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Sir Sainthill Eardley-Wilmot Books

Sir Sainthill Eardley-Wilmot (1852 - 1929) spent 47 years as a forestry officer in India, becoming Inspector-General of Forests, India between 1903 and 1908.

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Forest Life And Sport In India

Forest Life And Sport In India by Sir Sainthill Eardley-Wilmot (1910). Big game hunting in India by a Senior Forest Officer who spent a lifetime in India, bagging tigers, including man eaters and other big game in the same area as Jim Corbett. Free eBook

Leaves From Indian Forests

Leaves From Indian Forests by Sir Sainthill Eardley-Wilmot (1930) Sketches and memories of an official in the Indian Forestry Department.

The Life Of An Elephant

The Life Of An Elephant by Sir Sainthill Eardley-Wilmot (1912) is the biography of an Indian elephant following the elephant from its young life in the herd through its capture, domestication and decades of loyal service to its master.Free eBook

The Life Of A Tiger

The Life Of A Tiger by Sir Sainthill Eardley-Wilmot (1911). Originally this was published as one book with 'The Life Of An Elephant'.

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Page Updated: June 2024

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