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Cherry Kearton Books

Cherry Kearton (1871 - 1940) was born in Yorkshire, England and was one of the world's earliest wildlife photographers and writers. He published the first photographically illustrated bird book in the world and was one of the first naturalists to use a telephoto lens. In 1903, he took the first motion pictures of a wild bird and pioneered aerial photography. In Africa, he flew in the first aeroplane to appear there and showed East Africa the first film of its own fauna. Kearton made the authorised cinematic record of the Roosevelt safari released in 1910 as 'With Roosevelt in Africa'.

Cherry Kearton
Cherry Kearton on military service

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Through Central Africa From East To West

Through Central Africa From East To West by Cherry Kearton and James Barnes (1915) includes the personal story of their year long photographic safari through East Africa, Uganda and the Congo and the impressive collection of photographs that resulted. Their purpose was to gather photos of animals in their natural settings and not to include any images of dead animal trophies. All of their photos of native life would aim towards being unstaged and truthful. The book successfully achieves the intentions of its creators in recording their fascinating adventures through the course of a year in Africa and in displaying an outstanding collection of revealing photos. Free eBook

In The Land Of The Lion

In The Land Of The Lion by Cherry Kearton (1929) includes photographs of the lion, elephant, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, buffalo, crocodile, giraffe, apes and monkeys, leopard and cheetah, snakes, warthog and forest pig, birds, hyena and jackal, antelopes, gazelles, zebra, white ant, mongoose and rock rabbit, wildebeest, kongoni, jumping hare, aardvark, serval cat, porcupine, potto, scaly anteater, chameleon, praying mantis, monitor, iguana and locust.

My Dog Simba

My Dog Simba: The Adventures Of A Fox-Terrier Who Fought A Lion In Africa by Cherry Kearton (1926) details his travels in Africa, on expeditions and then with the dog in the War.

Cherry Kearton's Travels by Cherry Kearton (1941) is an account of Kearton's travels around Africa taking photographs of the wildlife, published after his death.

Wild Life Across The World

Wild Life Across The World by Cherry Kearton (1913) with the introduction by Theodore Roosevelt, "His feats in photographing great and dangerous game, and especially in taking moving pictures of these animals, have not been paralleled. I have long followed the extraordinary work in photographing English birds; and on my invitation (the Kearton brothers) gave an exhibition of their work in the White House. Later, I met Mr Cherry Kearton in Africa, and there saw him at work. One of the prime qualities of Mr Kearton's work is its absolute trustworthiness. His work is of first rate scientific importance".

Photographing Wild Life Across The World

Photographing Wild Life Across The World by Cherry Kearton (1923) is the updated version of the 1913 'Wild Life Across The World' with new material from Kearton's subsequent adventures added. The author photographed wild animals in Borneo, East Africa, South Africa and the Congo, India, Canada and the American Rockies. Free eBook

The Lion's Roar

The Lion's Roar by Cherry Kearton (1934)

The Animals Came To Drink by Cherry Kearton (1932) is written as a story to describe the natural life of animals in Africa, particularly before that life is changed through the presence of the white man.

My Friend Toto

My Friend Toto: The Adventures Of A Chimpanzee And The Story Of His Journey From The Congo To London by Cherry Kearton (c.1925) recalls his time with Toto, the chimpanzee he met in central Africa and grew to love.

The Shifting Sands Of Algeria

The Shifting Sands Of Algeria by Cherry Kearton (1924)

The Island Of Penguins

The Island Of Penguins by Cherry Kearton (1930) is an account of life with the Blackfooted or Jackass Penguins on a tiny rock island in the South Atlantic that sometimes hosts as many as five million birds, as their principal breeding-ground.

Books About Cherry Kearton

Ada Cherry Kearton

On Safari

On Safari by Ada Cherry Kearton (1956) is the autobiography of the wife of pioneer wildlife photographer, Cherry Kearton. It is an account through word and pictures of her travels with her husband, to Africa, Australia and New Zealand documenting the diverse animals of those countries, their habits and behaviour.

James Barnes

James Barnes (1866 - 1936) was an American author, magazine editor and war correspondent during the Boer War. In 1914, Barnes conducted a photographic expedition across Africa from the Indian Ocean to the mouth of the Congo River, under the auspices of the American Museum of Natural History.

Through Central Africa: Coast To Coast

Through Central Africa: Coast To Coast by James Barnes (1915) is the author's account of a photographic safari with Cherry Kearton to British East Africa in 1913 through the Congo and Kenya. With photographs by Cherry Kearton. The jointly-authored edition is titled 'Through Central Africa From East To West'. Free eBook

William Mitchell

Watch The Birdie

Watch The Birdie by William Mitchell (2001) is about the lives and times of Cherry Kearton and his brother Richard, pioneers of wildlife photography.

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