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Hannes Wessels Books

Hannes Wessels (b.1956) was born in Rhodesia. From an early age he spent time with Game Department rangers and on safari in Mozambique with the late Wally Johnson ('The Last Ivory Hunter') who was a big influence on him. Wessels also got to know Robert Ruark whose writing left a lasting impression on him. After seeing action in the Rhodesian bush war, he hunted big game in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Tanzania in a 20 year career as a professional hunter. In 1994 he was severely gored by a wounded buffalo which almost cost him his life.

Hannes Wessels went on to become an author of several books about the history of Zimbabwe, particularly the time of the Bush War and the extraordinary courage of the men who fought for their country.

Hannes Wessels also writes excellent articles in Africa Unauthorised

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Strange Tales From The African Bush

Strange Tales From The African Bush by Hannes Wessels (2006) is a collection of tales from his 20 year career as a professional hunter in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Tanzania, which will make you laugh out loud.

A Handful Of Hard Men: The SAS And The Battle For Rhodesia

A Handful Of Hard Men: The SAS And The Battle For Rhodesia by Hannes Wessels (2015). During the West's transition into the post-Colonial age, the country of Rhodesia refused to succumb quietly and throughout the 1980s fought back almost alone against Communist-supported elements that it did not believe would deliver proper governance. During this long war many heroes emerged, but none more skillful and courageous than Captain Darrell Watt of the Rhodesian SAS, who placed himself at the tip of the spear in the deadly battle to resist the forces of Robert Mugabe and Joshua Nkomo.

Men Of War

Men Of War: The Fighting Few Who Took On The World by Hannes Wessels (2020) follows on from 'A Handful Of Hard Men', and is about Richard Stannard, who served in both the SAS and the Selous Scouts, before joining the South African Recces. Stannard fought alongside the best and the bravest black and white soldiers of the Bushwar including legends of the conflict like Chris Schulenburg, Martin Chikondo and Darrell Watt. Never frightened to lead, he tackled his foe with skill, incredible courage and unbelievably good cheer. In the process, he carved a name for himself as one of the greatest fighting men of his generation.

P K Van Der Byl: African Statesman

P K Van Der Byl: African Statesman by Hannes Wessels (2010) gives an overview of the history of the white man in southern Africa with detailed emphasis on the Rhodesian story through the life and times of PK van der Byl. He was one of the major players in a political drama that ended in the accession to power of Robert Mugabe under the auspices of the British government led by then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Guns, Golf And Glory

Guns, Golf And Glory by Hannes Wessels & Nick Price (2019) is a humorous look at the lives and times of Rhodesia/Zimbabwe’s most well-known golfers. It covers the history of the game in the country and is full of first-hand accounts of events on and off the golf course.

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