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John Osborne Books

John Osborne (d.2009) worked for the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Management in the former Rhodesia, stationed in Gona-re-Zhou.

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A Guiding Son by John Osborne (2004). African hunting stories don't come much better than some of those recounted in this book. Some of them will bring tears of laughter to your eye, some goose pimples to your skin and a chill to your spine.

A Ranging Son

A Ranging Son by John Osborne (2005) features his efforts in the Gona-re-Zhou and his battle with poachers. Assisted by the elephants, he was instrumental in creating Rhodesia's second biggest game reserve, the Gona-re-Zhou (Place of the Elephants).

In The Shadow Of A Baobab

In The Shadow Of A Baobab by John Osborne (2007)is about the many strange and wonderful people who are remembered and not forgotten that John Osborne has encountered in his life. "These people stand out as the mighty Baobab does against the African sky." Currently unavailable.

African Son Dial

African Son Dial by John Osborne (2009). These memories are seen through the eyes of a boy and his siblings running free in the sprawling suburbs of post-war Salisbury, then as an adolescent at a leading boy's school and later as a young man in the British Africa Police. Currently unavailable.

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