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Tiger Hunting Books

Tiger hunting books were written by many British military men who were posted to India during the time of the British Raj (1858 to 1947). Tiger hunting was one of their main leisure activities and a good tiger trophy enhanced manly prestige for some. Others took to tiger hunting as part of their interest in the natural history of India. After service In India, many officers decamped to Africa where many settled and continued their colonial and hunting careers.

The officers often took part in driven tiger shoots, riding on elephants or horses, which were considered great social events. Many of the super-rich maharajas of the time also loved the regal sport of tiger hunting, ordering fantastic custom Holland & Holland rifles by the dozen, and going out into the field with all their luxurious creature comforts.

'Shikari' is the term used for a native professional hunter in India. They were recruited by British officers and maharajas because of their local knowledge of the jungle and hunting skills.

Baiting a tiger with a dead or alive domestic animal and shooting from a machan was the uncomfortable method of choice, especially by forest rangers who were trying to deal with a problem man-eating tiger. Once up the tree, a hunter was stuck there until morning light as it was foolhardy to come down in the darkness when the tiger might still be around.

"The men who discovered India were amateurs; by profession they were soldiers and administrators. But they returned home as giants of scholarship." John Keay, eminent historian of British India

You may be interested to see a beautifully crystal glass engraving of an elephant-back tiger hunting scene, created by glass artist David Whyman.

This tiger hunting book section includes hunting in other Asian countries such as China, Burma, Persia and more.

Tiger Shikar In India

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Frederick George Aflalo

The Sportsman's Book For India

The Sportsman's Book For India edited by Frederick George Aflalo (1904). Contributions by Lt General Sir Montagu Gilbert Gerard, General A A A Kinloch, Lt Col P R Bairnsfather, Major C H Clay, Major Neville Taylor, Capt A G Arbuthnot, W Burke (Editor of the Indian Field), F O Gadsden and Harry Stokes. The fishing section includes 'Fly Fishing For Large Mahseer Near Meerut' by Capt Rivett Carnac and 'Where To Go For Fishing In India' by Lt Col P R Bairnsfather. The sea angling section is by F O Gadsden with a contribution on sea and estuary fishing in South Madras by Capt Gibson. The rest of the book concerns hunting tiger, panther, bear, Indian rhinoceros, bison or gaur and deer. There are sections on pig-sticking, polo, hunting, steeple-chasing and paper-chasing with tennis, football, cricket etc. Free eBook
More books by F G Aflalo

Yusuf S Ahmad

With The Wild Animals Of Bengal

With The Wild Animals Of Bengal by Yusuf S Ahmad (1981). An uncommon work by a retired Bangladeshi Forest inspector recalling his big game hunting exploits dating from the 1920s to the 1960s after tigers, panthers, elephants, bison and other game in India's Bengal region.

R D T Alexander & A Martin-Leake

Lieutenant Colonel Robert D T Alexander served in India as the Chief Engineer for the Indian State Railways.

Lieutenant Colonel Arthur Martin-Leake VC & Bar (1874 - 1953) was a British double recipient of the Victoria Cross, the highest award for gallantry in the face of the enemy that can be awarded to British and Commonwealth forces. Martin-Leake was the first of only three men to be awarded the VC twice.

Some Signposts To Shikar

Some Signposts To Shikar by R D T Alexander & A Martin-Leake (1932) is a scarce title giving much information about Indian hunting - guns, equipment, camps, tracking, spoor and more.

Book About Arthur Martin-Leake...

Ann Clayton

Martin-Leake: Double VC

Martin-Leake: Double VC By Ann Clayton (1994) is the biography of Arthur Martin-Leake VC who trained as a doctor and spent much of his life working for an Indian railway company. He went to South Africa during the Boer War, where he won his first VC, then to Albania during the Balkan War of 1912-13 and finally to Flanders, where he won the bar to his VC. His story is re-created with the help of eyewitness accounts. As a keen hunter during his time in India, Martin-Peake co-wrote 'Some Signposts To Shikar' with R D T Alexander.

Hugh Allen

The Lonely Tiger

The Lonely Tiger by Hugh Allen (1960). After serving his war years in India, Allen returned to begin a farming life. He found it different than his native England, often involving constant sorties against marauding wild animals - tigers, leopards and bears.

Count Henrik Apponyi

My Big Game Hunting Diary: From India And The Himalayas

My Big Game Hunting Diary: From India And The Himalayas by Count Hendrik Apponyi (1937) is one of the Asian hunting classics. A long trip with a lot of tiger hunting followed by hunting in the Khyber uplands for ibex, markhor and urial sheep. Then to Tibet for Ovis Ammon and blue sheep.

Ivan Aramilev

Beyond The Ural Mountains: The Adventures Of A Siberian Hunter

Beyond The Ural Mountains: The Adventures Of A Siberian Hunter by Ivan Aramilev (1961). The exciting memoirs of a famous Russian hunter whose nature and wildlife experiences in the Ural mountains and Siberia are here presented in English - explaining and describing the taiga, forests, rivers and mountains of these regions, and the vast wildlife encountered and hunted by himself there - bear, tiger, wolf, sable, fox, squirrel, capercaillie, duck and goose - as well as his remarkably faithful dogs that accompanied him everywhere.

Edward Caulfield Archer

Tours In Upper India

Tours In Upper India, And In Parts Of The Himalaya Mountains by Edward Caulfield Archer (1833). 2 Volumes. Includes discussion of elephant fights, Hindu architecture, Agra, Delhi, the wild beasts of the Himalayan Mountains, tiger hunting, travelling Lamas, hill tribes, the Indian military and the beautiful mountains themselves.

A F L Bacon

Captain Alban Francis Langley Bacon (1879 - 1952) was a British barrister, author, hunter and angler. He was the son of Francis Bacon (1841 - 1930) who developed the Bacon Breechloader which was discussed in 'Modern Breechloaders' by W W Greener.

The Wanderings Of A Temporary Warrior

The Wanderings Of A Temporary Warrior: A Territorial Officer's Narrative Of Service (And Sport) In Three Continents by A F L Bacon (1922) is the account of serving with 4th Hampshires in India, in the third battle of Gaza in Palestine, then France in 1918 and finally in the Army of Occupation on the Rhine. His sporting episodes included chikor (Indian partridge), duck, geese and snipe shooting in Baluchistan and fishing. Free eBook

Thomas Bacon

Thomas Bacon (1813 - 1892) was a lieutenant with the Bengal Horse Artillery from 1835 to 1838.

First Impressions And Studies From Nature In Hindostan

First Impressions And Studies From Nature In Hindostan by Thomas Bacon (1837) 2 Volumes. This book is the account of the author's voyage to Calcutta and 5 years residence in Bengal and the Doab from 1831 to 1836 with much on tiger hunting. Free eBook Vol I Free eBook Vol II

A G Bagot

Arthur Greville Bagot (1849 - 1915) was a British soldier, journalist and sporting writer.

Sport And Travel In India And Central America

Sport And Travel In India And Central America by A G Bagot (1897) are the very readable reminiscences of the author's adventurous life in India and later in Central America during 1860s. Free eBook

N Baikov

Nikolai Apollonovich Baikov (1872 - 1958) was a guard on a railway line through Manchuria before becoming a naturalist and explorer. He published an essay about the Manchurian tiger which he believed was a separate tiger subspecies, Felis tigris manchurica. Taxonomists have since refuted this, claiming he was writing about the Siberian tiger or Amur tiger, Panthera tigris altaica.

N A Baikov
Nikolai A Baikov c.1925

Big Game Hunting In Manchuria

Big Game Hunting In Manchuria by N Baikov (1936). The author calculated that roughly a hundred tigers were being taken out of greater Manchuria annually - virtually all of them bound for the Chinese market. "There were cases in the mating season," he wrote, "when a courageous hunter would meet a group of five or six tigers, and kill them one by one, where he stood."

Mrs W W Baillie

Mrs William Waters (S L) Baillie (b. 1856) was the English wife of a British army clergyman in India. Refusing to be left behind by her husband on his hunts, she became a very keen big game hunter in her own right and at the age of 65, wrote about her adventures hunting panthers, ibex, bison and tigers. She started hunting with a double .360 Express but quickly changed to a black powder.500 Express which was considered a better calibre for tigers. She survived a servere attack by a bear and carried on hunting even though her wounds had hardly healed.

Mrs Baillie was the only female hunter among dozens of male big game hunters, to feature in 'British Sports And Sportsmen: Big Game Hunting And Angling'

Days And Nights Of Shikar

Days And Nights Of Shikar by Mrs W W Baillie (1921) is a very good colonial sporting work written from a woman's perspective. She had many firsthand encounters with the nastier insects of India so she includes fascinating practical methods of dealing with bee stings, ticks, leeches and scorpions. When she was stung by a scorpion, she advises to kill it and mash it up and apply the pulp to the bite as a poultice. Free Ebook

Edward B Baker

Sport In Bengal: And How, When And Where To Seek It

Sport In Bengal: And How, When And Where To Seek It by Edward B Baker (1887) is based on the author's forty years' experiences hunting tiger, buffalo, panther, bear, rhinocerous, wild boar and lesser game plus gunning for quail, snipe, partridge and waterfowl. Free eBook

E C Stuart Baker

Edward Charles Stuart Baker (1864 - 1944) was a British ornithologist who served in the Indian Police Service, stationed in Assam. Baker also became an enthusiastic big game hunter despite losing his left arm to a panther, being tossed by a gaur and trampled by an Indian rhinoceros during his various hunting expeditions.

Edward Charles Stuart Baker
Edward Charles Stuart Baker

Mishi The Man-Eater And Other Tales

Mishi The Man-Eater And Other Tales by E C Stuart Baker (1928). The sporting reminiscences of a police officer posted to the extreme north-east of India, beginning with an account of the career and ultimate fate at the author's hands of a man-eating tiger.

Captain John Henry Baldwin

The Large And Small Game In Bengal

The Large And Small Game In Bengal And The North-Western Provinces Of India by Captain J H Baldwin (1876) is a classic work on Indian sport. The author recounts hunts for tiger in the Nepal Terai, Assam and Mirzapore region, with additional sporting episodes after panther, bear, buffalo, boar, sambur, chital and various other deer species. There is also a note of mountain game such as Ovis ammon, serow, goral and thar. About one third of this book examines India's sporting bird species.

Valentine Ball

Valentine Ball (1843 - 1894) was an Irish geologist who worked in India for twenty years, searching for coal fields. He also became an ornithologist and anthropologist.

Jungle Life In India

Jungle Life In India: Or The Journeys And Journals Of An Indian Geologist by Valentine Ball (1880). The author's account of his travels in India between 1864 and 1878.

Colonel Julius Barras

India And Tiger-Hunting

India And Tiger-Hunting by Julius Barras (1885). Tiger hunting in various parts of India by the author during his 28 years spent there. Free eBook

The New Shikari At Our Indian Stations by Julius Barras (1885)

Rama : A Sensational Story Of Indian Village Life by Julius Barras (1886)

John Batten

Best Of Tiger Hunting

Best Of Tiger Hunting by John Batten (1986) is an anthology of the greatest writing on the tiger from early hunting in India to the Trans-Caspian Basin, Siberia and Manchuria, China and Korea, Indo-China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Burma. Covers the Victorian period, the twentieth century, and includes an extensive bibliography.
More hunting books by John Batten

William Bazé

William Bazé (b.1899) was a French plantation owner in French Indo-china before World War II. Read his full life story.

Tiger! Tiger!

Tiger! Tiger! by William Baze (1957) is a thrilling collection of tiger hunting tales from the Indo-Chinese jungles. The author began shooting tigers at the age of seventeen, in defence of his herd of cattle, later making a speciality of it.

Just Elephants

Just Elephants by William Baze (1955). The author spent 40 years in the Indo-chinese jungles. "My main purpose is to record some impressions and recollections of my many and varied contacts with elephants, either in their natural state or as trained and domesticated servants of man, and I hope to show that these giants of the Indo-Chinese jungle are fundamentally the most attractive and affectionate of God's creatures."

Fred Bear

Fred Bear's Field Notes

Fred Bear's Field Notes: A Lifetime Of Outdoor Lore And Memories By One The Foremost Bowhunters In The World by Fred Bear (1976). Hunting big game with bow and arrow in British Columbia, Alaska, Africa, India and South America.
Other bowhunting books by Fred Bear

Fred Bear Tiger Hunting With Recurve Bow

Astrid Bergman Sucksdorff

Astrid Bergman Sucksdorff (1927 - 2015) was a Swedish nature photographer, hunter and writer.

Astrid Bergman Sucksdorff's Hunting Photographs (In Swedish)

Tiger In Sight

Tiger In Sight by Astrid Bergman Sucksdorff (1970) is an autobiographical account of a filming expedition to India and her unexpected encounters with man-eating tigers and leopards who were attacking people and cattle in a neighbouring village. The author, an expert markswoman, records events of overnight vigils, the excitement and fulfilment of the hunt and village life in the mountains and jungles of Central India.

Chendru, The Boy And The Tiger

Chendru, The Boy And The Tiger by Astrid Bergman Sucksdorff (1965) is the story of the life of a young boy, Chendru, of the Murias, a people of the Gahr-Bengal jungle of India, and his inseparable companion, Tambu the tiger cub.

Tooni The Elephant Boy

Tooni The Elephant Boy by Astrid Bergman Sucksdorff (1971)

Major Henry Bevan

Major Henry Bevan (1796 - 1846) served in the 27th Madras Native Infantry.

Thirty Years In India

Thirty Years In India by Major Henry Bevan (1830). His account contains detailed descriptions of local manners and customs, discussion of religion, slavery, the silk trade, the cultivation of coffee, tea and opium. There is much relating to British military life in India and field sports - hunting for elephants, tigers, wild hog, cheetahs, bear, antelope, leopards, alligators and jackals.

Sir Bindon Blood

General Sir Bindon Blood (1842 – 1940) was a British Army commander who served in Egypt, Afghanistan, India and Southern Africa. Bindon Blood was also an important character in Winston Churchill’s early military, sports and writing careers. Blood and Churchill remained friends for life and Blood lived long enough to see his protégé become Prime Minister.

Four Score Years And Ten

Four Score Years And Ten by Sir Bindon Blood (1933) is the memoir of the author's military life which includes much tiger hunting and pig-sticking while serving in India. Free eBook

Jim Bond

Hold That Tiger And Other Stories

Hold That Tiger And Other Stories by Jim Bond (1958) accounts of big game hunting in India with the author bagging tiger, panther, black buck, sambar and more. There is a chapter on guns and game by Philip Crowe and a special chapter on battling with 4 tigers by Bond. Also includes chapters on hunting moose and mountain sheep.

Ruskin Bond

The Rupa Book Of Shikar Stories

The Rupa Book Of Shikar Stories by Ruskin Bond (2004). Thrilling tales of true adventure in the jungles of India. Big game hunters and others describe their encounters with man-eating tigers, musth elephants, panthers and other predators.

Sir E Braddon

Sir Edward Nicholas Coventry Braddon (1829 - 1904) was a British-born Australian politician who served as Premier of Tasmania from 1894 to 1899, and was a Member of the First Australian Parliament. In 1847 Braddon left for India to take a job with his cousin's merchant business. He later joined the Indian civil service, rising to the position of assistant commissioner.

Thirty Years Of Shikar

Thirty Years Of Shikar by Sir E Braddon (1895) is a memoir of the Braddon's extensive hunting career in India while working in the Indian Civil Service. Free eBook

John Bradley

John Bradley is thought to be a pseudonym. In the 'Dictionary of Literary Pseudonyms', 'John Bradley' is attributed to James Anthony Lawson (1817 - 1887), an Irish jurist and political economist. It is highly unlikely - his biography lists various judicial and political appointments with no mention of any interest in India or Asian big game hunting or sparing the time for long expeditions.

The second person who the pseudonym may be attributed to is a Captain John A Lawson. This is a far more convincing possibility. Captain J A Lawson wrote 'Wanderings In The Interior Of New Guinea' (Free eBook) about his (July 1872 to March 1873) expedition, published in 1875, a year before this book by 'John Bradley'. The New Guinea book was publically derided as a very obvious work of fiction by the scientific and exploration experts of the world - not least because when Lawson helpfully gave coordinates of places, they were found to be in the sea. Not surprising then when it came to publishing the account of his previous travel in Burma (Oct 1869 to April 1870), he felt obliged to use a pseudonym. He reverted to Captain J A Lawson for his final book 'The Wandering Naturalists: A Story of Adventure' published in 1880, which can be found here.

A Narrative Of Travel And Sport In Burmah, Siam And The Malay Peninsula

A Narrative Of Travel And Sport In Burmah, Siam And The Malay Peninsula by John Bradley (1876) combines travel, observation and big game hunting with his companions, Captain Lacy of the Bengal Native Infantry and a Mr Grant. Near the Sittang River in Burma, the author hunted numerous tigers, including an episode of tiger shooting related by his companion Captain Lacy. Near the River Thungyen, an elephant was bagged, with additional notes on hunting leopard, deer and other game in the area. Buffalo, rhino and more tiger were collected on the River Menaum. While in Malaya he hunted elephant, deer, and antelope. Free eBook

Adam Breede

Adam Breede (1878 - 1928) was an American newspaper owner in Nebraska. He contracted blackwater fever (a severe complication of malaria) while on safari in East Africa, became very ill on his voyage to India but recuperated and was able to continue his safari. He returned home and battled the disease for 2 more years before dying in 1928 at the age of 50.

Adam Breede
Adam Breede


Adventuring: A Story Of A Trip Around The World With Big Game Hunting In Africa And India by Adam Breede (1926). While much of the book is a travelogue, the author took time for a safari where he bagged rhinoceros, buffalo and a variety of plains game. Also hunting lion, oryx, giraffe, elephant and hartebeest, as well as tiger in India and brown bear in Alaska.

Sir Victor Brooke

Sir Victor Alexander Brooke (1843 - 1891) was an Anglo-Irish naturalist, big game hunter and baronet.

Sir Victor Brooke
Sir Victor Brooke

Sir Victor Brooke Sportsman And Naturalist

Sir Victor Brooke Sportsman And Naturalist: A Memoir Of His Life And Extracts From His Letters And Journals by Sir Victor Brooke (1894) includes his his hunting expeditions in India where his bag included 2 tigers, a black panther and a massive Asian elephant. Free eBook

James Moray Brown

James Moray Brown (b.1848) served in the miitary until his retirmeent in 1880, rising to the rank of lieutenant in the 79th Cameron Highlanders. Brown was a keen sportsman and polo player.

Stray Sport

Stray Sport by J Moray Brown (1893). 2 volumes on shooting gamebirds and wild fowl, Scottish angling, pig-sticking and other Indian sports.

Shikar Sketches: With Notes On Indian Field-Sports

Shikar Sketches: With Notes On Indian Field-Sports by J Moray Brown (1887) Free eBook

Powder, Spur And Spear: A Sporting Medley

Powder, Spur And Spear: A Sporting Medley by J Moray Brown (1889) from an author who had enjoyed polo and other sports during his service with the 79th Cameron Highlanders. Chapters cover keeping the rabbits down in fields at home and then progressing to salmon fishing and more exotic pursuits in India. Free eBook

John Budden

John Austin Budden (1884 - 1967) was an author who also served in the 3rd Battalion, the Prince of Wales Own Yorkshire Regiment.

Jungle John: A Book Of The Big-Game Jungles

Jungle John: A Book Of The Big-Game Jungles by John Budden (1927). A novel based on fact about the natural history of Indian big-game animals.

Further Adventures Of Jungle John

Further Adventures Of Jungle John by John Budden (1929). Illustrated by Maj-Gen H J P Browne of the 5th Royal Gurka Rifles. This book of adventure is the sequel to 'Jungle John'. The author has endeavoured to introduce with accuracy the natural history and habits of almost every beast, large and small, found in the great game jungles of Central India. He ranges from tigers, bear and bison down to birds and butterflies.

W Douglas Burden

William Douglas Burden (1898 - 1978) was an American adventurer and hunter, who lent his services to the American Museum of Natural History on several occasions to shoot exotic and dangerous animals for the museum's collections.

W Douglas Burden
W Douglas Burden (left)

Look To The Wilderness

Look To The Wilderness by W Douglas Burden (1956). Accounts of the author's hazardous hunting expeditions in North America, collecting for American Museum of Natural History in Indochina, hunting markhor and ibex in Himalayas, Komodo Dragons in East Indies. Free eBook

W S Burke

The Indian Field Shikar Book

The Indian Field Shikar Book by W S Burke (1908) is intended to be a small encyclopedia to help sportsmen identify and hunt game in India. Includes large and small game with section on equipment, rifles, ammunition, game laws.

Colonel R W Burton

Colonel Richard Watkins Burton (1868 - 1963) like his brother, Brigadier-General R G Burton, was an officer who served in India who became a respected sportsman, naturalist and conservationist.

Tigers Of The Raj

Tigers Of The Raj: The Shikar Diaries Of Col R W Burton by R W Burton (edited by Jacqueline Toovey) (1987). A diary of fishing and shooting trips throughout India from 1894 to 1948. Adventures hunting man-eating tigers, leopards and smaller game. Fishing mainly for mahseer, but a good deal of sea angling.

Khan Saheb Jamshed Butt

Khan Saheb Jamshed Butt was a head shikari or professional hunter who guided Robert Ruark and Warren Page, amongst other clients.

Khan Saheb Jamshed Butt
Khan Saheb Jamshed Butt


Shikar by Khan Saheb Jamshed Butt (1963). Robert Ruark had this to say, "One of the things that fascinates me about K S Jamshed Butt is a Watson .577 hammer double rifle, which is as old as he is and is considerably less well preserved. A .577 hurls a bullet about the size of a cucumber, and if he ever has to loose it off in my presence, I am sure I will faint. Better the tiger, because Khan Sahib's cannon is literally held together with string". With chapters on hunting tiger, bear and lesser game, mainly from the Central Provinces.
An interesting article about leopard hunt shenanigans written by Robert Ruark involving Mr Butt, from the Spokane Daily Chronicle 1962.

William Buyers

Recollections Of Northern India

Recollections Of Northern India by William Buyers (1848) describes the Ganges delta, the city of Calcutta and Banaras, its inhabitants, European and native society, missionary and educational institutions, as well as tiger hunting and the opium trade. Free eBook

Harry R Caldwell

Blue Tiger

Blue Tiger by Harry R Caldwell (1925). An avid hunter and amateur naturalist, Caldwell noted the challenges of hunting big game like serow, big-horn, wapiti, boar and tiger. He described how hunting man-killing tigers paved the way for effective mission work and spent several chapters discussing the political landmines of trying to affect peace between soldiers and bandits in an effort to spare villagers caught between the fighting. Of particular interest, Caldwell described a fascinating creature, a blue-morph tiger, that he attempted to capture for science. The introduction is by Roy Chapman Andrews. In southern China after bighorn sheep, tiger and wapiti, Caldwell was Andrews' guide and Andrews considered Caldwell one of the finest hunters he ever met.

John C Caldwell

China Coast Family

China Coast Family by John C Caldwell (1953) are the adventures of the son of Harry Caldwell, who was an American missionary in China. The author recalls his numerous hunting trips to bag tigers and other game with his father.

Major Walter Campbell

The Old Forest Ranger

The Old Forest Ranger by Major Walter Campbell (1853) Or "Wild Sports Of India On The Neilgherry Hills, In The Jungles, And On The Plains". The author wrote under the guise of a forest ranger with fictional characters but based on his true hunting experiences and those of his brother, George Campbell. Free eBook

Joshua E Carrington-Turner

Man-Eaters And Memories

Man-Eaters And Memories by Joshua E Carrington-Turner (1959). Joshua Carrington-Turner's own story of life in the Indian Forest Service where he spent 15 years in the Kumaon area hunting man-eating tigers. More gripping tales of man-eaters from the area where Jim Corbett became legendary.

Lt Colonel Gordon Casserly

James Henry Gordon Casserly (1869 - 1947) was born in Dublin, He served in the British Army and went to India in 1892 and then joined 22 Bombay Infantry. He served in China in 1900 during Boxer Rebellion. The regiment was renamed 120 Rajputana infantry and then served in North Eastern frontier.

Lt Colonel Gordon Casserly
Lt Colonel Gordon Casserly's Tiger Hunt

In The Green Jungle

In The Green Jungle by Lt Colonel Gordon Casserly (1927)

Dwellers In The Jungle

Dwellers In The Jungle by Lt Colonel Gordon Casserly (1925) is a collection of eight stories about animals in the Indian jungle.

Life In An Indian Outpost

Life In An Indian Outpost by Lt Colonel Gordon Casserly (1914). The author was in command of a detachment of about 200 sepoys and one other British officer from the 120th Rajputana infantry who occupied a small fort in Cooch Behar, an outpost captured by the British from Bhutan in the war of 1864 and commanding one of the passes into India from the mountain kingdom. There is a good deal of detail about hunting tiger, sambhar, deer, bear, chasing and killing rogue elephants and man eating tigers. Free eBook

F W Champion

Frederick Walter Champion (1893 - 1970) was an English forestry officer, who worked in British India and East Africa. He was a pioneering wildlife photographer and conservationist, campaigning hard for the protection of tigers and their forest habitats. His commitment to conservation inspired his friend Jim Corbett, among other hunters-turned-conservationists. Together with Corbett, he was a founding member of India's first national park established in 1935, which was renamed to Corbett National Park in 1957.

With A Camera In Tiger-Land

With A Camera In Tiger-Land by F W Champion (1928) An account of hunting, animal collecting and photographing at the base of the Himalayan range. Covers a wide variety of large and small animals, with notes on the tiger, monkey, leopards and smaller cats, hyaenas, rodents, elephants, deer and antelopes. Fascinating accounts of hunts. Free eBook

The Jungle In Sunlight And Shadow

The Jungle In Sunlight And Shadow by F W Champion (1934) is an attempt to give a genuine picture of life in the jungle as it really is - eager, happy, contented, throbbing life, with but occasional moments of passing fear and unhappiness. Offers fascinating insights into British sporting life. Free eBook

Frederick Walter Champion on elephant-back tiger hunt

James Chilton

The Lord Of The Jungle

The Lord Of The Jungle: Bhurgi Bagh, The Life Story Of A Notorious Tiger by James Chilton (1947) is a fictional account of a man-killing tiger hunted by the author and others which seems to have a charmed life. The author was a big game hunter in the Bhurgi area of India & based the story on the local folklore.

Sydney A Christopher

Big Game Shooting In Lower Burma

Big Game Shooting In Lower Burma by Sydney A Christopher (1916) recounts his experiences in the Burmese jungles hunting tigers. There are also details on hunting gaur, bison, rhinoceros, various deer, plus the hunting and taming of Burmese elephants. Free eBook

Frederic Coleman

The Sultan Of Johore: An Interview With A Royal Tiger-Hunter by Frederic Coleman (1902) Extract from The Wide World Magazine. An interview with the Sultan of Johore who related his tiger and other big game hunting exploits.

Maharajah Of Cooch Behar

Nripendra Narayana Bhupa, Maharajah of Cooch Behar (1862 - 1911) succeeded his father at the age of one and ruled over a state in West Bengal of 1307 square miles with approximately half a million people. As well as being a keen tiger hunter, he tried to set up a model administration which was more representative of the people. The Maharajah of Cooch Behar was the most prominent Indian sportsman of his time and entertained many members of the British royal family. He visited London regularly to outfit himself with the very finest shooting equipment that could be bought. Between 1871 and 1907, 365 tigers and 311 leopards were killed on the Maharajah's lands.

Nripendra Narayana Bhupa, Maharajah of Cooch Behar
Nripendra Narayana Bhupa, Maharajah of Cooch Behar

Big Game Shooting In Eastern & North Eastern India

Big Game Shooting In Eastern & North Eastern India by Maharajah of Cooch Behar (1908). Hunting of tigers, rhinos and other big game from 1871 to 1907 in the Terai area of Cooch Behar near Assam.

Thirty-Seven Years Of Big Game Shooting In Cooch Behar, The Duars And Assam

Thirty-Seven Years Of Big Game Shooting In Cooch Behar, The Duars And Assam by Maharajah of Cooch Behar (1908) is the book of the hey-days of both the Indian maharajah and big game hunting of gaur, rhino, tiger, leopard, buffalo and deer. Includes eight pages of game records. Free eBook

Maharanee Sunity Devee of Cooch Behar

Bengal Dacoits And Tigers

Bengal Dacoits And Tigers by Maharanee Sunity Devee (1916). The author was the wife of the late Maharaja of Cooch Behar, a great tiger hunter. This edition features 25 colour paintings specially commissioned for the occasion. The book contains stories of Bengal dacoits (bandits) and tigers.

Stanley Coxon

Stanley William Coxon (1861 - 1936) started out serving in the British Merchant Navy. After a life at sea, he became an Assistant Superintendent of Police in upper Burma. After a long period of illness brought on by his time in Burma, he was appointed to a post in the Civil Service of India.

Stanley Coxon
Stanley Coxon with his last tiger

And That Reminds Me

And That Reminds Me by Stanley Coxon (1915) is an account of the author's travels in the Andaman Islands, Burma, Australia and India where he hunted tiger, leopard, bison and water buffalo.

Christopher Cradock

Sir Christopher George Francis Maurice Cradock (1862 - 1914) was a rear-admiral in the Royal Navy and a very keen big game hunter, who was killed in a WW1 sea battle off Chile.

Sir Christopher George Francis Maurice Cradock
Sir Christopher George Francis Maurice Cradock

Sporting Notes In The Far East

Sporting Notes In The Far East by Christopher Cradock (1889). An officer in the Royal Navy, Cradock details his sporting adventures along the Chinese, Siberian and Japanese coasts. Most of the sport revolves around waterfowl and upland game, although he managed to bag a tiger on the Russian coast armed only with a shotgun. A fellow officer, Lt Davies, provides a chapter on hunting rhinoceros, wild boar and several deer species on Borneo and neighboring islands. Free eBook

John J Craighead & Frank C Craighead Jr

Life With An Indian Prince

Life With An Indian Prince by John J Craighead & Frank C Craighead Jr (2001). The authors' previously unpublished diaries, describing their experiences while living with the royal family of Bhavnagar, India in 1940-41. Trapping and training falcons on the shores of the Arabian Sea, coursing cheetahs and other hunting experiences.

Philip K Crowe

Philip Kingsland Crowe (1908 - 1976) was an American ambassador who served in Ceylon, South Africa, Norway and Denmark. He was a keen sportsman and conservationist.

Sport Is Where You Find It

Sport Is Where You Find It by Philip K Crowe (1953). The author takes you to China, India, England, Alaska, Indo-China, Nantucket, Maryland's Eastern Shore and other interesting places where he has enjoyed many forms of sport afoot and astride. Beagling in America, otter and hare hunting, sladang and tiger hunting, trout, salmon fishing and more. Free eBook

Sporting Journeys In Africa And Asia

Sporting Journeys In Africa And Asia by Philip K Crowe (1966) includes trout and masheer in Ceylon, tiger in India, trout in Kashmir, elephant and lion in Africa and tiger fish in the Zambezi. Crowe covers it all, with interesting comments on the state of game in each area.

Diversions Of A Diplomat In Ceylon

Diversions Of A Diplomat In Ceylon by Philip Kingsland Crowe (1956) is a memoir by the American diplomat who served as US Ambassador to Ceylon in the early 1950s. He describes his very extensive travels around the country and many of its offshore islands, with numerous sporting anecdotes and much social observation.

The Empty Ark: Travels In Search Of Vanishing Wildlife

The Empty Ark: Travels In Search Of Vanishing Wildlife by Philip Kingsland Crowe (1967)is an account of the author's missions to Africa, the Middle East, Asia, South America and the Pacific to encourage wildlife conservation in lands where wild and rare animals still exist.

Colonel A H Cunningham

Colonel Allan Hannay Cunningham (died 1932) served in India and at Gallipoli.

Indian Shikar Notes by Colonel A H Cunningham (1932) gives detailed analysis of the rifle and calibre for tiger hunting, leopard and bear.

Sir Richard Dane

Sir Richard Morris Dane (1854 - 1940) was in the Indian Civil Service as Inspector-General of Excise and Salt, between 1874 and 1909.

Sir Richard Dane
Sir Richard Dane

Sport In Asia And Africa

Sport In Asia And Africa by Sir Richard Dane (1921) contains a chapter on mahseer fishing, while the rest of the book is on hunting buffalo, tiger, leopard, gaur, barasingh, bear and sambur in India, and hunting elephant, rhino, buffalo, kudu, gazelle and other game in Africa with professional hunter, Judd. Free eBook

Lt Col David Davidson

Sir David Davidson (1811 - 1900) served in the Bombay Army and was a colonel of The Queens Edinburgh Volunteer Brigade.

Sir David Davidson
Sir David Davidson

Memories Of A Long Life

Memories Of A Long Life by Lt Col David Davidson (1890). Accounts about India, with some pig-sticking, tiger and other hunting. Free eBook

J Wentworth Day

James Wentworth Day (1899 - 1983) was a British writer and broadcaster.

King George V As A Sportsman

King George V As A Sportsman: An Informal Study Of The First Country Gentleman In Europe by J Wentworth Day (1935) includes shooting, horse-racing and King George V's visit to India. Big-game hunting in India and Nepal for tiger, rhino and bear.

Sport In Egypt

Sport In Egypt by James Wentworth Day (1938) is a book of sporting essays including two chapters on the Arab horse by H.R.H. Prince Mohamed Aly. The author visited Egypt as the guest of the Egyptian Government to report upon the possibilities of developing sport, especially wildfowl shooting and polo, for the visitor. Several well-known sportsmen have contributed chapters on duck shooting, desert shooting, big and small game and game fishing in Egypt.

Douglas Dewar

Douglas Dewar (1875 - 1957) was a British barrister, civil servant and an ornithologist in India .

Beasts Of An Indian Village: A Popular Account Of The Commoner Back-Boned Animals Of An Indian Village by Douglas Dewar (1923)

R S Dharmakumarsinhji Of Bhavnagar

Raol Shri Dharmakumarsinhji (1917 - 1986) was an Indian prince, hunter, falconer, ornithologist, environmentalist and writer.

Reminiscences Of Indian Wildlife

Reminiscences Of Indian Wildlife by R S Dharmakumarsinhji (1998). The author, an Indian prince, was a respected naturalist, hunter and falconer. Published after his death by his daughter, this is probably the last published royal record of shikar from the South Asian subcontinent. He provides accounts of hunting both (Indian) lions and tigers, descriptions of various ungulates and of Indian birds, of falconry and coursing antelope with cheetahs. He was the subject of the Craigheads' film and book, "Life with an Indian Prince".

George Bassett Digby

George Bassett Digby (1888 - 1962) was a travel writer, journalist and geographer who specialised in Siberia.

Tigers, Gold And Witch Doctors

Tigers, Gold And Witch Doctors by George Bassett Digby (1928) is an account of a journey through Siberia and northern Central Asia which provides details about the peoples and their customs (including witch-doctors and the Siberian Indians) as well as a description of the flora and fauna.

Colonel Heber Drury

Colonel Heber Drury (1819 - 1872) was a Colonel in the Madras Light Infantry. Not only a big game hunter, Heber Drury was respected botanist.

Reminiscences Of Life And Sport In Southern India

Reminiscences Of Life And Sport In Southern India by Colonel Heber Drury (1890) recalls big game hunting, mainly in Travancore Cochin and Madras forests for tiger, leopard, elephant, sambar, gaur and other big game. Free eBook

A A Dunbar-Brander

Archibald Alexander Dunbar-Brander (1877 - 1953) was an officer of the Imperial Forest Service, Fellow of the Zoological Society and Royal Geographic Society.

Wild Animals In Central India

Wild Animals In Central India by A A Dunbar Brander (1923) who spent several years in the forests of what is now, Kanha National Park. The book records the observations of a forest officer who wrote about animals in preference to his exploits as a shikari.

R H W Dunlop

Robert Henry Wallace Dunlop (1823 - 1887) was in the Bengal Civil Service.

Hunting In The Himalaya by R H W Dunlop(1860) "With Notices of Customs and Countries from the Elephant Haunts of the Dehra Doon, to the Bunchowr Tracks in Eternal Snow". Free eBook

Service And Adventure With The Khakee Ressalah

Service And Adventure With The Khakee Ressalah Or Meerut Volunteer Horse, During The Mutinies of 1857-58 by R H W Dunlop(1858) is an historical sketch of the civil rebellion at Meerut based on Dunlop's own notes and letters. Free eBook

Sam Dunton

Hold That Tiger

Hold That Tiger by Sam Dunton (1957). The life experiences of the Staff Photographer of the New York Zoological Society.

Sir Edward Durand

Sir Edward Law Durand, 1st Baronet (1845 - 1920) was Assistant Commissioner of the Afghan Boundary Commission between 1884 and 1886 and went on to hold the office of Resident of Nepal between 1888 and 1891. He gained the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel in the service of the Indian Staff Corps.

Rifle, Rod And Spear In The East

Rifle, Rod And Spear In The East: Being Sporting Reminiscences by Sir Edward Durand (1911). Hunting in India and Nepal. Free eBook

Sir Sainthill Eardley-Wilmot

Sir Sainthill Eardley-Wilmot (1852 - 1929) spent 47 years as a forestry officer in India, becoming Inspector-General of Forests, India between 1903 and 1908.

Forest Life And Sport In India

Forest Life And Sport In India by Sir Sainthill Eardley-Wilmot (1910). Big game hunting in India by a Senior Forest Officer who spent a lifetime in India, bagging tigers, including man eaters and other big game in the same area as Jim Corbett. Free eBook

Leaves From Indian Forests

Leaves From Indian Forests by Sir Sainthill Eardley-Wilmot (1930) Sketches and memories of an official in the Indian Forestry Department.

The Life Of An Elephant

The Life Of An Elephant by Sir Sainthill Eardley-Wilmot (1912) Free eBook

The Life Of A Tiger

The Life Of A Tiger by Sir Sainthill Eardley-Wilmot (1911). Originally this was published as one book with 'The Life Of An Elephant'.

J S Edye

Sport In India And Somali Land With Hints To Young Shikaries

Sport In India And Somali Land With Hints To Young Shikaries by J S Edye (1895). An Interesting account of big game hunting in East Africa and India, with many hints and tips for the beginner from the author's own experiences.

Captain Francis Egerton

Journal Of A Winters Tour In India

Journal Of A Winters Tour In India: With A Visit To The Court Of Nepaul by Captain Francis Egerton (1852). The author landed in Ceylon where he met Samuel White Baker, then proceeded to hunt elephant and buffalo with Baker while on the road from Kandy to Trincomalee. While travelling through various parts of India, Egerton witnessed hunting deer with cheetahs, as well doing some of bird shooting. While in Gwalior, he and his party made an elephant-back tiger hunt.

Major-General James Gordon Elliott

Major-General James Gordon Elliott (1898 - 1990) served most of his military career in India.

Field Sports In India 1800-1947

Field Sports In India 1800-1947 by J G Elliott (1973) incudes two chapters on pig-sticking by Brigadier C R Templar.

Henry Wendell Endicott

The Saga Of The Tented Cities by Henry Wendell Endicott (1952). Tiger and leopard hunting in East and West Pakistan by the author who was the US Ambassador shortly after India gained independence.

Colonel P T Etherton

Colonel Percy Thomas Etherton (1879 - 1963) served with the 39th Garhwal Rifles.

Colonel Percy Thomas Etherton
Colonel Percy Thomas Etherton

On Either Side Of The Equator

On Either Side Of The Equator by Colonel P T Etherton (1953) recounts his numerous adventures trekking though Central Asia, hunting man-eating tigers in the Nepal Terai and visiting the newly formed Paricutin Volcano.

The Last Strongholds by Colonel P T Etherton (1934) is a very interesting account of travel to Mount Everest, the Himalayas and Kathmandu. It includes accounts of local people and their pastimes including hunting crocodiles and tigers.

Across The Roof Of The World

Across The Roof Of The World: A Record Of Sport And Travel Through Kashmir, Gilgit, Hunza, The Pamirs, Chinese Turkistan, Mongolia And Siberia by Colonel P T Etherton (1911). The author trekked through Kashmir to Hunza, then followed the river valley to the Batur glacier. Entering the Pamirs, he hunted Ovis poli, then continued along the Yarkand River, ascended the hill country, crossed to Kashgar where he hunted gazelle. After reaching the Tian Shan range, Etherton stalked ibex, Ovis karelini, wapiti and roe deer in the Agiass Valley. This book represents a wonderful blend of travel, exploration and big game hunting. Free eBook

Major G P Evans

Major George Patrick Elystan Evans (b.1872) served in the King's Royal Rifle Corps.

Big Game Shooting In Upper Burma

Big Game Shooting In Upper Burma by Major G P Evans (1911). Hunting the Indian elephant, gaur, banteng, rhino, tiger, Malayan bear, sambur, brow-antlered deer and other game in Burma. Free eBook

Roger Fawcett

A Tiger Tale With Bear Behind

A Tiger Tale With Bear Behind: An Account Of A 1959 Hunt In India And A 1960 Hunt In Alaska by Roger Fawcett (1960). The author (vice-president of Fawcett Publications) bags a tiger in India, a polar bear and a Kodiak in Alaska (with a bit of fishing on the side). His companions include Joe Foss the World War II Fighter Ace and Medal of Honor recipient.

Softies On Safari

Softies On Safari by Roger Fawcett (1958). Six friends seek the big five on a 21-day hunt in Tanganyika, British East Africa. A diary of hunting elephant, rhino, lion, leopard, buffalo, eland and other game, with professional hunters Patrick Hemingway and George Dove.

Sir Joseph Fayrer

Sir Joseph Fayrer (1824 - 1907) was a British physician with a particular interest in the treatment of venemous snake bite in India. He became the Honorary Physician to Their Royal Highnesses, the Prince and Princess of Wales (later King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra) and accompanied the prince on his 1875 Royal Visit to India.

Sir Joseph Fayrer
The Prince Of Wales' first tiger

Recollections Of My Life

Recollections Of My Life by Sir Joseph Fayrer (1890) is about the Prince of Wales' royal visit to India. He bagged tigers during trips in Terai and on the Mohaan River. Considerable hunting ensued with the arrival of the Duke of Edinburgh in 1870 and Fayrer later hunted with the Prince of Wales on his sporting tour of India. The rest of the book is concerned with Fayrer's earlier career in Burma and during the Mutiny, when he was at Lucknow, as well as his peacetime practice in Calcutta. Free eBook

The Royal Tiger Of Bengal

The Royal Tiger Of Bengal: His Life And Death by Sir Joseph Fayrer (1875). The author digresses from his medical work in India, in order to become a field naturalist on tigers. Free eBook

W N Fergusson

W N Fergusson was a traveller, hunter and explorer in Tibet and China whose path temporaily crossed with the Lieutenant John Weston Brooke (1880 - 1908) and Cecil Henry Meares (1877 - 1937) expedition in the same area.

When the Brooke's expedition ended with his murder, Cecil Meares returned to England and wrote some articles on the country they had been travelling through. These generated considerable interest and Mr Meares was urged to make a more permanent record of the journey, but as he was already enlisted by Captain Scott for the Antarctic Expedition, so the task fell to W N Fergusson. He was entrusted with Brooke's expedition diary and photographs to which he added his own knowledge of the remote Tibetan and western and southern Sechuan region, never previously visited by white people.

As an aside, in 1903 Lieutenant John Weston Brooke led an expedition with John Charles Blick, Robert Bittlebank and a Mr Brown. At the behest of Frederick Russell Burnham, the party, known as the 'Four B's', travelled from Nairobi via Mount Elgon to the western shores of Lake Rudolph to prospect for any potentially valuable mineral deposits.

Lieutenant John Weston Brooke
Lieutenant John Weston Brooke with a serow

Adventure, Sport And Travel On The Tibetan Steppes

Adventure, Sport And Travel On The Tibetan Steppes by W N Fergusson (1911) is an account of two hunting (serow, takin, goral) expeditions through China and Tibet undertaken by Lieutenant John Weston Brooke, who was killed by Lolo robbers on December 24, 1908. Brooke started in Shanghai in August, 1906 and travelled through Western Sechuan and Eastern Tibet in his search for the source of the Brahmaputra river. The work is based on Brooke's diary, with other observations and photographs by W N Fergusson and C H Meares.

Lt Col J C Fife-Cookson

Lt Col John Cookson Fife-Cookson (1844 - 1911) served in the New Zealand War, the Balkan campaign and at Gallipoli. For recreation he enjoyed big game hunting and salmon fishing.

Tiger-Shooting In The Doon And Ulwar

Tiger-Shooting In The Doon And Ulwar: With Life In India by Lt Col J C Fife-Cookson (1887) Free eBook

Theodore R Flaiz

Dr Theodore R Flaiz (1896 - 1977) was a medical missionary from 1920 to 1932 where he directed the Telegu Mission in India.

Moonlit Trails In The Indian Jungle

Moonlit Trails In The Indian Jungle by Theodore R Flaiz (1938) describes the adventures of missionary Dr Flaiz, his wife and two young children hunting game - particularly tigers to protect people and domestic animals in India.

F W F Fletcher

F W F Fletcher was a planter in the Wynaad area, near the Nilgiris hills of India.

F W F Fletcher
F W F Fletcher

Sport On The Nilgiris And In Wynaad

Sport On The Nilgiris And In Wynaad by F W F Fletcher (1911). Big game hunting for tiger, elephant, leopard, bison, bear, tahr, ibex and deer, in the region of Ootacamund in the North Indian Himalayas. Also about rifles, their bores, ammunition, recoil, the double eight bore and more. Free eBook

Capt James Forsyth

Captain James Forsyth (1838 - 1871) was an officer in the Bengal Staff Corps who became one of the first Europeans to explore Satpura. In 1861 he set up the forest department in central India. Forsyth acquired a reputation as a true sportsman, and spoke severely of "poaching proclivities" and "unsportsmanlike conduct."

The Highlands Of Central India

The Highlands Of Central India: Notes On The Forests And Wild Tribes, Natural History And Sports by Capt James Forsyth (1871). Big game hunting in India - stalking deer, tiger, elephant, wild buffalo shooting. Appendices on diseases of elephant, rules for sale and lease of wastelands, useful trees of the forest. Vocabulary of local terms. Hints on the preservation of natural history specimens. In 1870 wrote the manuscript for this book with which he returned to England towards the close of that year. However Forsyth died while the book was being printed so it was published posthumously. Free eBook
Capt Forsyth also wrote The Sporting Rifle And It's Projectiles

Hugh Ganzter

The Scarlet Tiger And Other Stories

The Scarlet Tiger And Other Stories by Hugh Ganzter (2006) is based on the author's hunting experiences in the jungles of India.

J Drew Gay

The Prince Of Wales In India

The Prince Of Wales In India: Or From Pall Mall To The Punjaub by J Drew Gay (1877). Accompanying the Prince of Wales on his tour, the author, a correspondent of the 'Daily Telegraph', describes hunts after deer with cheetahs in Kashmir, with an additional chapter devoted to tiger hunting in Jeypore. There is also a chapter relating the Prince of Wales' hunting trip to the Nepalese Terai after tiger and other driven game, and watching rhinoceros fight in the Maharaja's area. He also describes the territory, includes a trip to Ceylon and observes military manoeuvres. Free eBook

Edward Prichard Gee

Edward Pritchard Gee (1904 - 1968) was an Anglo-Indian tea-planter and naturalist in Assam.

The Wild Life Of India

The Wild Life Of India by Edward Prichard Gee (1964) who spent half a lifetime studying and photographing animals and birds in India. He has sat in the open within ten feet of a lion, has fallen in front of a charging rhinoceros and he has a strange tale to tell of a bird mystery in Assam. Although it is full of good stories, this is not a book of daring deeds. It is a unique panorama of the wildlife resources of India - her sanctuaries, the animals which inhabit them and the men who have done most to preserve them.

Sir Montagu Gerard

General Sir Montagu Gilbert Gerard (1842 - 1905) had a distinguished military career, serving in India (among many other places), where he hunted over 170 tigers.

Sir Montagu Gerard
Sir Montagu Gerard

Leaves From The Diaries Of A Soldier & Sportsman

Leaves From The Diaries Of A Soldier & Sportsman During Twenty Years' Service In India, Afghanistan, Egypt & Other Countries 1865-1885 by Sir Montagu Gerard (1903) Gerard was posted to India in 1866 and he recounts numerous adventures, including pig-sticking at Nagpur, tiger hunting near the Wurdah River with additional notes on bagging bear and cheetal. Later assignments brought him to various regions of the Central Provinces where he collected more tigers and a lion. On other sporting escursions, he hunted panther and tiger, with additional bouts of pig sticking.

Colonel Alexander I R Glasfurd

Colonel Alexander Inglis Robertson Glasfurd (1870 - 1942) served in the Indian army.

Colonel Alexander Inglis Robertson Glasfurd
Colonel Alexander Inglis Robertson Glasfurd

Rifle And Romance In The Indian Jungle

Rifle And Romance In The Indian Jungle: A Record Of Thirteen Years by Alexander I R Glasfurd (1905) details hunting bear, sambur, tiger, buffalo and other game near Junglypur. Free eBook

Musings Of An Old Shikari

Musings Of An Old Shikari: Reflections On Life And Sport In Jungle India by Alexander I R Glasfurd (1928) combines numerous sporting adventures from his previous works, as well as a few new ones, in this work. He describes hunting bison in the Poshida Pass, pig-sticking near Chandrabhaga and hunting tiger, buffalo, chital and other game in India's Central Provinces.

Leaves From An Indian Jungle

Leaves From An Indian Jungle: Gathered During Thirteen Years Of A Jungle Life In The Central Provinces, The Deccan, And Berar by Alexander I R Glasfurd (1903) Free eBook

Captain B R M Glossop

Capt Bertram Robert Mitford Glossop (1870 - 1941) was an officer in the 5th Dragoon Guards.

Sporting Trips Of A Subaltern

Sporting Trips Of A Subaltern by Captain B R M Glossop (1906). Various expeditions for big game shooting by the author in India, Somaliland and Nigeria. Free eBook

Sir Thomas Edward Gordon

Sir Thomas Edward Gordon (1832 - 1914) was a Scottish soldier, diplomat and traveller. He served with the 4th Foot, was in the Mutiny, Indian Staff Corps and Military Attache to Persia.

Sir Thomas Edward Gordon
Sir Thomas Edward Gordon

A Varied Life

A Varied Life: A Record Of Military And Civil Service, Of Sport And Of Travel In India, Central Asia And Persia by Sir Thomas Edward Gordon (1906) is an accountof the author's busy life which includes his sporting interests - tiger hunting experiences and brief notes on stalking wild sheep. Free eBook

The Roof Of The World

The Roof Of The World: Being The Narrative Of A Journey Over The High Plateau Of Tibet To The Russian Frontier And The Oxus Sources On Pamir by Sir Thomas Edward Gordon (1876). The author's account of the mission to Kashgar in 1873-4, one of the first expeditions to combine exploration with scientific investigation. Free eBook

Persia Revisited

Persia Revisited 1895: With Remarks On H.I.M. Mozuffer Ed-Din Shah And The Present Situation In Persia by Sir Thomas Edward Gordon (1896) Free eBook

William Gordon-Cumming

Sir William Alexander Gordon Gordon-Cumming, 4th Baronet (1848 - 1930) was a Scottish landowner, soldier, adventurer and nephew of big game hunter Roualeyn George Gordon-Cumming. He hunted in India and the Rocky Mountains.

Wild Men And Wild Beasts: Scenes In Camp And Jungle

Wild Men And Wild Beasts: Scenes In Camp And Jungle by William Gordon-Cumming (1861) Free eBook

W J D Gould

Ten Years In India

Ten Years In India In The 16th Queen's Lancers And Three Years In South Africa In The Cape Corps Levies by W J D Gould (1880) "replete with anecdotes, incidents inseparable from military life, manners and customs of the several Indian races, Mahomedans, Hindoos and Kaffir tribes, tales of elephant hunting, etc., etc." Free eBook

C E Gouldsbury

Charles Elphinstone Gouldsbury served as a Superintendent with the Bengal Police until he retired in 1903.

Tiger Land: Reminiscences Of Forty Years Sport And Adventure In Bengal

Tiger Land: Reminiscences Of Forty Years Sport And Adventure In Bengal by C E Gouldsbury (1913) relates numerous encounters with tigers in this work packed with sporting adventures. He hunted tiger from elephant back and machans, leopard and elephant. In the hills of Trevancore, bison, ibex and more tiger were hunted. Free eBook

Tiger Slayer By Order

Tiger Slayer By Order by C E Gouldsbury (1915) is the story of Digby Davies, late Inspector General of Police, Bombay whose official position as a 'Tiger Slayer', enabled him to hunt down numerous marauding tigers that were a direct threat to the inhabitants. The author able to extract details by personal contacts and studying Davies' notes. Free eBook

Dulall The Forest Guard

Dulall The Forest Guard: A Tale Of Sport And Adventure In The Forests Of Bengal by C E Gouldsbury (1909) Free eBook

Life In The Indian Police

Life In The Indian Police by C E Gouldsbury (1912) Free eBook

Government Of India

Big Game Hunting And The Game Animals Of India by The Government Of India (1948). The game regulations were hardly changed when this book was prepared in 1947 when the British left the country. This vintage volume features large and small game shooting in various parts of India during Jim Corbett's period, including the Himalayas and Kashmir where Corbett hunted, as well as the Plains, Punjab and Assam, providing opportunities for the sportsmen to bag tiger, bison, sambar, cheetal, urial, nilgiri tahr (ibex), leopard and other game.

With Gun And Rod In India

With Gun And Rod In India (1950s) Various editions of handbooks for pursuing sport in India published by the Ministry of Transport. With elaborate notes on the game found in the Himalayas, Deccan and the Indo-Gangetic Plain. Also feathered game and fishing are covered.

B N Gordon Graham

Hunter At Heart

Hunter At Heart by B N Gordon Graham (1950) describes his hunts for man-eating tigers and leopards, as well as hunts after stags, buffalo, bison, wild hogs and other game in India and Ceylon.

Patrick Grant

The Good Old Days

The Good Old Days by Patrick Grant (1956). Major Grant's recollections range over the best part of 70 years, well back into the reign of Queen Victoria. An officer who served in the Indian, East African, Finnish and Czechoslovak armies, he has hunted lion, tiger and other big game, played polo and ridden to pig.

Joseph C Grew

Joseph Clark Grew (1880 - 1965) was a US diplomat whose book 'Sport And Travel In The Far East' became a firm favourite with Roosevelt. He wrote "My dear Grew, I was greatly interested in your book "Sport and Travel in the Far East" and I think it is a fine thing to have a member of our diplomatic service able both to do what you have done, and to write about it as well and as interestingly as you have written.... Your description, both of the actual hunting and the people and surroundings, is really excellent;..."

Joseph C Grew
Joseph C Grew

Sport And Travel In The Far East

Sport And Travel In The Far East by Joseph C Grew (1910) The author was a US diplomat who travelled extensively in the Malay jungles, India, Kashmir, Singapore, Baltistan, New Zealand and China - hunting markhor and other wild sheep as well as tigers in India and China. Free eBook

"Silver Hackle"

"Silver Hackle" was identified as the pseudonym of one Albert George Shuttleworth.

Indian Jungle Lore And The Rifle: Being Notes On Shikar And Wild Animal Life by "Silver Hackle" (1929) is a scarce Indian big game and natural history title. Includes chapters on tigers, panthers, sloth bears, hyena, wild dog, gaur, sambar, swamp deer, spotted deer, hog deer, barking deer, four-horned antelope, blue bull, black buck, ravine deer, mouse deer and wild boar. Free eBook

Man-Eaters And Other Denizens Of The Indian Jungle

Man-Eaters And Other Denizens Of The Indian Jungle by "Silver Hackle" (1928) is illustrated with the authors photographs, original sketches and from photographs of heads and antlers mounted by the taxidermists, Van Ingen & Van Ingen. Includes hunting man-eating tigers and leopards as well as numerous other Indian big game from the Himalayas where Corbett hunted, to the southern Indian jungles of Mysore where Kenneth Anderson roamed. There are special comments on how to treat natives and hunt cheaply by cutting down on wages and tips.

General Douglas Hamilton

General Douglas Hamilton (1818 - 1892) was a British army officer who served in the 21st Regiment of the Madras Native Infantry from 1837 to 1871. He was a surveyor of British hill stations in South India, a noted sportsman, shikari, big-game hunter and naturalist. He legitimately shot more game in the Nilgiri Hills than any other sportsman.

General Douglas Hamilton
General Douglas Hamilton

Records Of Sport In Southern India

Records Of Sport In Southern India by General Douglas Hamilton (1892) and edited by his brother, Edward Hamilton. Delightful shikar yarns from the southern Indian jungles, considered once as the paradise for hunters, teeming with tigers, leopards, elephants, gaur, Sambar, deer and antelopes. Free eBook

Leonard M H Handley

Major Leonard Mourant Hay Handley (b. 1890) served in the British Army and Indian Army and was a writer and big game hunter.

Hunter's Moon: Big Game Hunting In India And Burma

Hunter's Moon: Big Game Hunting In India And Burma by Leonard M H Handley (1933) includes accounts of hunting man-eating tigers. Free eBook

Mrs M A Handley

Roughing It In Southern India

Roughing It In Southern India by Mrs M A Handley (1911) is about her experiences as a forestry officer's wife, including her observations on elephants, hunting and natural history. Free eBook

Patrick Hanley

Tiger Trails In Assam

Tiger Trails In Assam by Patrick Hanley (1961). The author was an English tea planter and this book depicts his big game hunting in the jungles of Assam for elephants, Indian rhino, tigers and leopards.

Lord Hardinge

Charles Hardinge, 1st Baron Hardinge of Penshurst (1858 - 1944) was a British diplomat and statesman who served as Viceroy of India from 1910 to 1916.

Lord Hardinge
Lord Hardinge

On Hill And Plains

On Hill And Plains by Lord Hardinge (1933). Pigsticking and tiger hunting on a grand scale by the author who was viceroy in India.

Eric Harrison

Eric George William Warde Harrison (1893 - 1987) served in the Royal Artillery and was an Olympic hurdler.

Gunners, Game & Gardens

Gunners, Game & Gardens by Eric Harrison (1978) is an entertaining autobiographical adventure with much shooting and hunting in UK, Baltistan, India and Tanganyika.

Michael G Harrison

The Jackals Will Be There

The Jackals Will Be There by Michael G Harrison (1987). The author was born in Rawalpindi in the 1920's. He joined the Indian police force, remaining in service in Pakistan after partition. This book is an autobiographical account of his sporting exploits, mainly big game, man-eaters, marauding wild pigs and game birds, with observations of local affairs and people.

"Red Heather"

Memories Of Sporting Days

Memories Of Sporting Days by "Red Heather" (1923). Recollections of shikar in India for blackbuck, chital, sambar, crocodile and elephant. Black bear hunting in Kashmir and sitting up for tiger on moonlit nights. Deer hunting in Scotland.

John K Heughan

By Canoe And Elephant: Adventures In The Burma-Siam Jungle

By Canoe And Elephant: Adventures In The Burma-Siam Jungle by John K Heughan (1942) is the author's memoir of his adventures hunting, fishing and rafting on and near the Salween River of Burma and present-day Thailand.

Sir John Hewett

Sir John Prescott Hewett (1854 - 1941) was a administrator in India and very keen tiger hunter, often clearing his official work very early in the morning to fit in his shooting expeditions.

Jungle Trails In Northern India: Reminiscences Of Hunting In India by Sir John Hewett (1938). As the Governor of United Provinces, Sir John Hewett enjoyed tremendous opportunities to hunt tigers in various parts of northern India. Thanks to the many royal friends - princes and maharajas who lavishly spoiled him with luxury jungle camps fitted with Rolls Royce cars and champagne breakfasts, Sir John witnessed the death of hundreds of tigers. He also gives a concise account of tiger shooting in India, together with numerous anecdotes from fellow sportsmen, measurements and who bagged most tigers. When Jim Corbett killed his first man-eating tigress in 1907, Sir John awarded him with a .275 Rigby rifle.

Frederick Codrington Newton De Ferrers Hicks

Frederick Codrington Hicks arrived in India in 1866 and later joined the Forest Service.

Forty Years Among Wild Animals Of India

Forty Years Among Wild Animals Of India: From Mysore To The Himalayas by F C Hicks (1910) describes his numerous hunts in great detail. He hunted tigers, buffalo, bison, pathers and antelopes as well as small game. Free eBook

Peter Hirsch

The Last Man In Paradise

The Last Man In Paradise by Peter Hirsch (1961). Big-game hunter Hirsch's first-hand accounts of safaris in Africa, India and Alaska. "If it feels good, do it. I hunt because I enjoy it!"

Edward Hodges-Hill

Man-Eater: Tales Of Lion And Tiger Encounters

Man-Eater: Tales Of Lion And Tiger Encounters by Edward Hodges-Hill (1992). Few lions or tigers become man-eaters. Of those that do take human beings or cattle as regular food, most are driven by famine or injury. They become a scourge, roaming over wide areas, terrorizing villages and isolated settlements, their cunning often allowing them to elude capture for many years. Among the stories are encounters with man-eaters credited with 50 or even 100 victims, successfully attacking protected villages, construction sites or railway stations in pursuit of prey.

William Hornaday

Two Years In The Jungle

Two Years In The Jungle: The Experiences Of A Hunter And Naturalist In India, Ceylon, The Malay Peninsula And Borneo by William Hornaday (1885). After serving as a taxidermist at Henry Augustus Ward's Natural Science Establishment in Rochester, New York, he spent the years, from 1877 to 1878 in India and Ceylon collecting specimens. In May 1878 he reached southeast Asia and travelled in Malaya and Sarawak in Borneo. Free eBook
All other books by William Hornaday

W O Horne

William Ogilvie Horne (b.1862) served in the Indian Civil Service as Chief Secretary in Madras. Apparently Madras was where those with low examination results were posted without a choice in the matter.

Work And Sport In The Old ICS by W O Horne (1928) is an account of life in the Indian Civil Service, the prime motive for the author joining being..."having also strong open-air tastes, a love of all sport, a certain hankering after adventure, and a whole-hearted detestation of desk or clerical work, I thought the I.C.S. would suit me.". He did much big game hunting for tigers, bears and other smaller game. Free eBook

Theodore Rathbone Hubback

Theodore Rathbone Hubback (1872 - 1942) was a British engineer, big game hunter, first class cricket player and conservationist. He initially went to Malaya as an engineer on the railways, later becoming a rubber plantation owner in Pahang and big game hunter. He also became an authority on wildlife conservation and published several wildlife books. He discovered the Malayan seladang species, Bos gaurus hubbacki which was named after him. Hubback was instrumental in the formation of the King George National Park and became its Chief Game Warden.

Theodore Rathbone Hubback
Theodore Rathbone Hubback

Elephant And Seladang Hunting In The Federated Malay States

Elephant And Seladang Hunting In The Federated Malay States by Theodore R Hubback (1905). One of the classic Asian elephant hunting titles and one of the very few on seladang hunting. A longtime resident in Malaya, Hubback recounts his numerous hunting trips after elephant and seladang. Travelling from Singapore to the Pertang River and Kenawan, he collected seladang which he treated with respect. Free eBook

Three Months In Pahang In Search Of Big Game: A Reminiscence Of Malaya by Theodore R Hubback (1912) Free eBook

To Far Western Alaska For Big Game

To Far Western Alaska For Big Game: Being An Account Of Two Journeys To Alaska In Search Of Adventure by Theodore R Hubback (1929) is an account of two hunting expeditions for sheep and moose in the Kenai Peninsula, brown bear in the Pavlov region, sheep in the Rainey Pass country and moose and caribou in the Ptarmigan Valley of Western Alaska.

General Hutchinson

Diary Of Service In Burma by General Hutchinson (1862). The author's identity and rank is not clear from his book. Shooting is the author's sport of choice - jungle fowl, pigeons, hog deer, deer, bucks and monkeys. He and his friends and beaters nearly bagged a tiger, a hunt which he describes in detail - wounded tiger escapes in thick jungle.

W H Florio Hutchisson

Pen And Pencil Sketches: Being Reminisences During Eighteen Years Residence In Bengal

Pen And Pencil Sketches: Being Reminisences During Eighteen Years Residence In Bengal by W H Florio Hutchisson (1883). Hutchisson is the pen-name of George Trigger, an appropriate surname for an author who obviously enjoyed the sporting in India. Includes discussions on snipe shooting and hunting for quail, hogs, tigers, rhinoceros, buffalo and alligators. Free eBook

S A H A A Imam

S A H A A Imam (b.1920) was a big game hunter, horseman, yachtsman and sports car racing driver.

Brown Hunter!

Brown Hunter! The Big Five Of Indian Jungle Game, Tiger, Elephant, Leopard, Buffalo And Gaur, With A Reference As Well To Himalayan Big Game by S A H A A Imam (1979). The author describes his hunting adventures, including bagging several man-eaters during his 30 shikars in India.

James Inglis

James Inglis (1845 - 1908) was a Scottish indigo planter, tea merchant, author, big game hunter and politician.

James Inglis
James Inglis

Tent Life In Tiger Land

Tent Life In Tiger Land: Sport And Work On The Nepaul Frontier Or Twelve Years Sporting Reminiscences Of An Indigo Planter by James Inglis (1892). The author went to India in 1866 and became an indigo planter in Bihar and the North-West Provinces. He revelled in tiger shooting and pigsticking and published sporting verses, Tirhoot Rhymes (Calcutta, 1873), under the pseudonym 'Maori'. Sir Charles Dilke describes him as an out-and-out free trader, a fluent witty speaker, a popular lecturer, and author of some of the stiffest Indian 'tiger stories'. Free Ebook

Tirhoot Rhymes

Tirhoot Rhymes by James Inglis (1873) is a collection of sporting verse. Free eBook

Augustus Henry Irby

Lt Col Augustus Henry Irby (1818 - 1861) served in India and died of cholera there, aged 43.

The Diary Of A Hunter

The Diary Of A Hunter: From The Punjab To The Karakorum Mountains by A H Irby (1863) Free eBook

Shuja Ul Islam & John H Roush Jr

Hunting Dangerous Game With Maharajas

Hunting Dangerous Game With Maharajas by Shuja Ul Islam & John H Roush (2000) are tales of adventures on a grand scale that took place for the most part in the first half of the 20th century.
More hunting and fishing books by John H Roush

Lt Col M M Ismail

Call Of The Tiger

Call Of The Tiger by Lt Col M M Ismail (1964). The author, an officer in the Gurkha Rifles, describes his hunts after marauding tiger and leopard near Dhobghata, Pipalhjonpa, Palasghata and other regions of India.

Daniel Johnson

Daniel Johnson (1767 - 1835) was a surgeon for the East India Company. He was appointed assistant surgeon in the Bengal medical service in 1789 when he conducted experiments on snakebite, and later communicated his findings to his fellow Bengal surgeon James Johnson. He was promoted to surgeon in 1805, and retired from the service in 1809. He settled in Devon, and in 1822 printed his 'Sketches of Indian Field-Sports: As Followed By The Natives Of India.

Sketches Of Indian Field Sports: With Observations On The Animals

Sketches Of Indian Field Sports: With Observations On The Animals by Daniel Johnson (1827) is an account of the author's travels and experiences in India, including the hunting of buffalos, tigers and leopards in the jungles around Ramghur, Rogonautpore and Bundbissunpore. Free eBook

Sketches Of Field Sports As Followed By The Natives Of India

Sketches Of Field Sports As Followed By The Natives Of India by Daniel Johnson (1822) includes tales of pigeons and hyenas, hawking, coursing with greyhounds, variant methods of catching tigers and other wild cats, smoking porcupines and more, with a few anecdotal tangents on manufacturing iron and silk and Indian social customs. Free eBook This is Daniel Johnson's 1st book printed in 1822. His second book was printed in 1827 with a similar title.

J W D Johnstone

The Gwalior Of Scindias

The Gwalior Of Scindias by J W D Johnstone (1905). The book was originally published as 'Gwalior 1905', as it was a narrative of the official visit of the Prince and Princess of Wales to Gwalior in the year 1905. The book was written at the request of the Maharaja Scindia who wanted to record this event. The title of book was changed because it also was an in-depth study about the historical Gwalior and the Scindias who ruled over it for centuries.

Sher Jung

Sher Jung (1904 - 1996) was a freedom fighter, writer, hunter and a pioneer wildlife conservationist. Read more about the life of Sher Jung.

Sher Jung
Sher Jung

Tryst With Tigers

Tryst With Tigers by Sher Jung (1967). After several chapters describing the habit and life of tigers, the author recounts his hunts in the Kalagarh Forest of the Tarai Bhabar and near the Kumaon district.

Ramblings In Tigerland by Sher Jung (1979) is about three different encounters in the wild including his long chase of 'Landa', the vile, stump-tailed man-eating tiger.

Sankhala Kailash

Arjan Singh's Tiger Book

Arjan Singh's Tiger Book by Sankhala Kailash (2001) is an anthology on the tiger in India. The contributors come from various walks of life (conservation, wildlife, ecology, photography and film-making) bound by a common interest in the tiger including Jim Corbett, the hunter turned conservationist who edited India's first magazine on the subject.

Warren Franklin Kellogg

Hunting In The Jungle With Gun And Guide After Large Game

Hunting In The Jungle With Gun And Guide After Large Game by Warren F Kellogg & Louis Jacolliot (1888) Free eBook

R G Kelly

Trails, Trouts And Tigers: Outdoor Reminiscences On Six Continents

Trails, Trouts And Tigers: Outdoor Reminiscences On Six Continents by R G Kelly (1961). Hunting moose, sheep, pronghorn, goat, elk, polar bear, duck and goose, tiger in India, elephant in Africa, fishing for bass, muskellunge, trout, marlin, tuna, grayling, Atlantic and Pacific salmon, mahseer, bonefish, tarpon and more.

Major R L Kennion

Major Roger Lloyd Kennion (1866 - 1942) was an officer in the British Indian Army, serving in the Central India Horse. He joined the Indian Foreign and Political Department, later was to be appointed a Consul in Persia.

By Mountain, Lake And Plain: Being Sketches of Sport In Eastern Persia

By Mountain, Lake And Plain: Being Sketches of Sport In Eastern Persia by Major R L Kennion (1911) who was British consul in the area and spent much time hunting ibex and wild sheep. He had the best areas made available to him for hunting, also bagging maral stag and tiger. Free eBook

Sport And Life In Further Himalaya

Sport And Life In Further Himalaya by Major R L Kennion (1910). Big game hunting plus observations of falcons, yaks and other indigenous creatures of the Himalaya region of Northern India and Tibet, in a series of well-told episodes.

Diversions Of An Indian Political

Diversions Of An Indian Political by R L Kennion (1932) is a collection of reminiscences about British rule in India - the 'diversions' being lots of tiger, bear and deer hunting.

Gohar Ayub Khan

Gohar Ayub Khan (b.1937) is a Pakistani politician, businessman and retired army officer.

Shikar In The Days Gone By

Shikar In The Days Gone By by Gohar Ayub Khan (2009) describes the author's sporting activities between the 1950s and the present day. He hunted in various parts of the Himalayas, Pakistan, India, Nepal and Bangladesh, as well as the Sundarbans. Khan's preference was for high, wild, inaccessible areas and maximum discomfort, although he does also describe tiger hunts using elephants. Includes hunting tigers, ibex, markhor, urial, Marco Polo sheep, wild boar, game birds, crocodiles and the odd raccoon.

Tahawar Ali Khan

Man-Eaters Of Sunderbans

Man-Eaters Of Sunderbans by Tahawar Ali Khan (1961). The author, a great fan of Jim Corbett, was able to bag several man-eaters from the Sunderban jungles where tiger was the king.

William Henry Giles Kingston

William Henry Giles Kingston (1814 - 1880) was a prolific English author of adventure novels for boys.

The Young Rajah: A Story Of Indian Life And Adventure

The Young Rajah: A Story Of Indian Life And Adventure by W H G Kingston (1897)

Alexander Kinloch

Brigadier General Alexander Angus Airlie Kinloch (1838 - 1919) served in the British army in India. He was the grandfather of Uganda Game Warden Bruce Kinloch of 'Shamba Raiders' fame and an accomplished big game hunter.

Large Game Shooting In Thibet, The Himalayas, Northern And Central India

Large Game Shooting In Thibet, The Himalayas, Northern And Central India by Alexander Kinloch (1885) describes his many hunting adventures together with accounts of the habits and haunts of the game involved. Includes much on the sheep, markhor and ibex. Kindle Version

Travel, Exploration And Sports In Himalayas: Tales Of Large Game Shooting by Alexander Kinloch (1885) is the revised edition of two volumes 'Large Game Shooting in Tibet and the North-West' and had been the complete guide book for sportsmen, researchers, scholars, wildlife lovers and for all those interested in travels and exploration of nature. The book should also serve a guide book for the preservation of nature, history and specimens.

George Hogan Knowles

George Hogan Knowles
George Hogan Knowles

In The Grip Of The Jungles

In The Grip Of The Jungles by George Hogan Knowles (1932) is the author's account of his travels through India in search of sport. Mainly shooting but with an interlude of mahseer fishing. Tigers, deer, panthers and others, with many observations of local life and culture.

Jungle Haunts

Jungle Haunts by George Hogan Knowles (1934) is the last of the author's trilogy and life and hunting in India.

Terrors Of The Jungle by George Hogan Knowles (1932) is a scarce book which is currently unavailable. Free eBook

Ludwig Koch-Isenburg

Through The Jungle Very Softly

Through The Jungle Very Softly: A Quest For Wild Animals In The Far East by Ludwig Koch-Isenburg (1963) describes his adventures seeking out animals and birds in Asia.

Tobias J Lanz

On The Trail Of The Indian Tiger

On The Trail Of The Indian Tiger by Tobias J Lanz (2009) is an interesting anthology of pieces on tiger shooting in India between 1788 and 1966, mainly by British colonial authors. It goes from the earliest story by William Blane in 1788 to the latest story by Robert Ruark in 1966.

Colonel Cuthbert Larking

Colonel Cuthbert Larking (1842 - 1910) was a big game hunter who served in the 15th Hussars in India. Besides writing about his hunting exploits, he dabbled in writing romantic novels. In 1884 he was appointed as the English aide-de-camp to the Khedive of Egypt and also held positions in the households of Queen Victoria and her son the Duke of Connaught.

Colonel Cuthbert Larking
Colonel Cuthbert Larking with the Nawab of Hyderabad's Tiger

Bandobast And Khabar: Reminiscences Of India

Bandobast And Khabar: Reminiscences Of India by Colonel Cuthbert Larking (1888). Big game hunting in the Deccan jungles. Free eBook

With Everything Against Her by Colonel Cuthbert Larking (date unknown) is a 3 volume novel.

Of The Deepest Dye by Colonel Cuthbert Larking (1897) is a novel.

J A Lawson

The Wandering Naturalists: A Story Of Adventure by J A Lawson (1880) is about a plant-hunting expedition in Northern India and the Himalayas. While there they hunted wild boar, attempted to climb Mount Everest and hunted some tigers, jackals, lynxes, hyenas and wolves. Discusses the dangers of hunting tiger and elephant, the loss of life among British officers and being seriously wounded himself by a tiger.

George J Leahy

Shikar For Sher Khan

Shikar For Sher Khan by George J Leahy (1964). The author was a friend of Hemingway and wrote this book at Ernest's suggestion. It is the record of a Chicago salesman following an elusive Bengal tiger. Having hunted in Africa earlier, Leahy was obsessed with adding a tiger to his trophy list, and he arranged a shikar in Central India for 18 days from in 1964. This book describes his daily records in pursuit of big game in India and details of bagging a leopard etc. On the last day, he was able to fulfill his ambition.

Oswald Lewis

I'd Like To Go Again

I'd Like To Go Again: Being Some Further Impressions Of Travel In Many Lands by Oswald Lewis (1954) is the second book by an inveterate traveller and big-game hunter and covers hunting in Africa and India, adventures in Russia, the Far North, South America, Caribbean, Maderia and Majorca.

Because I've Not Been There Before by Oswald Lewis (1929) are extracts from the correspondence of Oswald Lewis while travelling round the world in 1926-7. Travels in India, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

Sir Francis Lindley

Sir Francis Oswald Lindley (1872 - 1950) was a British diplomat, serving as British Ambassador in Austria, Greece, Norway, Portugal and Japan.

A Diplomat Off Duty

A Diplomat Off Duty by Sir Francis Lindley (1928) is a book of sporting reminiscences including tiger hunting, salmon fishing, duck shooting and more.

Lt Col Arthur Locke

Lt Col Arthur Locke (b. 1910) was in the Malayan Civil Service working as a District Officer. His tasks included combating Communist terrorist gangs and killing tigers which attacked humans or domestic animals.

The Tigers Of Trengganu

The Tigers Of Trengganu by Lt Col Arthur Locke (1954). Trengganu is a remote state in northeastern Malaya and Colonel Locke was sent there to be the British Government Administration officer. Part of his duties were to hunt and kill tigers who were man-eaters or who were destroying domestic animals. He collected a vast quantity of information about the tigers - their distribution, size, habits, diet, the way in which they make their kills and train their cubs, the territory they cover, and the superstitions and legends about them. Free eBook

Edward Lockwood

Edward Dowdeswell Lockwood (1834 - 1903) served for 20 years in India with the Bengal Civil Service and as a magistrate in Monghyr.

Natural History, Sport, And Travel by Edward Lockwood (1878) is an account of the author's life in India where he hunted and as a naturalist collected specimens, particularly insects. Free eBook

D King Martin

The Ways Of Man And Beast In India

The Ways Of Man And Beast In India by D King Martin (1935) Free eBook

Lt-General H G Martin

Sunset From The Main

Sunset From The Main by Lt-Gen H G Martin (1951). Sporting memories of a Horse and Field Artilleryman in India. Includes chapters on mahseer fishing (with frogs as bait), trout fishing in Kashmir, hunting tiger, Tibetan argal, ibex, gazelle, bear, shooting bustard and pig sticking in India and Iraq.

Major-General Sir Frederick Maurice

Major-General Sir Frederick Barton Maurice (1871 - 1951) was a British general, military correspondent, writer and academic.

Soldier, Artist, Sportsman

Soldier, Artist, Sportsman: The Life Of General Lord Rawlinson Of Trent From His Journal And Letters by Sir Frederick Maurice (1928). Service in India, Boer War and World War I and finally C-in-C India (1920). Includes bear and tiger hunting in India as well as pig-sticking and polo.

Sir George Maxwell

Sir William George Maxwell (1871 - 1959) was a British naturalist and colonial administrator in British Malaya and Straits Settlements.

In Malay Forests

In Malay Forests by Sir George Maxwell (1907) is a collection of autobiographical articles set in the states of the Malay Peninsula over quite a period of time. They illustrate George Maxwell's deep interest in the forests of the country. Chapter headings include: Crocodile catching; A Tiger-Drive, Tuba Fishing, A Were-Tiger and A Deer-Drive. Free eBook

Charles McCann

A Shikar's Pocket Book by Charles McCann (1927). The book is contained in brown wallet with an accompanying separate big game register. The register is divided into dates, species, locality, measurements, remarks. 13 sides are filled in a neat hand and there is also a section for notes, 1 side filled in covering the years 1931 to 1937. The game mentioned include crocodile, panther, sloth, bear, tiger and python. The author goes into detail on the hunt and the shot. A very scarce item and unique with the register. Written with Lt Col C H Stockley.

Andrew McDearmid

Dr Andrew Mayfield McDearmid (1922 - 2017) was an American big game hunter and missionary who spent 25 years in India.

Heart Of A Hunter: Big Game Hunting

Heart Of A Hunter: Big Game Hunting by Andrew McDearmid (2002) shares his hunting tales from the high Himalayas to steaming jungles where he found himself stalking man-eating tigers and killer elephants.

Charles McDougal

The Face Of The Tiger

The Face Of The Tiger by Charles McDougal (1977) examines the life of the tiger, the world's most powerful predator. A study of tigers in the Indian subcontinent, with special reference to the Nepalese terai. McDougal began by hunting tigers and ended up as Director of Operations and Chief Naturalist at Tiger Tops Jungle Lodge in the Royal Chitawan National Park.

Brigadier General William Mitchell

Brigadier General William Mitchell (1879 - 1936) was a United States Army general who is regarded as the father of the US Air Force. He and his wife hunted tigers in India on their honeymoon, as guests of a maharajah.

Brigadier General William Mitchell
Brigadier General William Mitchell

Tiger Hunting In India by Brigadier General William Mitchell (1924)

Read the National Geographic archive article (with photos) about Brigadier General William Mitchell's tiger hunt

A F Mockler-Ferryman

Lt Col Augustus Ferryman Mockler-Ferryman (1856 - 1930) served in the Oxfordshire Light Infantry and was a prolific author of books on the countries in which he was stationed.

The Life Story Of A Tiger

The Life Story Of A Tiger by A F Mockler-Ferryman (1910)

Up The Niger

Up The Niger: Narrative Of Major Claude Macdonald's Mission To The Niger And Benue Rivers, West Africa by Captain A F Mockler-Ferryman (1892) is an important account of the MacDonald expedition to the Niger and Benue rivers in western Africa in 1889 to investigate complaints about the Royal Niger Company, with much on native life, hunting and exploration. Free eBook

Godfrey Charles Mundy

Godfrey Charles Mundy (1804 - 1860) was a British Major General who took part in the Siege of Bharatpur in 1825. During the Crimean War he was under-secretary in the War Office and in 1857 he was appointed Lieutenant-Governor of Jersey in the Channel Islands.

Godfrey Charles Mundy
Godfrey Charles Mundy's Sketch Of An Elephant Charging A Tiger

Pen And Pencil Sketches: Being The Journal Of A Tour In India

Pen And Pencil Sketches: Being The Journal Of A Tour In India by Godfrey Charles Mundy (1832) 2 Volumes. This is a personal account of a hunting trip by the author who travelled through Benares, Lucknow, Simla and Delhi. The charming plates are made after drawings by the author himself, of which many depict elephant and tiger scenes. Free eBook Vol I Free eBook Vol II

Arthur Musselwhite

Arthur Musselwhite was a photographer and adventurer who in 1930 took over Bourne & Shepherd, one of the world's oldest established photographic studios, originally founded in 1863, in Simla.

Behind The Lens In Tigerland by Arthur Musselwhite (1933) includes photos by the author showing tigers in India and Nepal, other wildlife, local people and elephant-back tiger hunts.

Captain J T Newall

The Eastern Hunters

The Eastern Hunters by Captain J T Newall (1866). Most of the book is taken from the author's journals and notebooks. Much on tiger hunting including an account of a sporting feat by a "lamented brother" of a successful right and left shot at tigers.

Scottish Moors And Indian Jungles

Scottish Moors And Indian Jungles: Scenes Of Sport In The Lewis And India by Captain J T Newall (1889). Details of his travels in Lewis for deer, grouse and fishing. Part II covers bear and tiger hunting in India. Free eBook

Hog Hunting In The East: And Other Sports

Hog Hunting In The East: And Other Sports by Captain J T Newall (1867)

Frank Nicholls

Assam Shikari

Assam Shikari by Frank Nicholls (1970). During 50 years in India, the author managed to bag numerous animals including 28 tigers and many leopards. He also fished Mahseer in many waters.

Samuel H Noble

Samuel H Noble (b. 1838) includes the tale of hunting a man-eating tiger in his adventures. He is not to be confused with Sam 'Buckskin' Stone Hall.

Samuel H Noble
Samuel H Noble 'Buckskin Sam'

Life And Adventures Of Buckskin Sam

Life And Adventures Of Buckskin Sam by Samuel H Noble (1900). The author tells of his life and adventures on the sea, with Indians in South America, on a sheep ranch in South America, a visit to Liverpool, England, his recruitment into the British Army, thrilling times in India, big game hunting, return to England and his return to New York. There is a chapter on his enlistment in the First Regiment of Connecticut Cavalry, under the command of General George Armstrong Custer. Free eBook

H N Norman

Tattered Shuttlecock: The Life And Adventures Of H N Norman by H N Norman (1937) is an account of his life and travels including serving in WW1, India, farming in Kenya and more.

Aubrey O'Brien & Reginald Bolster

Lt-Col Aubrey John O'Brien (1870 – 1930) was an officer in the British Indian Army and a writer on India.

Cupid And Cartridges

Cupid And Cartridges by Aubrey O'Brien & Reginald Bolster (1911) is an account of both authors' travels through India where they hunted boar, duck and crocodile. Free eBook

Laurence Oliphant

Laurence Oliphant (1829 - 1888) was a British author, traveller, diplomat, and politician.

A Journey To Katmandu

A Journey To Katmandu by Laurence Oliphant (1852) is a rare account of Nepal. Oliphant spent some of his early years in Ceylon, where his father was chief justice. In 1851 he was invited by Jung Bahadur to join a hunting excursion in Nepal and it is this trip that forms the basis of this work. Free eBook

B B Osmaston

Bertram Beresford Osmaston (1867 - 1961) was an officer in the Imperial Forestry Service in India. He joined the Forest Service in India in 1888 and served in the United Provinces, Bengal, Andamans, Burma and retired as a Chief Conservator of the Central Provinces. He was a keen naturalist and made notes of his observations during postings in various parts of India.

Wild Life And Adventures In Indian Forests

Wild Life And Adventures In Indian Forests by B B Osmaston (1977). Osmaston arrived in India in 1888, bagging his first tiger near Mundali, he spent much of his career as a forest officer in various regions and recounts numerous encounters with big game. Much of the book is related to the birds and fauna of India.

Charlie 'Snaffles' Johnson Payne

Charlie 'Snaffles' Johnson Payne (1884 -1967) was a British artist who was considered as one of the greatest sporting and military artist of his time. He developed an early passion for hunting in all its forms, and the Services which, as he tells us, "in those days went hand in hand". He joined the Royal Garrison Artillery at the age of 18 as a gunner but in 1906 he was forced to leave because of illness. However, his time in the army was influential, as his first recorded works of semi-caricature portrait date from this time. Invalided out of World War One, Payne took a job as a war artist for 'The Graphic' and it was during these years that he produced some of his finest military work. It was as a sporting artist that 'Snaffles' built his reputation and, after the War, he worked on the hunting, shooting, polo, racing and fishing subjects which made his name. The classic series of pig-sticking prints he completed in India in the 1920s are perhaps the images for which he is best known and his depictions of military life in the Raj are second to none.

More Bandobast

More Bandobast by Charlie 'Snaffles'Johnson Payne (1936). The author recounts pig-sticking exploits with brief notes on sambar and tiger, excellent colour plates and drawings.

E H Peacock

Lieutenant Colonel Edgar Henry William Peacock (1893 - 1955) was a forest and game warden in Burma and went on to have a distinguished career as a British Officer commanding special forces operations behind Japanese lines in Burma during the Second World War.

A Game Book For Burma And Adjoining Territories

A Game Book For Burma And Adjoining Territories by E H Peacock (1933) is a splendid account of wildlife and hunting by the Deputy Conservator of Forests and Game Warden in Burma.

Michel Peissel

Tiger For Breakfast: The Story Of Boris Of Kathmandu

Tiger For Breakfast: The Story Of Boris Of Kathmandu by Michel Peissel (1966) is the biography Boris Lissanevitch, former dancer with Diaghilev, proprietor of the Royal Hotel in Kathmandu, socialite and big-game hunter.

Richard Perry

The World Of The Tiger

The World Of The Tiger by Richard Perry (1964) describes the habitats and activities of tigers throughout Asia and India.

Lieutenant John Pester

Lieutenant John Pester (1778 - 1856) went to India to join the forces of the East India Company in 1801. He retired as a Lieutenant-Colonel in 1826, having never been absent from duty, except when sick.

War And Sport In India 1802-1806: An Officer's Diary

War And Sport In India 1802-1806: An Officer's Diary by Lieutenant John Pester (1928) was edited and published by a relative of the author, J A Devenish, who also later went to India as an engineer. Pester describes the battles and skirmishes of the time in India as the Company protected it's trade and domains. Lt John Pester also describes his big game hunting expeditions for hog, tiger and more. Free eBook

Brigadier-General R Pigot

Brigadier-General Sir Robert Pigot (1882 - 1977) had an illustrious military career and was a remarkable big game hunter.

Twenty Five Years Big Game Hunting

Twenty Five Years Big Game Hunting by Brigadier-General R Pigot (1928). Big game hunting moose in Norway, mouflon, deer and boar in Sardinia, ibex in Egypt, tiger, leopard, ibex, bear, markhor, antelope, sheep, burhel and other game in India, gaur and tsaine in Burma, sheep in Mongolia, deer in Siam, tiger in Siberia, caribou in Newfoundland, ibex, wapiti and sheep in China, sheep in the Russian Parmirs and red deer in New Zealand.

Reginald I Pocock

Reginald Innes Pocock (1863 - 1947) was a British zoologist.

The Fauna Of British India, Including Ceylon And Burma

The Fauna Of British India, Including Ceylon And Burma by Reginald I Pocock (1939 & 1941) Two Volumes. A scarce work detailing in scientific terms the primates and carnivores in India, Burma and Ceylon. The sections on the carnivores includes numerous references to big game hunters such as Stockley, Dunbar Brander, Colonel Kennion and others.

Arthur John Osborne Pollock

Lt Colonel Arthur John Osborne Pollock (1846 - 1901) served in the Royal Scots Fusiliers.

Sporting Days In Southern India

Sporting Days In Southern India: Being Reminiscences Of Twenty Trips In Pursuit Of Big Game, Chiefly In The Madras Presidency by Arthur John Osborne Pollock (1894) details the hunting of bear, panther, bison, tiger, elephant, various deer species, antelope and ibex, mainly in the Madras state. There is also helpful advice on travel, camping and even how to prepare for the monsoon season. Free eBook

Fitz William Thomas Pollok

Lt Colonel Fitz William Thomas Pollok (1832 - 1909) had 13 years of military service in India and Burma.

Lt Colonel Fitz William Thomas Pollok
Lt Colonel Fitz William Thomas Pollok

Incidents Of Foreign Sport And Travel

Incidents Of Foreign Sport And Travel by Fitz William Thomas Pollok (1896). Adventure and danger during Victorian times in India, Africa and the Azores. Mostly big game hunting with much trouble with the servants. Free eBook

Sport In British Burma, Assam, And The Cassyah And Jyntiah Hills

Sport In British Burma, Assam, And The Cassyah And Jyntiah Hills by Fitz William Thomas Pollok (1879) Free eBook Vol I Free eBook Vol II

Fifty Years Of Reminiscences Of India

Fifty Years Of Reminiscences Of India: A Retrospect Of Travel, Adventure And Shikar by Fitz William Thomas Pollok (1896). Colonel Pollok's finest work, recalling his adventures of hunting tiger, leopard, rhino, buffalo, elephant and other big game in the Indian subcontinent. He was known to have shot a rhino each morning before breakfast. Free eBook

Wild Sports Of Burma And Assam

Wild Sports Of Burma And Assam by Fitz William Thomas Pollok & W S Thom (1900) Free eBook

Arthur Nugent Waldemar Powell

Colonel Arthur Nugent Waldemar Powell (b.1896) served with the Bedfordshire Regiment in India.

Call Of The Tiger

Call Of The Tiger by Col A N W Powell (1957) is an account of the author's numerous hunts for Indian big game including tiger, panther in the Siwalik Hills, goral, bear and panther in the Himalayas and buffalo as well as other game. Free eBook

Pir Ali Muhammad Rashdi

Pir Ali Muhammad Rashdi (1905 - 1987) was a a journalist, a newspaper proprietor and a politician, becoming Pakistan's ambassador to China and the Phillipines.

Sindh Ways And Days: Shikar And Other Memories

Sindh Ways And Days: Shikar And Other Memories by Pir Ali Muhammad Rashdi (2003) The author puts shikar in context in the socio-political fabric of Sindh, detailing information about weapons used and preferred hunting style and also listing information on renowned marksmen. A geographic and cultural link between India and the Middle East, and the Indian and Persian civilizations, Sindh was home to one of the oldest civilizations in the world. This book provides heady and interesting titbits about Sindh in an age gone by. A fascinating account of hunting in the sub-continent by a contemporary of Jim Corbett.

William Rice

Major-General William Rice served with the 25th Bombay Native Light Infantry Regiment. A keen tiger hunter...he accounted for 158 tigers in 4 years.

Tiger-Shooting In India by William Rice (1857) is an account of hunting experiences on foot in Rajpootana, during the hot seasons from 1850 to 1854. There is an account of the author saving his colleague, Hugh Elliot, who was seized and dragged by a wounded tigress. Rice made a well-placed shot through the top of the animal's skull.

Indian Game: From Quail To Tiger

Indian Game: From Quail To Tiger by William Rice (1884) Free eBook

C A G Rivaz

Indian Small Game Shooting For Novices

Indian Small Game Shooting For Novices by C A G Rivaz (1912) is one of the first books on hunting small game and birds in India for beginners. It is a book of advice, suggestions and information from the authors own experiences in different parts of India. Free eBook

The Earl Of Ronaldshay

Lawrence John Lumley Dundas (1876 – 1961), the 2nd Marquess of Zetland, was styled as the Earl of Ronaldshay between 1892 and 1929. He was a British Conservative politician and author who became the Governor of Bengal between 1917 and 1922, then later, served as Secretary of State for India in the late 1930s.

The Earl Of Ronaldshay
The Earl Of Ronaldshay

Sport And Politics Under An Eastern Sky

Sport And Politics Under An Eastern Sky by The Earl Of Ronaldshay (1902) is the story of the author's travels and life when he became the Governor of Bengal, India in 1899. He hunted markhor, ibex, bear and many other species. Free eBook

Kermit Roosevelt

Cleared For Strange Ports

Cleared For Strange Ports by Kermit Roosevelt (1927) is a series of travel accounts by the Roosevelt clan, including a tiger hunting trip by Kermit, as well as his account of hunting in Korea, along the Trans-Siberian railway, as well as bear hunting on Montague Island, Alaska.
Other hunting books by Kermit Roosevelt

C E M Russell

Charles Edward Mackintosh Russell (dates unknown) was a British lawyer and forestry official in Mysore, India. He first went to India in 1876 and started his forestry appointment in 1882. In 1896 he left Mysore to practice law in Madura, south India.

Charles Edward Mackintosh Russell
Charles Edward Mackintosh Russell

Bullet And Shot In Indian Forest, Plain And Hill

Bullet And Shot In Indian Forest, Plain And Hill: With Hints To Beginners In Indian Shooting by C E M Russell (1900) relates natural history information, habitat details, and his own sporting experiences concerning various species such as bison, buffalo, yak, and tsine (banteng) in the first chapters. His tiger hunting experiences in Mysore come with advice on equipping shooting machans - "I always made myself comfortable when watching, and, being a heavy smoker, I always smoke...a mattress and pillows and a book should be taken up on to the machan...and I invariably drank soda-water, and not plain water, when in the jungles." The author also includes chapters on hunting elephant, bear, panther, Nilgiri ibex and various species of deer. Free eBook

William Howard Russell

Sir William Howard Russell (1820 - 1907) was a British journalist who became the first 'war correspondent', after he spent 22 months covering the Crimean War.

The Tour Of The Prince Of Wales In India

The Tour Of The Prince Of Wales In India by William Howard Russell (1878). Travel and tiger hunting by the royal party (the future King Edward VII when he was Prince of Wales in 1875/76) in India's Kumaon area and in Nepal. It is beautifully illustrated with numerous engravings by the royal artist Sydney P Hall. Free eBook

G P Sanderson

George Peress Sanderson (1848 - 1892) was the officer in charge of the government elephant catching establishment in Mysore and big game hunter. He introduced a new way of catching wild elephants for subsequent taming and training in forestry work. Instead of trapping elephants in pits, he tried to drive herds into fenced, ditched enclosure.

Thirteen Years Among The Wild Beasts Of India

Thirteen Years Among The Wild Beasts Of India: Their Haunts And Habits From Personal Observation With An Account Of The Modes Of Capturing And Taming Elephants by G P Sanderson (1878) details the author's hunting of other animals as well as his experiences and advice capturing elephants and their characteristics in captivity. Free eBook

Isabel Savory

Isabel Savory (b.1869) became a famous best-selling author after the hunting expedition she made with friends from Bombay up to Peshawar, to the Khyber Pass into Kashmir and then to the Nigiri Hills.

Isabel Savory
Isabel Savory

A Sportswoman In India

A Sportswoman In India: Personal Adventures And Experiences Of Travel In Known And Unknown India by Isabel Savory (1900). 'Do not set out on a tiger shoot without being prepared for a great deal of discomfort. Your temper, your personal comforts, will all be trodden under foot, and every annoyance must be borne under circumstances which amount sometimes to purgatory. Unless a woman is physically strong, it would be foolhardiness to spend eight weeks under such conditions'. Free Ebook
More Isabel Savory Books

Ton Schilling

Tigermen Of Anai

Tigermen Of Anai by Ton Schilling (1957). A government official in the old Dutch East Indies (Indonesia), Schilling describes his hunts after rogue elephant, tiger and panthers in the jungles of Sumatra and Java. There are several particularly gruesome encounters with crocodiles.

Charles W Schlegelmilch

Memoirs Of A Hunter

Memoirs Of A Hunter: The Exciting Experiences Of a Lancaster County Big Game Hunter by Charles W Schlegelmilch (1967). Worldwide hunting adventures from Alaska, British Columbia and the US northwest to hunting in Mozambique and India. All his hunting, no matter how big the game, was done with a .300 Savage rifle.

Jack Denton Scott

Jack Denton Scott (1915 - 1995) was a prolific and versatile American author of books and magazine articles. He was an experienced big game hunter and in 1957 he travelled to India to hunt tiger and buffalo with his wife, Mary Lou Scott. Having hunted in Africa, Mexico, Canada and many other countries, he wrote that he never encountered anything that required as much restraint, patience and strength of character as sitting up all night on an Indian hunting platform stalking tigers and leopards.

Forests Of The Night

Forests Of The Night by Jack Denton Scott (1959) is the account of a hunting expedition organized by the Indian government in Madhya Pradesh, one of India's central provinces. The book describes the scenery of this most beautiful area, the game that was hunted, the equipment used, and the Indian hunters, tackers and villagers they met. Free eBook

E H D Sewell

Edward Humphrey Dalrymple Sewell (1872 - 1947) was a British first class cricketer, author and jounalist. He was born in Lingsugur, India where his father served as an Army officer.

The Log Of A Sportsman

The Log Of A Sportsman by E H D Sewell (1923) recounts his life as a big game hunter, cricketer and rugby player in England and India. There are four chapters on his life in India, which include hunting bear, tiger, leopard, sambur and other game, and fishing for mahseer at his home on the Kumaon Lakes.

An Outdoor Wallah

An Outdoor Wallah by E H D Sewell (1945) is his autobiography.

Captain Henry Shakespear

Captain Henry John Childe Shakespear (1814 - 1884) was a British officer in the Indian Nagpore Irregular Horse and was a renowned big game hunter. He hunted with a Wilkinson double rifle and was the designer of the classic Wilkinson-Shakespear hunting knife.

Wild Sports Of India

Wild Sports Of India by Captain Henry Shakespear (1860) describes his experiences in hunting a wide range of Indian animals, including man-eaters, panthers, bears, buffalo and wild elephants and goes on to discuss the breeds of horses found in India, and the forming and equipping of irregular cavalry units. The author suggests that better training in horsemanship would have served the British well during the Mutiny. Free eBook

Sir Henry Sharp

Sir Henry Sharp (1869 - 1954) was an Indian Colonial Administrator, big game hunter and author.

Sir Henry Sharp
Sir Henry Sharp

Good-bye India

Good-bye India by Sir Henry Sharp (1946). Experiences of a former Indian Educational Commissioner including tiger and small game shooting.

E O Shebbeare

Edward Oswald Shebbeare (1884 - 1964) joined the Indian Forest Service in 1906 and retired as Senior Conservator of Forests, Bengal, in 1938. He went on to become the Chief Game Warden in Malaya. He was also the Transport Officer for the 1924 and 1933 Everest Expeditions.

Edward Oswald Shebbeare
Edward Oswald Shebbeare

Soondar Mooni: The Story Of An Indian Elephant

Soondar Mooni: The Story Of An Indian Elephant by E O Shebbeare (1958). The story of an Indian elephant, her early life as a wild elephant and her capture and training as a working elephant in north west Assam. Includes tiger shooting.

Lt Col Frank Sheffield

Colonel Frank Sheffield was the commanding officer of 1st Cadet Battalion, Royal Fusiliers and he wrote his book to raise money to fund a permanent headquarters buildings. The story is one of a thrilling encounter with a Royal Bengal tiger, in which Colonel Sheffield was terribly mauled.

Lt Col Frank Sheffield
Lt Col Frank Sheffield

How I Killed The Tiger

How I Killed The Tiger: Being An Account Of My Encounter With A Royal Bengal Tiger by Lt Col Frank Sheffield (1902) is a description of killing a tiger in 1871, also about India, Indian life and customs. The appendix contains copies of letters from Winston Churchill, G Manville Fenn, Anthony Hope, the Archbishop of Canterbury and members of the Royal Familiy, to whom presumably complimentary copies were sent, plus various favourable press opinions. Free eBook

Donald V Shuhart

Tiger In My Lap by Don V Shuhart (1964) is the astonishing tale of Texan, Donald Vincent Shuhart, who followed a wounded tiger into the tall grass and found himself helplessly trapped by the beast, yet he emerged alive, the only man, the Indian hunters told him, to have survived such an experience. The infuriated Bengal tiger had pinned him down, clawed him and broke his leg. Then the tiger, fully aware that he had the man anchored, sat back to plan his next move. Exhausted and bleeding, Shuhart looked into the tiger's eyes, shuddered and thought "this is a hell of a way to die!"

Rahul Shukla

Killing Grounds: The Saga Of Encounters In The Wild

Killing Grounds: The Saga Of Encounters In The Wild by Rahul Shukla (1995) is a personal account of adventures experienced by Dr Rahul Shukla, scion of a feudal family, where tiger hunting has been handed down from generation to generation. This tradition of big game hunting provided the author with an opportunity to witness at first hand the magnificence of Indian wild life as also the terrible loss it suffered at the hands of hunters and poachers. This era of ravaging the wild started in the middle of the 19th century up until 1972, when it finally concluded with the blanket ban on shooting.

Charles Shuttleworth

Charles Shuttleworth (1923 - 2014) was a British police reservist who commanded a remote jungle fort during the Communist guerrilla war on the Malayan peninsula. His mission was to safeguard the local aboriginal tribes which prompted him later to write about them. Charles continued to spend long periods in the Malayan rainforest, both as an independent naturalist and as a professional safari guide.

Charles Shuttleworth
Charles Shuttleworth

Hutan Rimba: Safaris In The Malayan Jungle

Hutan Rimba: Safaris In The Malayan Jungle by Charles Shuttleworth (1963) is a very interesting account which includes the author's experiences as a police reservist in charge of a Jungle Squad fighting Chinese Communists during the Malayan emergency."Safari is, in the minds of most people, synonymous with Africa in general and Kenya in particular. Safaris are almost never connected with other countries, yet it is a fact that they are conducted in India, South America, Cambodia, Thailand and by myself here in Malaya, and adjacent territories. Whilst I do cater for the big game hunter, most of my clients are men of science such as zoologists, botanists, ethnologists and others like amateur photographers and professional film men."

Malayan Safari

Malayan Safari by Charles Shuttleworth (1967) describes numerous animal encounters in the jungle with brief mention of stalking tiger and rogue elephant.

Frank B Simson

Letters On Sport In Eastern Bengal

Letters On Sport In Eastern Bengal by Frank B Simson (1886) covers a wide range of sport, including deer, pig, tiger, buffalo and game birds. Free eBook

Gordon Sinclair

Gordon Sinclair (1900 - 1984) was a Canadian broadcast journalist. In the late 1920s and 1930s he travelled around the world as a wandering reporter and wrote of his adventures in 4 books including 'Khyber Caravan'.

Khyber Caravan

Khyber Caravan: Through Kashmir, Waziristan, Afghanistan, Baluchistan And Northern India by Gordon Sinclair (1936) with some big game hunting on the way, including antelope and tiger.

Colonel Kesri Singh

Colonel Kesri Singh served as a member of the Gwalior State Game Department as head of the Silakhana (Hunting Dept), Forestry and Police Depts.

One Man And A Thousand Tigers

One Man And A Thousand Tigers by Colonel Kesri Singh (1959). Recollections of encounters with tigers by an Indian game warden and hunter. Free eBook

The Tiger of Rajasthan

The Tiger of Rajasthan by Colonel Kesri Singh (1959). "Many of his hunts were in pursuit of cattle-stealing tigers and man-eaters who were terrorising villages. But he also organised tiger shoots for many of the Maharaja's famous guests, including the late King George V".

Hints On Tiger Shooting

Hints On Tiger Shooting by Colonel Kesri Singh (1963) elaborates on the techniques the author has used to hunt tigers. Included are methods of stalking, shooting from machans, choice of rifles and even spearing tigers. He considers stalking far more sporting than shooting from a machan or howdah.

Pocket Encyclopaedia Of Shikar

Pocket Encyclopaedia Of Shikar: Dealing With Game Birds And Animals by Colonel Kesri Singh (1970)

Hunting With Horse And Spear

Hunting With Horse And Spear by Colonel Kesri Singh (1964)

A Mervyn Smith

Sport And Adventure In The Indian Jungle

Sport And Adventure In The Indian Jungle by A Mervyn Smith (1904). Hunting in India during the Raj period with encounters with elephant, tiger, bear, leopard, bison and other large and small game of India. It combines the author's personal experiences with stories related by natives and other British hunters in India. Free eBook

E A Smythies

Evelyn Arthur Smythies (1885 - 1975) was a distinguished forester and philatelist, born of British parents in India. His wife, Olive Smythies also wrote several books about their life in India.

Big Game Shooting In Nepal

Big Game Shooting In Nepal: With Leaves From The Maharaja's Sporting Diary by E A Smythies (1942) The author was a conservator of forests in India, Kumaon division for nearly three decades, a tiger hunter and a close friend of Jim Corbett.

Edward Percy Stebbing

Edward Percy Stebbing (1870 - 1960) was a British political observer, forester and forest entomologist in India. After service in India, he became a professor at the University of Edinburgh. During his forty-year career, he led studies into the danger of desertification presented by the encroaching Sahara.

Edward Percy Stebbing
Edward Percy Stebbing

Jungle Byways In India

Jungle Byways In India: Leaves From The Notebook Of A Sportsman And A Naturalist by Edward Percy Stebbing (1911) Free eBook

The Diary Of A Sportsman Naturalist In India

The Diary Of A Sportsman Naturalist In India by Edward Percy Stebbing (1920). Part I describes sport in the big game jungles of India. Part II describes game protection and the provision of sanctuaries for the preservation of the Indian fauna. An interesting look at the enormous scale of the hunting practices of 80 years ago and the later endeavours to set up protected areas. Free eBook

Stalks In The Himalaya

Stalks In The Himalaya: Jottings Of A Sportsman-Naturalist by Edward Percy Stebbing (1912) recounts hunts after goral and hungal, bear in the Tisa valley, serow and tahr in the highlands of Sikkim, and ibex and markhor in Baltistan.

Martin Stephens

Novice's Luck Or Some Sporting Sprints

Novice's Luck Or Some Sporting Sprints by Martin Stephens (1936) is a real blend of sporting adventures, including the author's hunt for mountain goat, elk and moose in the Canadian Rockies; trout fishing; foxhunting; stalking red stags in the Highlands; riding; and shooting pheasants and waterfowl. Of Asian interest is a chapter on pig sticking near Khanpur in India's United Provinces, and tiger and sambur shooting in the Central Provinces.

Fair Game: The Open Air Of Four Continents

Fair Game: The Open Air Of Four Continents by Martin Stephens (1936). Hunting adventures with big game on four continents. Also the author deprecates the coming of luxury safaris where indiscrimate hunting and motor cars were ruining African sport.

Col A E Stewart

Tiger And Other Game

Tiger And Other Game: The Practical Experiences Of A Soldier Shikari In India by Col A E Stewart (1927). Written as a guide to big game hunting in the Indian jungle for officers of limited means by the CO of the 3/10th Baluch Regiment. He said, "Every officer in the regiment should be able to say he has shot a tiger, panther and a bear." The shooting is punctuated by extended observations of all aspects of jungle life. "Go into the jungle with a true sporting instinct to study the life of the 'jungle folk' - really study it. Learn the ways, the habits and the cunning, not only of big animals, but of the monkeys, vultures, buzzards, falcons, peafowl, jungle fowl, martens, weasels, stoats and even of the insects". Leopards, tigers, bears, monkeys, crocodiles, deer of various kinds, panther, bison and many others. Two chapters on preserving skins, one chapter on "duck, geese, partridge, quail, snipe, sand-grouse etc". Includes a chapter on faconry in India with basic instructions on how to go about it for the beginner.

Ludwig Henry Otto Stobbe

Hunting In Persia

Hunting In Persia by Ludwig Henry Otto Stobbe (1963). Self-published memoir of Dr. Stobbe's experiences as an American medical missionary in Iran from 1950 to 1953, where he hunted boars, gazelles, tigers, pheasants and wild sheep. Strobbe intersperses his hunting tales with observations concerning traditional Persian culture, history and accounts of his interactions with the Iranian people.

Colonel V M Stockley

Colonel Vesey Mangles Stockley (d. 1921) served with the 2nd Bengal Cavalry in India. He was killed by a buffalo while hunting in Uganda and is buried in Kampala.

Big Game Shooting In India, Burma And Somaliland

Big Game Shooting In India, Burma And Somaliland by Colonel V M Stockley (1913) provides information on how to hunt tiger, including his preferences to standing in a machan rather than sitting. Includes hunting bear, gaur and elephant in Burma. There are chapters on stalking yak in Tibet, ibex in Kashmir and a variety of deer including sambur, barasingh and spotted deer. There is also a chapter on pigsticking.

P D Stracey

Patrick Donald Stracey (1906 - 1988) was an officer of the Forest Department of the Government of Assam. He took charge as Conservator of Forests, Government of Assam in 1947, the day India got independence and left office in 1955.

Elephant Gold

Elephant Gold by P D Stracey (1963). This book provides a narrative of the author's experiences in capturing, noosing and doctoring of Indian elephants and analyses the animal for conservationists. It explains that the elephant has had a unique cultural association with the people of India for over 4000 years.

Reade: Elephant Hunter

Reade: Elephant Hunter by P D Stracey (1967). An account of Lovell Reade's experiences as an elephant hunter in pursuit of rogues in the Khasi and Jaintia Hills of Assam, India. Stracey calls Reade 'the Jim Corbett of the elephants'. Lovell Reade (b.1890) shot his first elephant in 1928 and the last in 1967 at the age of 76 years. He killed in all 220 elephants in 40 years, most of which were dangerous bull elephants. He never hunted any animals for sport. He also hunted 7 tigers and about a dozen leopards.

Arthur W Strachan

Mauled By A Tiger

Mauled By A Tiger: Encounters In The Indian Jungles by Arthur W Strachan (1933) with a foreword by Lord Hardinge of Penshurst, himself a seasoned tiger hunter. Illustrated in colour from miniature paintings on ivory by the author after loss of his arm in a tiger attack.

Richard L Sutton

Tiger Trails In Southern Asia

Tiger Trails In Southern Asia by Richard L Sutton (1926) is the account of a sporting expedition to French Indo-China (Vietnam) where the author hunted tigers along the Lagna River west of Saigon, and elephant in the Annam jungles.
More hunting books by Richard L Sutton

John Swaffham

Netting Tigers In The Jungle by John Swaffham (1902) Extract from The Wide World Magazine. This is a description of a curious method employed by certain tribes in India for capturing tigers. Nets are placed at certain points in the jungle and tigers driven into them.

John Symington

John Symington (b.1870) was a Scottish born medical doctor who worked on a tea plantation in northern India, in charge of the health and welfare of hundreds of plantation workers under British ownership. He spent most of his spare time in big game hunting, especially for tiger and leopard.

In A Bengal Jungle: Stories Of Life On The Tea Gardens Of Northern India

In A Bengal Jungle: Stories Of Life On The Tea Gardens Of Northern India by John Symington (1935). Hair raising stories of a doctor who was in charge of a large tea plantation in Bengal. Plenty of hunting, including the tiger and the leopard and other game.

Wallace Taber

Tiger By The Tale: With Rod, Rifle And Camera, Bow And Boat Into Mexico, Hawaii And India

Tiger By The Tale: With Rod, Rifle And Camera, Bow And Boat Into Mexico, Hawaii And India by by Wallace Taber (1964). Illustrated with numerous full-page photos documenting the exploits of the author, best known for his Wally Taber Safari Shows.
Wallace Taber's African hunting safari books

Mary Linley Taylor

The Tiger's Claw

The Tiger's Claw: The Life-Story Of East Asia's Mighty Hunter by Mary Linley Taylor (1956). This is the true story of Yura (George) Mihailovich Yankovsky - the most famous tiger hunter from South Asia, prepared after an extensive research and based on the hunter's own book 'My Fifty Years of Tiger Hunting'.

William Hogarth Todd

Tiger, Tiger!

Tiger, Tiger! by William Hogarth Todd (1927) are terrific tiger hunting tales as experienced by the author while stationed in India. Also it includes the hunting of other big game including the panther.

Work, Sport And Play: An Englishman's Life In India Before The War by William Hogarth Todd (1928). Pigsticking, polo and work on irrigation schemes.

Experience by William Hogarth Todd (1935) is about the travel experiences of William Hogarth Todd in India, Vienna and elsewhere. He describes life in India at the beginning of the 20th century.

Colonel G H Trevor

Colonel George Herbert Trevor (1840 - 1927) was a British engineer with the Rajputana Rifles and the agent to the Governor General of India. A reservoir known as Trevor's Tank was constructed by Maharajdhiraj Maharao Kesari Singhji Bahadur of Sirohi in 1897 in his memory.

Some Curiosities Of Tiger Hunting by Colonel G H Trevor (1898) Extract from The Wide World Magazine. The author's recollections of incidents and adventures tiger hunting in India.

Maurice Tulloch

The All In One Shikar Book: An Everyday Guide To Field Sports In India

The All In One Shikar Book: An Everyday Guide To Field Sports In India by Maurice Tulloch (c.1950) is a comprehensive book on big and small game-shooting in India. Includes chapters on tools of the trade for small game, shotgun shooting, partridges, snipes, duck, teal and geese. Hunting, tracking and driving big game, tiger, panther, bear, wolf, antelopes, crocodiles and gazelles.

Lt Col Richard Tyacke

Lt Col Richard Tyacke (1849 - 1927) was married to Isabella Tyacke (Mrs Richard Tyacke), who wrote her own book on hunting bears in India.

In Quest Of Game

The Sportsman's Manual: In Quest Of Game In Kullu, Lahoul, And Ladak, To the Tso Morari Lake, With Notes On Shooting In Spiti, Bara Bagahal, Chamba, And Kashmir, And A Detailed Description Of Sport In More Than 130 Nalas by Lt Col Richard Tyacke (1893)

A E Ward

Sportsman's Guide To Kashmir And Ladak &c.

Sportsman's Guide To Kashmir And Ladak &c. by A E Ward (1887) is a useful guide for tourist sportsmen in the game laws and selecting a shikar in these areas of India. Free eBook

Geoff & Diane Ward

Tiger Wallahs

Tiger Wallahs: Encounters With The Men Who Tried To Save The Greatest Of The Great Cats by Geoff & Diane Ward (1993). Stories of several men who tried to save the Royal Bengal Tiger in India including Jim Corbett.

Major-General A E Wardrop

Alexander Ernest Wardrop (1872 - 1961) served in the British Army and became a General in the 1930s. He was commissioned into the Royal Artillery and served in the First World War. He became Quartermaster-General for India in 1930 and General Officer Commanding-in-Chief for Northern Command in 1933. He retired in 1937.

Major-General A E Wardrop with a sambar deer
Major-General A E Wardrop with a sambar deer

Days And Nights With Indian Big Game

Days And Nights With Indian Big Game by Major-General A E Wardrop (1923) is an account of hunting big game in India with the emphasis on tiger shooting. He also hunts buffalo, bear, elephant, panther, bison, barasingha, four-horned antelope, chital and sambar deer. Free eBook

Modern Pig-Sticking

Modern Pig-Sticking by Major-General A E Wardrop (1914) is a detailed work on pig-sticking including the natural history of the wild pig in India, training a horse, pig hunting and the hunts and clubs. Wardrop claims to have killed between 700 and 800 boar. Some chapters are wriiten by Major-General J Vaughan, Col F W Caton Jones, M M Crawford and Col H E Medlicott. Free-eBook

Thomas W Webber

The Forests Of Upper India

The Forests Of Upper India: And Their Inhabitants by Thomas W Webber (1902) is a collection of personal recollections by the author of years spent, mostly in the forests of Upper India, principally in the Himalayas and North-West and Central Provinces. As a forest surveyor and deputy conservator of forests, he was able to combine his work with sport-hunting for yak and ovis. In the introduction of the book, Thomas Webber reveals his disapproval of the wholesale slaughter of game by some Europeans in the forests of India. He hopes the forests will long remain a true paradise for true sportsman. There are chapters on hunting tiger and leopard. Free eBook

Caspar Whitney

Caspar William Whitney (1864 - 1929) was an American author, editor, explorer, outdoorsman, war correspondent and big game hunter.

Caspar Whitney
Caspar Whitney

Jungle Trails And Jungle People: Travel, Adventure And Observation In The Far East

Jungle Trails And Jungle People: Travel, Adventure And Observation In The Far East by Caspar Whitney (1905). Travel and hunting in Siam, Sumatra, India and Malaya. After elephant, buffalo, wild cattle, rhino, tiger, wild boar, seladang, leopard and more. Free eBook

Wilhelm, The German Crown Prince

Friedrich Wilhelm Victor Augustus Ernest (1882 - 1951) was the last Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Prussia and the German Empire.

Wilhelm, The German Crown Prince
Wilhelm, The German Crown Prince, with his first tiger

From My Hunting Day-Book

From My Hunting Day-Book by The Crown Prince of the German Empire (1912). Big game hunting in various parts of India and on the mountains, for tiger and ibex, in addition to elephant hunting in Ceylon. Free eBook

William, Prince Of Sweden

Prince Wilhelm of Sweden and Norway (1884 - 1965) was the second son of King Gustav V of Sweden.

William, Prince Of Sweden
William, Prince Of Sweden

In The Lands Of The Sun: Notes And Memories Of A Tour In The East

In The Lands Of The Sun: Notes And Memories Of A Tour In The East by William, Prince of Sweden (1915). Much on big-game hunting for buffalo, leopard, tiger in Malaya, Siam and India. Free eBook

Captain Thomas Williamson

Captain Thomas Williamson (1790 - 1815) was a British officer in the East India Company and served in Bengal for 20 years. An accomplished amateur artist, his sketches were then worked up into drawings by Samuel Howitt and engraved for publication.

Captain Thomas Williamson's sketch
Captain Thomas Williamson's sketch of a tiger at bay

Anecdotes Of Big Cats And Other Beasts

Oriental Field Sports 1819 by Captain Thomas Williamson (1819). The field sports - hunting, shooting and fishing - that they enjoyed at home were also essential to the expatriate lifestyle of the gentlemen who ran the British Empire. The abundant opportunities for hunting big game and other exotic species meant that many well-known sportsmen made their reputations on the plains and in hills of India, Burma and Ceylon. The book will be of interest both to natural historians as well as to hunters, containing natural history and the hunting of the elephant, rhinoceros, tiger, leopard, bear, deer, buffalo, wolf, wild hog, jackal, wild dog and civet.

David Wilson

Anecdotes Of Big Cats And Other Beasts

Anecdotes Of Big Cats And Other Beasts by David Wilson (1910). Selected chapters include - Sherlock Holmes in a Wood; Where Tigers Flourish; The Girl and the Tigress; A Lesson from the Water Buffalo; A Nest of Crocodiles; The Leopard as a Killer of Men; On Heads in General; The Big Pet Cat; The Leopard that needed a Dentist; The Gallant Leopard; Solidarity among the Brutes; Charlie Darwin, or the Lady-Gibbon; The Brief Biography of a Little Bear; A Chinese Hunter(740 BC). "The author of this work has long been resident in Ragoon, and he has some very entertaining yarns to tell." Free eBook

Big Cats: Stories Of Tigers And Leopards

Big Cats: Stories Of Tigers And Leopards by David Wilson (no date) details hunts for tiger and leopards in Burma during the late 19th and early 20th century.

Sir Guy Fleetwood Wilson

Sir Guy Douglas Arthur Fleetwood Wilson (1851 - 1940) was a British civil servant who served in India.

Sir Guy Fleetwood Wilson
Sir Guy Fleetwood Wilson with a right and left

Letters To Nobody: 1908 To 1913

Letters To Nobody: 1908 To 1913 by Sir Guy Fleetwood Wilson (1921) features the author's hunting exploits in India, Nepal and Burma from 1908 to 1913 while stationed in India as a Civil Servant. Big game hunting in the Terai, Nepal, Kashmir, Bombay, Madras, Travancore, Assam, Sundarbans and Pondichery for elephant, tiger, leopard, bison, the Indian rhino and other game. There is a chapter on hunting with the Governor and tiger hunter Sir John Hewett in Kumaon.

Letters To Somebody

Letters To Somebody: A Retrospect by Sir Guy Fleetwood Wilson (1922). "I have addressed these letters to Somebody in the hope that Somebody will read them. I make no pretence of having written a book. All I have attempted to do has been to put on paper some recollections of a rather hard life and of a somewhat strenuous career." Free eBook

Dean Witter

Dean G Witter (1887 - 1969) was an American businessman who co-founded Dean Witter & Company, which became the largest investment house on the West Coast. He was a keen hunter, fisherman and outdoorsman.

Dean Witter
Dean Witter Tiger Hunting


Shikar by Dean Witter (1961). The author's experience hunting tigers in India in 1961.
For Dean Witter's African safari book

Lt Col H S Wood

Lt Colonel Henry Stotesbury Wood (1865 - 1956) was a British medical doctor, born in India and educated in Britain. He served with the Indian Medical service before taking civilian medical posts in India. He was a keen big game hunter and fisherman.

Shikar Memories

Shikar Memories: A Record Of Sport And Observation In India And Burma by Lt Col H S Wood (1934). Big Game Hunting in India and Burma. The author's bag includes tiger (man-eaters too), leopard, elephant, serow, blackbuck, bison, tsine, bear, wild boar, manipur deer, barking deer, swamp deer, chital, thamin, sambar, hog deer and other game, as well as fishing in the mountain rivers and streams in the Himalayas and Burma.

Glimpses Of The Wild

Glimpses Of The Wild: An Observer's Notes And Anecdotes On The Wild Life Of Assam by Lt Col H S Wood (1936) concentrates on animals that might be encountered without exceptional difficulty. He also includes many interesting hunting anecdotes - his attempt to beat a gharial to death with an oar or taking a shot, with no apparent effect, at one on the Kopoli river regarded as a god and invincible to bullets.

Milestones Of Memory

Milestones Of Memory: A Plain Tale Of Service, Sport And Travel In The East And West by Lt Col H S Wood (1950). Memoirs of a retired army officer from his childhood in India, schooldays at King William's College, Indian army days, time in Mesopotamia and Switzerland with much on bird-watching and natural history.

Major-General Nigel Woodyatt

Major-General Nigel Gresley Woodyatt (1861 - 1936) commenced his military career aged 22 in the Cheshire Militia. He joined the troop ship 'Malabar' in December, 1883 heading for Peshawar to join the Second Cheshires. He went on to serve with the 7th Gurkhas.

Major-General Nigel Gresley Woodyatt
Major-General Nigel Gresley Woodyatt

My Sporting Memories: Forty Years With Note-Book And Gun

My Sporting Memories: Forty Years With Note-Book And Gun by Major-General Nigel Woodyatt (1923) contains much on hunting tigers and leopards in India.

Under Ten Viceroys: The Reminiscences Of A Gurkha

Under Ten Viceroys: The Reminiscences Of A Gurkha by Major-General Nigel Woodyatt (1922) is an account of the auther's military service in India under ten Viceroys starting with the Marquis of Ripon who assumed charge in 1880 and ending with Lord Reading in 1921. Free eBook

Quinton Wright

Sporting Stories: 1. A Brush with Elephants 2. The Senator's Tiger 3. A Ride On A Rhino by Quinton Wright (1908) 3 Part Article Extract from The Wide World Magazine.

Gordon Young

Gordon Young (1927 - 1916) was born in China, the son of American missionary parents who worked there. He spent his childhood among the Lahu people in Burma and North India. Over his lifetime he spent some forty years in South and Southeast Asia and was known as a naturalist, hunter and ethnologist, in addition to being a writer. With his father, Harold Mason Young, he founded the Chiang Mai Zoo in Thailand.

Tracks Of An Intruder

Tracks Of An Intruder by Gordon Young (1967) is an account of how an American naturalist gained recognition as a master hunter receiving the highest honour of 'Supreme Hunter' from the Lahu people of south-east Asia. To gain this accolade, Young had to kill at least one each of six male 'killer' animals while they attacked or rampaged - gaur, bear, leopard, tiger, wild boar and elephant.

Various Authors

The Sporting Almanac For 1841

The Sporting Almanac For 1841. Hunting tiger, giraffe, buffalo, stag, mountain fox hunt, wood-cock shooting, bull fighting, leistering salmon and archery.

The Hoghunters Annual

The Hoghunters Annual by Capt H Nugent et al (1928). Volume 1 is the very first edition of this publication on pigsticking in India. The editors hoped that as a publication it will grow and "serve to remind all old pigstickers of some of the best days of their lives".

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