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Practical Bowhunting Books

These practical bowhunting books are written by expert bowhunter authors and cover bowhunting gear, rules, skills for field and target, hunting and fishing. Everything a bow hunter novice or veteran needs to know to improve their skills.

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Ragnar Benson

Bull's Eye: Crossbows

Bull's Eye: Crossbows by Ragnar Benson (1985). The author, a special forces veteran, survivalist and crossbow hunter gives the reader the benefit of his experiences, punctuated with anecdotes from his exploits in the Far East and the USA.

Frank Bilson


Bowmanship by Frank Bilson (1965) The author, a former British champion, has written this complete guide to the age-old sport of archery as it is practiced today. His book covers all aspects of the subject and is intended for both the experienced bowman and the beginner.

Patrick Clover

Bowman's Handbook: Technical Notes And Gadgets For The Practical Archer

Bowman's Handbook: Technical Notes And Gadgets For The Practical Archer by Patrick Clover (c.1950). Interesting and useful collection of articles by various archers. The techniques of shooting and something of the history of archery are covered, whilst there is a lot of material on making bows, arrows, targets and a host of useful equipment.

Roger Combs

Archer's Digest

Archer's Digest by Roger Combs (1986,1991,1995,2003 Editions). Articles on; archery today; learning to shoot; hand laying Flemish bowstrings; matching and tuning equipment, tuning carbon arrows, finding your constant knocking point; 3D target shooting; selecting your 3D bow; 3D targets; 3D target shooting contests, International Bowhunting Association, NFAA shooting styles and equipment rules; on the range; practice can be fun; make your own arrows, Canadian pine, AFC V-Max carbon arrows, Beman carbon hawk arrows, Easton Classic XX75 arrows, Easton XX78 Super Slam arrows; compound bows; traditional bows; twenty-five lengthy profiles of major US archery equipment manufacturers; make your own bow; sinew backing; tree stands; camo clothing; bow hunting, mule deer, whitetails, blacktails, elk, moose, antelope, caribou, bear; manufacturer and equipment directory.

Sam Fadala

Traditional Archery

Traditional Archery by Sam Fadala (1999) covers all you need to know from choosing a bow, setting up the bow and arrows to selecting tackle and ordering a custom bow. There is practical advice on the storing and transporting of bows and gear safely and advice for teaching beginners.
More books by Sam Fadala on black powder hunting

Byron Ferguson

Become The Arrow

Become The Arrow by Byron Ferguson (1994). Learn about the modern bare bow aiming and shooting system called 'Become The Arrow' developed by the author. Includes material on bowhunting.

G Howard Gillelan

Complete Book Of The Bow And Arrow

Complete Book Of The Bow And Arrow by G Howard Gillelan (1971). Various updated versions. An encyclopedic reference on archery - gear, rules, skills for field and target, hunting and fishing.

Jim Hamm

The Traditional Bowyer's Bible

The Traditional Bowyer's Bible by Jim Hamm (1993) 4 volume compendium of articles by bow experts.

Dave Holt

Balanced Bowhunting: A Guide To Modern Bowhunting

Balanced Bowhunting: A Guide To Modern Bowhunting by Dave Holt (1988) Also a new 2nd edition in 2004. The author is recognized for taking a common sense approach to the subject of bowhunting at a time when technology is rapidly changing this method of hunting. The 2nd edition, 'Balanced Bowhunting II' has chapters on such subjects as Shooting and Tuning, Buck Fever, Range Estimation and Trajectory, Shot Placement, The Compound Bow at Work, The Bow and String, Arrows, Broadheads and accessories.

Lon E Lauber

Bowhunter's Guide To Accurate Shooting

Bowhunter's Guide To Accurate Shooting by Lon E Lauber (2005). Most hunters agree that bowhunting is a low-percentage affair. It's crucial that you choose the right equipment and set it up properly, whether compound bow, recurve or longbow. Then practising good shooting will help you dramatically increase your odds of harvesting an animal.

George Laycock & Erwin Bauer

Hunting With Bow And Arrow

Hunting With Bow And Arrow by George Laycock & Erwin Bauer (1965). Discussion and advice on all aspects of bow hunting - rabbits, gamebirds, deer, bear and fish. Chapter on fishing with bow and arrow, especially carp.

Dwight Schuh

Bowhunters Encyclopedia

Bowhunters Encyclopedia: Practical Easy To Find Answers To Your Bowhunting Questions by Dwight Schuh (1987)

Don Stamp

The Challenge Of Archery

The Challenge Of Archery by Don Stamp (1971) "This comprehensive study covers all aspects of the sport from a new but entirely practical viewpoint. By following the course of instruction described the complete novice can teach himself to shoot, and shoot well."

Keith Sutton

Archer's Bible 2005

Archer's Bible 2005: The Ultimate Archery Reference Guide by Keith Sutton (2004). A compendium of archery related products available in the USA - bows, arrows, arrow heads, quivers, release aids, arrow rests, clothing, bowfishing gear, targets, 3D targets and much else besides. Chiefly concerned with state-of-the-art compound, recurve and crossbows for deer hunting.

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