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Kenneth Gandar-Dower Books

Kenneth Cecil Gandar-Dower (1908 - 1944) was a leading English sportsman, aviator, explorer and author. In 1934 Gandar-Dower led an expedition to Mount Kenya and the Aberdare Range in an attempt to capture a spotted lion that was rumoured to exist.

The Spotted Lion

The Spotted Lion by Kenneth Gandar-Dower (1937)is an entertaining and amusing description of Dower's safari, with Raymond Hook, into the Aberdares in search of the fabled 'spotted lion'.

Abyssinian Patchwork

Abyssinian Patchwork by Kenneth Gandar-Dower (1949) is a collection of articles about the Ethiopian Campaign in the second World War, as seen by the participants. Published posthumously.

Amateur Adventure

Amateur Adventure by Kenneth Gandar-Dower (1934) is based on his journey to India.

Into Madagascar

Into Madagascar by Kenneth Gandar-Dower (1943) is a history and travelogue of Madagascar.

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