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Donald R Warren Books

Donald Rexford Warren (1897 - 1973) was a very successful American design and construction engineer. He was a keen big game hunter who travelled to Africa many times with his wife. He kept diaries of his hunting trips which he loaned out to his friends. These became so popular, he had them printed in booklet form to give to friends to keep.

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Angola Safari, Arctic Hunt

My Bongo: A Week of Arctic Daylight by Donald R Warren (1962) is an account of hunting bongo in Kenya with the noted professional hunter John Sutton and then hunting polar bear in the Arctic.

Angola Safari, Arctic Hunt

Angola Safari, Arctic Hunt by Donald R Warren (1965). A hunt in Angola with Angola Hunting Safaris. Warren's partner on this hunt was noted Italian hunter Carlo Caldesi. After this there is some hunting in Europe (mountain game, chamois) and then a polar bear hunt in the Arctic.

Safari Tchad

Safari Tchad by Donald R Warren (1969). Warren hunted in Central Africa with noted PH Claude Vasselet. He was one of the few Americans to hunt with this French hunter. Also British Columbia hunting and fishing. Very scarce title.

Safari Of Donald And Lora Warren

Safari Of Donald And Lora Warren by Donald Warren (1951) is the very scarce account of the Warrens' safari in Uganda, Congo and Tanganyika, plus other excursions through African game country. One of Warren's professional hunters was David Ommanney. Currently unavailable.

How My Safari Cookie Crumbled In Africa

How My Safari Cookie Crumbled In Africa by Donald Warren (1961) is a scarce privately printed book about the author's safari in Kenya with PH George Barrington and Somalia.

Middle East, Kenya Safari, New Zealand, Tahiti

Middle East, Kenya Safari, New Zealand, Tahiti by Donald & Lora Warren (undated, c 1950s) is an account of the authors' safari to Kenya where they successfully hunted zebra, antelope, elephant, leopard, kudu, plus they shot some sand grouse and other birds. There is also tales of their vacation travel to the Middle East, New Zealand and Tahiti.

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