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Deneys Reitz Books

Deneys Reitz (1882 - 1944) was a South African soldier, attorney, author, cabinet minister and High Commissioner. He fought in the Second Boer War for the South African Republic against the British Empire. After a period of exile in French Madagascar he returned to South Africa, where he became a lawyer. In the First World War he fought for the Union of South Africa against the German Empire, and was an officer in the British Army, commanding several battalions. Later he became a politician with the South African Party.

No Outspan

No Outspan by Deneys Reitz (1943) is the third book in the author's trilogy and continues the story of his life. Deneys Reitz divided his time between politics, the law, exploration and with his big game hunting experiences.

Commando: A Boer Journal Of The Boer War

Commando: A Boer Journal Of The Boer War by Deneys Reitz (1929) is the first book of the trilogy and is based on the author's memoirs written in 1903 in Dutch. It tells the story of how Deneys Reitz joined the Pretoria Commando at the age of 17 and how he participated in all the phases of the Anglo-Boer war. Free eBook

Trekking On

Trekking On: In the Company Of Brave Men by Deneys Reitz (1933) is the third part of the author's memoir trilogy which sees him at the Western Front and the final years of World War I, fighting with the British. He also served alongside Smuts as they continued their campaign into Germany’s African colonies.

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