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Theodore J Waldeck Books

Theodore J Waldeck (1894 - c.1969) was an American explorer, big game hunter and author who set out for Africa in 1912 and later in 1924. He accompanied the Duke of Mecklenberg on his expedition of East Africa in 1912. In 1936 he led an expedition to British Guiana to search for the missing American aviator, Paul Redfern. Some of his books are written for children.

On Safari

On Safari by Theodore J Waldeck (1946) is an account of his 1912 expedition in Africa. Waldeck was eighteen and believed himself an adventurer. When fever kept him from accompanying the expedition, he set out on his own and quickly learned the lessons that Africa had to teach him.

Treks Across The Veld

Treks Across The Veld by Theodore J Waldeck (1950) is a fascinating account of the author's experiences in Africa hunting and capturing wild animals for zoos.

White Panther

White Panther by Theodore J Waldeck (1941) is the story of Ku-ma the white panther. His education forms an authentic introduction to the jungle country of South America.

Lions On The Hunt

Lions On The Hunt by Theodore J Waldeck (1942) is a children's adventure story about lions.

Jamba The Elephant

Jamba The Elephant by Theodore J Waldeck (1942)

The Golden Stallion

The Golden Stallion by Theodore J Waldeck (1947)

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