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Venn Fey Books

Venn Fey (b.1919) was a commander in The Royal Northumberland Fusiliers and the King's African Rifles and received 2 Military Crosses for his service during the Kenya Emergency during the 1950's. Due to the constant threat of violence, Fey and his family moved to South Africa, after selling his farm and property in Kenya, which had been in the Fey family since the late 1800's.

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Cloud Over Kenya

Cloud Over Kenya by Venn Fey (1964) is an account of the author's part in the Mau Mau Emergency, the end of colonisation and hunting and capturing 9 bongo on Mount Kenya with PH Bill York, who wrote about Fey in his book 'African Adventures And Misadventures'.

Valley Of The Eland

Valley Of The Eland by Venn Fey (1984) is the story of the transience of humans, individually and collectively and the impermanence of their works, set in the majestic, overpowering and yet incomparably beautiful Drakensberg Mountains of South Africa. A foreword by Ian Player.

Wide Horizon: Tales Of A Kenya That Has Passed Into History

Wide Horizon: Tales Of A Kenya That Has Passed Into History by Venn Fey (1982) tells of his experiences of the Kenyan wilderness and of its wildlife.

Read the interesting article by Beth Fey, wife of Venn Fey, about what it was like to live under the Mau Mau terror. Daytona Beach Morning Journal 1955.

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