started his quest for the world's mountain game in 1939, McElroy continued to hunt these great animals (sheep, goats, ibex, chamois and more) on every continent until 1990.

McElroy Hunts The Antelopes of Africa and Antlered Game by C J McElroy with Bill Quimby (2002) presents exciting and informative stories about hunting the highly coveted bongo, mountain nyala, bushbuck, sitatunga, greater and lesser kudu, nyala and eland.

John M McGowan

John M McGowan has been hunting and writing about Africa since 1952. He's not a professional hunter but his impressive trophy collection certainly looks like he has carted rifles through lots of brush, forest and plain to get his big game animals. He took two 100 lb elephants on one safari, plus a 58" kudu.

Sport Hunter In Africa

Sport Hunter In Africa by John M McGowan (2000) relates stories of danger, excitement, rewarding experiences and laughs at some of his blunders in the field while giving thanks for a few more fortunate turns of fate.

Thomas McIntyre

Thomas McIntyre is a hunter and an author of many sporting books and articles published in outdoor sports magazines such as Field & Stream, Sports Afield, Gray's Sporting Journal and The Field.

Seasons And Days: A Hunting Life

Seasons And Days: A Hunting Life by Thomas McIntyre (2003) are tales of courage, ethics, intensity and the overall thrill of the hunt and covers such topics as stag hunting in Scotland, kudu hunting in Africa, hunting wild pigs in California, alligator hunting in Florida and much more.

The Field & Stream Shooting Sports Handbook

The Field & Stream Shooting Sports Handbook by Thomas McIntyre (1999) is a guide to trap, skeet and sporting clays, as well as all the necessary information on five stand, cowboy action sports, metallic silhouette, benchrest competition, target shooting, free rifle and handgun games.

Dreaming The Lion: Reflections On Hunting, Fishing And A Search For The Wild

Dreaming The Lion: Reflections On Hunting, Fishing And A Search For The Wild by Thomas McIntyre (1993) is a collection of 23 stories including woodcock in Ireland to Dall's sheep in Alaska to Cape buffalo in Africa, from chukars in Idaho to pronghorns in Wyoming to muskox, also sheep, goat, bear, jaguar, elk and lion.

The Way Of The Hunter: The Art And Spirit Of Modern Hunting

The Way Of The Hunter: The Art And Spirit Of Modern Hunting by Thomas McIntyre (1988). From hunting small game to stalking Kodiak bears, from a boy's first .22 calibre rifle to the elephant hunter's powerful Nitro Express weapon, from the woods and duck marshes of America to the jungles of Africa, here is an expert hunter's unique and comprehensive guide to modern hunting. Excellent advice on techniques of finding furred and feathered game to best type of guns to use. McIntyre discusses the philosophy of hunting sportsmanship and the hunter's critical role in wildlife conservation.

Days Afield: Journeys And Discoveries In Hunting And Fishing

Days Afield: Journeys And Discoveries In Hunting And Fishing by Thomas McIntyre (1984) is a collection of articles vividly describing McIntyre's hunting and fishing exploits around the world.

Shooter's Bible: Guide To Optics

Shooter's Bible: Guide To Optics by Thomas McIntyre (2012). This book will help you figure out which optics best fit your needs, as well as your budget. The 'Shooter's Bible: Guide To Optics' lists every quality sporting optic on the market today. Loaded with colour photographs, this book features a new products section, listing all new riflescopes, binoculars, rangefinders, and spotting scopes, plus in-depth features on how to use binoculars, how to mount and sight in a rifle scope and much more.

Augusts In Africa: Safaris Into The Twilight: Forty Years Of Essays And Stories

Augusts In Africa: Safaris Into The Twilight: Forty Years Of Essays And Stories by Thomas McIntyre (2016) presents the stories the author has gathered from four decades of safaris in Africa.

James Mellon

James Mellon II (b.1942) became the youngest hunter ever to win the Weatherby Big Game Trophy at the age of thirty. He hunted almost nonstop from 1964 until 1976 and is the only person in the history of big game hunting to have collected the giant sable, walia ibex and royal antelope.

African Hunter

African Hunter by James Mellon (1975)is the definitive African hunting book, summing up the most thrilling aspect of a continent of extremes. Many contributors, covering 20 countries and more than 200 kinds of animals. Further enriched by 382 spectacular photos of scenes of the chase.

Michael J Miller

Facing The Charge: African Dangerous Game

Facing The Charge: African Dangerous Game by Michael J Miller (2017) as told to Scott T Longman with the foreword by Fiona Claire Capstick. It is an account of the author's first sixty-three African safaris which included trips to Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Mozambique, South Africa and Cameroon. It includes details of a tremendous range of experiences during which Miller faced charges from Cape buffalo, lion, leopard, elephant and rhino, as well as from man-eating crocodiles, pythons and baboons. Miller frequently hunted with PH Lew Game, whose career Peter Capstick wrote about in 'A Return To The Long Grass'

Jack Mohr

Hyenas In My Bedroom

Hyenas In My Bedroom by Jack Mohr (1969) is the story of an soldier stationed in Africa who stayed after service to hunt and travel in Ethiopia and elsewhere in East Africa and the Sudan. A trip with stories to rival those of many professional hunters.

Alan Moorehead

Alan McCrae Moorehead OBE (1910 - 1983) was a war correspondent and author of popular histories. He was a keen African big game hunter and hunted with both Syd Downey and Donald Ker.

The Blue Nile

The Blue Nile by Alan Moorehead (1972) is a study of the history of the Nile River first started with 'The White Nile'. Concerned with events in 1798 from Ethiopia through the Sudan and Egypt to the sea.

The White Nile

The White Nile by Alan Moorehead (1960). Explorers Burton and Speke set out in 1856 from Zanzibar into the dark interior where no white men had ever been before. This narrative makes a colourful setting. It is the most absorbing in human interest and the most exciting in historical incident that Moorehead has written.

No Room In The Ark

No Room In The Ark by Alan Moorehead (1959) is by a writer who knows and loves the African continent. It describes the country, its animals and its peoples from Johannesburg to Khartoum, in a way that brings vividly to life its strange enchantment.

African Trilogy

African Trilogy by Alan Moorehead (1944) is an eye-witness account of the African campaign in World War II. It includes the three books that were originally published separately. Book One - Mediterranean Front, Wavell 1940-41. Book Two - A Year Of Battle, Auchinleck 1941-42. Book Three - The End In Africa, Alexander and Montgomery 1942-43.

Robert T Mullis

Bob: A Long Way To Zimbabwe

Bob: A Long Way To Zimbabwe by Robert T Mullis (2015) is an account of the author's adventures over 30 years hunting safaris to Zimbabwe, Tanzania, South Africa, Ethiopia, Namibia, and Zambia. Also it includes hunting musk ox and caribou in Canada, fishing in New Zealand.

Dr S Lloyd Newberry

The Big Five: Hunting Adventures In Today's Africa

The Big Five: Hunting Adventures In Today's Africa by Dr S Lloyd Newberry (2001) sets out on a long quest to pursue leopard and elephant in Zimbabwe, white rhino in South Africa, lion in Zambia and buffalo in Botswana. The book includes much information as well as anecdotes from the author's own experiences.

European Hunter: A Complete Guide To Sport In Europe

European Hunter: A Complete Guide To Sport In Europe by S Lloyd Newberry (2009). Hunting in 33 countries.

Rege Podraza

Where Elephants Go To Die

Where Elephants Go To Die by Rege Podraza (2002) is a collection of 100 poems based on real life experiences about African...as the author says, "It's poetry about what you feel when a lion's coming down on you and your gun jams" and "It's not the mushy stuff." The author is an avid hunter who began writing in 1992 after he was injured falling out of a tree stand.

Arthur C Popham

Arthur C Popham Jr 1915 - 2009 was an American attorney, a banjo player and big game hunter. Primarily a hunter of North American animals, he hunted Africa in 1956.

Stalking Game From Desert To Tundra

Stalking Game From Desert To Tundra by Arthur Popham (1985). Popham's big game hunting adventures around the world with a special emphasis on sheep. Popham was a close friend of Jack O'Connor and they hunted together many times. Big game hunting around the world - sheep, goat, caribou, grizzly, moose, buffalo and other North American game, also lion, buffalo and sable in Africa and urial in Iran.

William Pritchard

Mzee Never Miss: How To Do The Hard Hunts In Your 60s, 70s And 80s

Mzee Never Miss: How To Do The Hard Hunts In Your 60s, 70s And 80s by William Pritchard (2012) This collection of stories describes hunts in Africa and in the mountain sheep country of the North American West. The hunts were brought together to emphasize the major theme of the book - you can do the hard hunts in your 60s, 70s, and 80s with only a little more stress and strain than if you had done them in your 40s if you devote a little time and effort every day to staying in proper physical condition. Kindle Version only.

Edgar Monsanto Queeny

Edgar Monsanto Queeny (1897 - 1968) was chairman of the Monsanto Chemical Company, a filmmaker, naturalist and a trustee of the American Museum of Natural History from 1949 to 1968. He travelled to East Africa on several occasions to make incredible documentary films and was guided by Syd Downey.

Spearing Lions With Africa's Masai by Edgar Queeny (1954) is an National Geographic Magazine article.

Cheechako: The Story Of An Alaskan Bear Hunt

Cheechako: The Story Of An Alaskan Bear Hunt by Edgar Queeny (1941) is about a bear hunting trip to SE Alaska taken by Queeny, his wife and Mr and Mrs Richard Bishops.

Prairie Wings: Pen And Camera Flight Studies

Prairie Wings: Pen And Camera Flight Studies by Edgar Queeny (1946) is a detailed study of bird flight. It is still one of the best waterfowl flight study books of all times. Wing beats of waterfowl were captured on movie film, then transposed to explanatary sketches by Richard Bishop. Queeny was the founder of Duck's Unlmited to conserve migrating ducks.

William Quimby

William R Quimby (1936 - 2018) is an American author and retired columnist, editor and publisher who has specialized in subjects related to big game hunting for more than four decades. Quimby has successfully hunted more than 60 types of big game animals in twelve countries on six continents, including all ten species indigenous to Arizona. He has edited, written or co-authored 21 published books.

Royal Quest: The Hunting Saga Of H.I.H. Prince Abdorreza Of Iran

Royal Quest: The Hunting Saga Of H.I.H. Prince Abdorreza Of Iran by William Quimby (2004). His Imperial Highness Prince Abdorreza of Iran was an internationally known big game hunter famous for his startling world records and the diverse nature of his hunts. This book is based upon countless hours of taped interviews and complete access to Prince Abdorreza's photo albums and diaries. No other hunting book will ever tell a story like this.

Safari Revisited: The Best Of Safari Magazine Of The 1980s

Safaris Revisited: The Best Of Safari Magazine Of The 1980s by William Quimby (1992)

The History Of SCI

The History Of SCI by William Quimby (2005). Quimby spent many years and hours compiling the information in this book, much of which came from C J Mc Elroy. It covers the history of SCI from it's inception until the present day.

Memories From Greer: Tales Told Of A Unique Arizona Village

Memories From Greer: Tales Told Of A Unique Arizona Village edited by William Quimby (2007) is a history of the little town of Greer, Arizona.

Sixty Years A Hunter

Sixty Years A Hunter by Bill Quimby (2010). Includes hunts across North and South America, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and other parts of Africa, Spain, Mongolia and New Zealand. Also included is Quimby's successful quest to become one of the very few to take all ten of Arizona's big-game species.

William R Rindone

Dusty Days And Distant Drums: A Hunting Chronicle

Dusty Days And Distant Drums: A Hunting Chronicle by William R Rindone (1984) with the foreword by South African professional hunter Rob Deane. Illustrated with original oil paintings and bronzes by Lorenzo Ghiglieri. A chronicle of big game hunting all over Africa plus a few adventures from other parts of the world. Besides recounting hunting adentures, the author gives background information on the land, people and game in the regions covered.

Lord 'Skips' Riverdale

Robert Arthur Balfour (1901 - 1998), 2nd Baron Riverdale of Sheffield was a British big game hunter and yachtsman.

Squeeze The Trigger Gently

Squeeze The Trigger Gently by Lord 'Skips' Riverdale (1991) presents the author's shooting life through a series of short chapters ranging from his youthful days to hunting in India and Africa to modern hunts in Scotland. During a 1930s trip to the Sudan he bagged wildebeest, zebra and the like, but no larger game. On a 1967 trip to Botswana and the Okavango region, he collected elephant, eland, kudu, wildebeest, lion, Cape buffalo and other game. He also relates stalking red stags, roedeer, and chamois in Scotland, Germany and New Zealand; and hunting tiger in India. A wealth of sporting stories well-illustrated with photos.

Jimmy Robinson & Barney Lamm

African Safari

African Safari by Jimmy Robinson & Barney Lamm (1965). Hunting in Kenya with PHs David Allen and John Alexander. Leopard hunting plus other dangerous and plains game.

Leo W Roethe

Leo W Roethe (1914 - 2008) was an American big game hunter, conservationist, businessman and former partner in the Weatherby firearms company. Between 1959 and 1973 he took 16 hunting trips to Africa and was mauled by a lion in 1973.

Leo The Lion

Leo The Lion by Leo W Roethe (1972) tells of his exciting African safari adventures. Accounts of hunting elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion, leopard and other game in Africa, with a chapter on John A Hunter.

Book About Leo W Roethe

J R Mansavage

Days Of Kilimanjaro: The African Safari Of Leo The Lion Roethe

Days of Kilimanjaro: The African Safari of Leo The Lion Roethe by J R Mansavage (2002) is a collection of stories and photographs taken on Roethe's 16 African safaris from 1959 and 1973. In addition to successfully hunting virtually all of East Africa's game animals, Roethe also captured on film moments that brilliantly illustrate the traditional, old-style African safari.

W Mitchell Rohlfs

Cottontails To Kudu: A Hunter's Journey

Cottontails To Kudu: A Hunter's Journey by W Mitchell Rohlfs (2007) details the transformation of a young boy on his first rabbit hunt to an international big game hunter and accomplished upland bird hunter. Covers duck and goose hunts on the Chesapeake Bay, bobwhite quail and woodcock hunts in the Deep South, rabbit hunts with beagles in Pennsylvania and Alabama, partridge hunts with pointing dogs in Nevada, sharp-tailed grouse hunts in Montana as well as big game hunts for whitetailed deer, elk, bear, Dall and Stone sheep, African plains game and many other adventures.

Pablo Bush Romero

Pablo Bush Romero (1905 - 1998) was a Mexican businessman, photographer, big game hunter, explorer and writer.

Mexico And Africa From The Sight Of My Rifle

Mexico And Africa From The Sight Of My Rifle by Pablo Bush Romero (1960). Big game hunting in Africa and Mexico, hunting jaguar, ocelot, bison, mountain lion, grizzly bear, deer, tapir, peccary, alligator, desert sheep, duck, game birds, kudu, eland, lion, elephant, rhino, buffalo, leopard and a variety of horned game.

My Adventures With Tigers And Lions

My Adventures With Tigers And Lions by Pablo Bush Romero (c.1958) are accounts of the big cats of India and Africa during hunting expeditions in the 1950's.

Under The Waters Of Mexico

Under The Waters Of Mexico by Pablo Bush Romero (1964) is about the salvage work done by Mexico's underwater archaeological society CEDAM on Mayan temples and sunken Spanish galleons.

Jimmie C Rosenbruch & Bill Quimby

With Divine Assistance

With Divine Assistance: The Best Of The Last Of The Golden Era Of International Big-Game Hunting by Jimmie C Rosenbruch & Bill Quimby (2014) is the story of Rosenbruch's adventurous life beginning in Alaska, where he started hunt outfitting. Rosenbruch built his business successfully and was able to begin following his hunting dreams to the farthest corners of the globe, launching an international hunting career. Most of the book covers his international hunting adventures, from his first African safari in Sudan in 1979 to argali hunting in Mongolia in the early 1980s to later adventures in Europe and the South Pacific. He hunted in Turkey at a time when few Westerners had been there, and caught the fall of the Iron Curtain and breakup of the Soviet Union, opening up new opportunities in new places. Many of the hunting destinations and opportunities Rosenbruch experienced have changed irrevocably from when he first experienced them, making this book a glimpse into an era that can be considered the 'golden age of hunting'.

Philip D Rowter

The Hunting Instinct: Safari Chronicles On Hunting Game Conservation And Management In The Republic of South Africa And Namibia 1990-1998

The Hunting Instinct: Safari Chronicles On Hunting Game Conservation And Management In The Republic of South Africa And Namibia 1990-1998 by Philip D Rowter (1999) is a well-illustrated and action-packed chronicle about Philip D Rowter's hunting experiences in South Africa and Namibia, covering eight safaris from 1990 to 1998. This book provides biological information on the Big 5 and most plains game species encountered and hunted in modern Africa. It also includes information on current game and environmental conservation efforts.

Jack Samson

The Sportsman's World

The Sportsman's World by Jack Samson (1976). Fishing, big game hunting and shotgunning in Africa and North America. The fishing dominates but the one story and picture alone of the huge Cape buffalo Samson shot in Botswana will tempt all hunters.

Keith Severinsen

Tracks Of The Hunter

Tracks Of The Hunter by Keith Severinsen (1993) includes hunting in the wilds of New Zealand for deer, pigs, chamois and tahr, to North America in search of grizzly bear, moose and bison, and to Africa for gemsbok and a black-maned lion in the Kalahari, Zimbabwe and Zululand.

Jon Shiesl

65 Years A Hunter

65 Years A Hunter by Jon Shiesl (2016) is an account of the author's long love of hunting, the great outdoors and travelling the world, including Africa.

Julius Simko

Africa In My Heart: A Hunter's Diary

Africa In My Heart: A Hunter's Diary by Julius Simko (2015) is an account of the author's African hunting adventure in the tone of a journal, with humour and sincerity - including his hunting fears and blunders.

J Alain Smith

Close Calls And Hunting Adventures

Close Calls And Hunting Adventures: Short Stories From Around The World by J Alain Smith (2004) is a series of short stories from around the world written by big game hunter, author and business man, J Alain Smith. Includes a plane wreck in the middle of the African bush, a hunt for the first polar bear allowed back into the USA after the Marine Mammals Act was amended and a Marco Polo sheep hunt.

Hunting New Horizons

Hunting New Horizons by J Alain Smith (2008). More hunting adventure stories by J Alain Smith including hunting a wounded lion in Tanzania, hunting argali in Mongolia, chasing sheep in Pakistan, hunting mountain nyala in Ethiopia, Cape buffalo in Tanzania, giant eland and bongo in the Central African Republic and the moose in British Columbia.

Adventures In The Wild Places

Adventures In The Wild Places by J Alain Smith (2011). Yet more of the author's hunting adventures - hunting the Royal antelope in the jungles of Ghana, the largest alligator ever taken with a bow in Florida, 50" ibex in central Asia, a camp raiding leopard in Africa, brown bear in Alaska and jaguars in Paraguay.

Adventures In Rugged Places

Adventures In Rugged Places by J Alain Smith (2016). Even more hunting adventures - in Uganda after the 'always deadly' Nile buffalo and lions in Tanzania. Follow the 'Rugged Expeditions' crew as they film a monster leopard that comes to the bait in broad daylight, and climb with the author after wild rams in Siberia. "It's all here along with hunting and travel tips and techniques that are sure to make you a better hunter".

Vin T Sparano

Tales Of Woods And Waters

Tales Of Woods And Waters edited by Vin T Sparano (1989) is an anthology including such varied writers as Pat McManus and Theodore Roosevelt. Other authors included are Jack Atcheson, Baron Bror von Blixen-Finecke, Jack O'Connor, Jim Carmichael, Lee Wulff, Russell Annabel, Robert Ruark, Bob Elman, Havilah Babcock, Joel Vance, Ray Eye and many more. Subjects include turkey, grouse, quail, bears, caribou, Jack O'Connor's last hunt, fishing, trout, salmon, muskellunge, Gene Hill, leopard and elephant hunting.

All other books by Vin T Sparano about North American fishing and the outdoors.

Robert E (Bob) Speegle

A Hunting Life And Two Exploratory Asian Hunts

A Hunting Life And Two Exploratory Asian Hunts by Robert E (Bob) Speegle (2012) is written in English and Spanish. This book by Weatherby Award winner Robert Speegle is the account of two of his most memorable hunts: his 1976 hunt in Tibet for Tibetan argali and his 1984 hunt for markhor in Pakistan. In addition, there are hunts for Spanish ibex and Spanish red stag, but the two Asian hunts are the mainstay of the book.

Henry Philip Staats

Henry Philip Staats (1900 - 1971) was an American architect and big game hunter. Not only for his safari journals, Staat became known for filming the Bachman’s warbler which is now believed to be extinct.

Henry Philip Staats
Henry Philip Staats

African Journal: 1953-1954

African Journal: 1953-1954 by Henry Philip Staats (1954). East African hunting with Syd Downey as PH. They visited Miles Turner and met a host of other notables from this golden era. Very scarce privately printed title.

Journal Second African Safari

Journal Second African Safari: December 27, 1956 - February 25, 1957 by Henry Philip Staats (1957) is the diary-form account of Staats' second safari in Kenya and Tanganyika with professional hunters, Syd Downey and John Kingsley-Heath. Other hunters in the party included Myles Turner, Donald Ker and Jack Block. They successfully bagged leopard, kudu, oryx and other lesser game.

Robert Stack

Straight Shooting

Straight Shooting by Robert Stack (1980) Written with Mark Evans, this is the autobiography of film and TV star, Robert Stack. Best known as an Untouchable, he had quite a film career. He was a world champion skeet shooter when he was young and hunted Africa with PH Tony Archer and hunting companion, General Joe Foss.

Loren D Stark

Big Game Hunting On Three Continents

Big Game Hunting On Three Continents by Loren D Stark (1971) are his adventures in North America with Dall sheep, moose, polar and brown bear. On safari to Somalia, two safaris to Mozambique, another to Kenya for elephant, lion other big game. To India for tiger, leopard and to Iran for ibex and urial and Armenian sheep.

Harry Tennison

Harry Lee Tennison (1919 - 2009) was an avid American big game hunter and conservationist. In the 1970s he founded Game Conservation International and pioneered the concept of establishing a viable breeding population of black rhinos outside of Africa.

An African Affair

An African Affair by Harry Tennison (1988). The author shares his most exciting experiences mainly with the African big five.

Hubert Thummler

Hubert Thummler is a retired Mexican businessman who started hunting in Africa at the end of the 'Golden Age'. This Weatherby award winner has shot every single category of sheep listed in the SCI record book and has more varieties of sheep than any other hunter.

Wind In My Face

Wind In My Face: The Shikars And Safaris Of A Cazador De Mexico by Hubert Thummler with Bill Quimby (2006) is the story of this hunter's lifetime search for big game trophies around the world.

Mark Tutor

Heart Of The Hunter: Stories From Alaska, Africa, Asia and Places Of the Heart

Heart Of The Hunter: Stories From Alaska, Africa, Asia and Places Of the Heart by Mark Tutor (2014). Tales of the hunting adventures that have taken the author from the wilds of Alaska to Africa and the roof of the world for Marco Polo sheep.

Dwight Van Brunt

Born A Hunter: Hunting Adventures From The Arctic To Africa

Born A Hunter: Hunting Adventures From The Arctic To Africa by Dwight Van Brunt (2009). From brown bear and Dall's sheep in Alaska, to elephant and Cape buffalo in Africa, Dwight Van Brunt has hunted much of the world's great game. This, his first book, covers more than thirty hunts.

Bruce VanBuskirk

Last Safari: A Season Of Discovery In Zimbabwe

Last Safari: A Season Of Discovery In Zimbabwe by Bruce VanBuskirk (2006) is the true story of an American hunter who spent the 2001 season working on safari in Zimbabwe. Lots of adventure and excitement but also deals with the hard lessons learned about the future of hunting in Africa. This is a day by day description of the events, places and people who make the safari industry work in Zimbabwe. The book goes behind the scenes to reveal how a hunting safari works - the professional hunters and clients, company employees, local villagers and learn just how much work it takes to run a safari operation in Africa.

Hoffman Theron Van Zijl

The Wanderers

The Wanderers: Tales Of Wandering In The African Bush by Hoffman Theron Van Zijl (2015) is the story of the wanderings of two lifelong friends in some of the last remaining wilderness areas left in southern Africa. Their main goal was to hunt dangerous game, but they were just as interested in exploring the country in search of untouched wilderness. This book revolves around one of these adventures, a trip they took together to the Zambezi Valley in Mozambique in 1989.

Ricardo Guardia Vazquez

My Main Obsession

My Main Obsession by Ricardo Guardia Vazquez (2012) is the account of the author's more than 40 years of hunting around the world. He recounts hunts for jaguars, ocelots, pumas, leopards and a lion. In North America he hunted mountain goat, black bear, grizzly, caribou, moose, mule deer, whitetail and more. In Africa, besides lion and leopard, he shot an elephant and buffalo as well as sable, kudu and numerous other antelopes.

Jacques Vettier

Big Game Hunting In Asia, Africa And Elsewhere

Big Game Hunting In Asia, Africa And Elsewhere by Jacques Vettier (1993). A Weatherby award winner, Vettier has spent the better part of 25 years seeking the game paradises of the world - from Tanzania to Tadjikistan, from the Pamirs to the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, from Ethiopia to Canada - a veteran of 15 forest elephant hunts, scores of African hunts, a grand slam of sheep and a grand slam of markhor. Vettier writes about these adventures with remarkable clarity and skill.

Reinald Von Meurers

Dr Reinald Von Meurers is a German doctor and big game hunter. He has made 30 self-organized hunting trips to Africa with a focus on Cameroon over a 20 year period.

Buffalo, Elephant And Bongo: Alone In The Savannas And Rain Forests Of The Cameroon

Buffalo, Elephant And Bongo: Alone In The Savannas And Rain Forests Of The Cameroon by Reinald Von Meurers (1989) is an account of many hunting trips into the interior of Cameroon in search of elephant, bongo, buffalo, sitatunga, giant forest hog, bushpig and dwarf buffalo. The author organises his own safaris and carries them out only in the company of local helpers. Includes a chapter on organising your own hunting trip, as well as much incidental useful advice.

Fred A Wardenburg

Operation Safari

Operation Safari by Fred A Wardenburg (1948) is a privately published account of a 7 week photographic safari to Kenya and Tanganyika in 1948 with Syd Downey.

Safari Encore

Safari Encore by Fred A Wardenburg (1950) is a diary of a trip the author made to a number of African countries in 1950. From French Equatorial Africa to Nairobi and south to Victoria Falls and South Africa.

Donald R Warren

Donald Rexford Warren (1897 - 1973) was a very successful American design and construction engineer. He was a keen big game hunter who travelled to Africa many times with his wife. He kept diaries of his hunting trips which he loaned out to his friends. These became so popular, he had them printed in booklet form to give to friends to keep.

My Bongo: A Week of Arctic Daylight by Donald R Warren (1962) is an account of hunting bongo in Kenya with the noted professional hunter John Sutton and then hunting polar bear in the Arctic.

Angola Safari, Arctic Hunt

Angola Safari, Arctic Hunt by Donald R Warren (1965). A hunt in Angola with Angola Hunting Safaris. Warren's partner on this hunt was noted Italian hunter Carlo Caldesi. After this there is some hunting in Europe (mountain game, chamois) and then a polar bear hunt in the Arctic.

Safari Tchad

Safari Tchad by Donald R Warren (1969). Warren hunted in Central Africa with noted PH Claude Vasselet. He was one of the few Americans to hunt with this French hunter. Also British Columbia hunting and fishing. Very scarce title.

Safari Of Donald And Lora Warren

Safari Of Donald And Lora Warren by Donald Warren (1951) is the very scarce account of the Warrens' safari in Uganda, Congo and Tanganyika, plus other excursions through African game country. One of Warren's professional hunters was David Ommanney.

How My Safari Cookie Crumbled In Africa

How My Safari Cookie Crumbled In Africa by Donald Warren (1961) is a privately printed book about his safari in Kenya with PH George Barrington and Somalia.

Marc Watts

The Royal Showdown

The Royal Showdown by Marc Watts (2007) is the story of Marc Watts, or Bwana Moja as he likes to be known, attempting to pull off a rare Central African Republic double in 14 days - two world class trophy eland.

Delta Royale: Botswana's Perfectly Shot Dangerous Game

Delta Royale: Botswana's Perfectly Shot Dangerous Game DVD by Marc Watts (2008). This DVD is full of talk, discussions, preludes, cheerleading, PH testimonials, enticers, flashbacks and whatnot before you see the actual Botswana hunting footage. Together with Botswana PH Johan Calitz, Watts tackles the big game of the Okavango Delta. Unlike some other PHs, Calitz is amusingly indifferent to this fast-talking former CNN reporter.

Ken Wilson

Sport Hunting On Six Continents

Sport Hunting On Six Continents by Ken Wilson (1998) chronicles 15 years of Wilson's adventures on behalf of Sportsmen On Film. From his first hunt in Alaska with John Latham to his last safari in Africa with his late friend, Peter Capstick, Ken Wilson has had the opportunity to hunt and document hunting on all six of the world's continents that are home to big game animals. He was the first to bring back videotape of his hunting expeditions.

Gene Worrell

Thomas Gene Worrell (1920 - 2006) was a newspaper entrepreneur and at one time owned more than 30 newspapers.

The Honey Guide: 40 Days In Central Africa

The Honey Guide: 40 Days In Central Africa by Gene Worrell (1977) describes his safari to the Central African Republic where he bagged lion, elephant, waterbuck, kob and other game. His professional hunters were Rene Prichaud and Phillipe Parent.

Watson T Yoshimoto

Yoshi: The Life And Travels Of An International Trophy Hunter

Yoshi: The Life And Travels Of An International Trophy Hunter by Watson T Yoshimoto with Bill Quimby (2003) is an account of his hunting life collecting all sixteen major varieties of the world's wild sheep and most of the many types of goats, ibex, bears, antelopes and antlered game of Asia, Europe, North America, South America and the South Pacific, as well as the African Big Five.

Bill G Yung

The Half Fast Hunter

The Half Fast Hunter by Bill G Yung (2010) is written by a novice hunter and describes the pursuit of adventure that hunting provided for the first 70 years of his life. It provides insight into the animals hunted, the geographical variations of the countries hunted, the culture and the personalities of the people encountered. Read Review

Rodger M Zimmerman

Gone Forever But Not Forgotten: A Safari Adventure

Gone Forever But Not Forgotten: A Safari Adventure by Rodger M Zimmerman (2007) describes 82 days of safari hunting in Tanzania during the 1960s and 1970s by the author, a Texas lawyer.

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