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John Boyes Books

John Boyes (1873 - 1951) was born in Yorkshire and he died in Nairobi after a lifetime of trading schemes and adventure which included ivory hunting in the Lado Enclave.

John Boyes also led a big game hunt for William Northrup McMillan while he and his family were exploring the Blue Nile with B H Jessen.

John Boyes
John Boyes

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King Of The Wa-Kikuyu: A True Story Of Travel And Adventure In Africa

King Of The Wa-Kikuyu: A True Story Of Travel And Adventure In Africa by John Boyes (1911). In all of African history, there is no one quite like John Boyes. There have been better hunters and certainly greater explorers. Although he's very readable, there have been finer writers. When it comes to the category of opportunist, Boyes' names stands out from all the others. He was a hunter, explorer, trader, ivory poacher, gambler, reprobate, soldier and even a king. From the age of 14 when he hopped a ship bound for distant ports, Boyes' exemplified the renegade African adventurer, making a name for himself by overcoming man-eating lions, disease, drought and hostile tribes.

White King In East Africa

White King In East Africa by John Boyes (1912) Edited by C W L Bulpett is the US edition of 'King Of The Wa-Kikuyu'. Free eBook

The Company Of Adventurers

The Company Of Adventurers by John Boyes (1928). During a half century, John Boyes created much of Africa's colourful history. If there was a desert to be crossed, a jungle to be tamed, a government to be swindled, a local tribe to be befriended or exploited, John Boyes was there.

My Abyssinian Journey

My Abyssinian Journey by John Boyes (date unknown). A journey through Abyssinia from the Red Sea to Nairobi in 1906. Free eBook

How I Became King...Of The Wa-Kikuyu

How I Became King...Of The Wa-Kikuyu by John Boyes (date unknown). Free eBook

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