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Anthony Cullen Books

Anthony Cullen (b.1920) was a writer and wildlife conservationist in Kenya. He was appointed an Honorary Game Warden in 1958.

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Sydney Paul Downey (1905 - 1983) was born in Argentina of British parents and arrived in Kenya in 1925. As one of the greatest East African professional hunters, with partner Donald Ker, he founded Ker & Downey Safaris in 1946.

Downey's Africa

Downey's Africa by Anthony Cullen (1959) is the biography of Syd Downey, a partner in the Ker and Downey's safari business in Nairobi, a noted naturalist and reputed to be one of the greatest white hunters.

Saving The Game by Anthony Cullen & Syd Downey (1960). The conservation and preservation of wildlife in Kenya and Tanganyika and the problems of poaching in those countries. Downey, of Ker and Downey Safaris, was a former hunter turned game-keeper.

Window OnTo Wilderness

Window OnTo Wilderness by Anthony Cullen (1969). The author, previously a game warden in Kenya, has compiled and interpreted over 600 incidents of previously unrecorded or unexplained animal behaviour in East Africa.

Crash Strike

Crash Strike by Anthony Cullen & Patrick Hemphill (1971) is about big game fishing in East Africa.

The Hamisi books by Anthony Cullen are very hard to find. They are a series of small fictional accounts about a young boy who gets to work with in a game department in his school holidays.

Hamisi's Holiday Safari by Anthony Cullen (1965)

Hamisi's Hardest Safari by Anthony Cullen (1967)

Hamisi's Second Safari by Anthony Cullen (1966)

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Big Shots Meet Big Game
'Big Shots Meet Big Game' by Anthony Cullen
(Everbody's magazine 1956: Unfortunately end of article is missing)

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