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Arthur Loveridge Books

Arthur John Loveridge (1891 – 1980) was a British biologist and herpetologist who published much about the animals of East Africa, particularly those from Tanganyika. In 1914 he became the curator of the Nairobi Museum. During World War I, he joined the East African Mounted Rifles, later returning to the museum to build up the collections. He then became an assistant game warden in Tanganyika. Apart from his many scientific publications, Arthur Loveridge wrote popular books about his collecting safaris in Africa.

I Drank The Zambezi

I Drank The Zambezi by Arthur Loveridge (1953) is an account of Loveridge's nine-month safari in 1948 to the Nyasaland Protectorate in Africa, to document and collect almost 4000 species of wildlife in the mountains and forests.

Many Happy Days I've Squandered

Many Happy Days I've Squandered by Arthur Loveridge (1944)

Forest Safari by Arthur Loveridge (1956) is another account of the author's museum collecting days.

Tomorrow's A Holiday

Tomorrow's A Holiday by Arthur Loveridge (1956) tells the stories of his two safaris in Tanganyika Territory collecting specimens of local snakes and other fauna.

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