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J Alain Smith Books

J Alain Smith is an American hunter, writer and businessman who has collected over 230 different species from around the world including the World Slams of Sheep and Goats, North American Grand Slam of Sheep and the African Big Five.

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Close Calls And Hunting Adventures

Close Calls And Hunting Adventures: Short Stories From Around The World by J Alain Smith (2004) is a series of short stories from around the world written by big game hunter, author and business man, J Alain Smith. Includes a plane wreck in the middle of the African bush, a hunt for the first polar bear allowed back into the USA after the Marine Mammals Act was amended and a Marco Polo sheep hunt.

Hunting New Horizons

Hunting New Horizons by J Alain Smith (2008). More hunting adventure stories by J Alain Smith including hunting a wounded lion in Tanzania, hunting argali in Mongolia, chasing sheep in Pakistan, hunting mountain nyala in Ethiopia, Cape buffalo in Tanzania, giant eland and bongo in the Central African Republic and the moose in British Columbia.

Adventures In The Wild Places

Adventures In The Wild Places by J Alain Smith (2011). Yet more of the author's hunting adventures - hunting the Royal antelope in the jungles of Ghana, the largest alligator ever taken with a bow in Florida, 50" ibex in central Asia, a camp raiding leopard in Africa, brown bear in Alaska and jaguars in Paraguay.

Adventures In Rugged Places

Adventures In Rugged Places by J Alain Smith (2016). Even more hunting adventures - in Uganda after the "always deadly" Nile buffalo and lions in Tanzania. Follow the 'Rugged Expeditions' crew as they film a monster leopard that comes to the bait in broad daylight, and climb with the author after wild rams in Siberia. "It's all here along with hunting and travel tips and techniques that are sure to make you a better hunter".

Chasing The Adventure

Chasing The Adventure by J Alain Smith (2020) includes more hunting tales from Tanzania and the Selous Game Reserve and the Russian Far East where the author hunts everything from bushbuck to brown bear.

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